Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Sex traffickers and military brothels

One of the most disturbing allegations is that criminal gangs are befriending children orphaned by the tsunami, and selling them to sex traffickers....

There are unconfirmed reports of up to 20 children being taken from Aceh to Malaysia, and possibly hundreds to Jakarta.



The ILO reported its researchers finding more than 21,000 prostituted children – some as young as 15 – during a study of Jakarta and all Javanese provinces except Banten. Many brothel complexes are maintained and patronized by military and government officials.

Experts say the Indonesian military generates more than 70% of its budget from external operations, including involvement in protection and extortion rackets, illegal mining, illegal logging, prostitution, gambling, and trafficking in narcotics and endangered species.


625 women were raped and tortured between 1990-1997, sometimes by military personnel, in Aceh, Indonesia.


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