Sunday, January 30, 2005

Quotes: baboons; vote rigging;

Gore Vidal on Evolution, the Cold War and Bush:

"Symbolically, it's interesting that regions of the US are rejecting Darwin and evolution. I can see why. We have a substantial minority in the US that hasn't advanced much beyond the baboon. These ignorant folk are full of hatred, which is why they are currently rejecting evolution and going back to the stone age with torture, killing innocent people, attacking countries that have done us no harm..."

"Harry Truman, starts talking about a terrible enemy. In effect, he is starting the Cold War... Truman was having none of it. He had been convinced by certain people who had made a lot of money out of the war that we should be forever armed, in order to wage perpetual war for perpetual peace..."

"Now we are going to take on one billion Muslims. Brilliant. One billion people who will really deeply and truly hate us. And it will take several generations for us to bring them around, if possible.

"George Bush doesn't compare with previous presidents... He wasn't elected the first time and perhaps not truly the second time."


Vote Fraud,9174,1401369,00.html

"The Guardian has established that criminal inquiries are under way in Reading, Cheshire, Derbyshire, Lancashire, Greater Manchester and West Yorkshire into allegations of theft of ballot papers, forged votes and personation, which involves filling in ballots in the absence of the voter....

"Many inquiries involve allegations of organised vote-rigging on a huge scale during last June's local elections in ar eas where the government piloted all-postal ballots. Other cases involve traditional ballot box elections....

"In Birmingham two trials which begin next month will challenge the integrity of the postal voting system - something which Labour has been keen to expand in the belief that it increases turnout. Critics argue that the increase in postal voting is undermining confidence in the electoral system because it makes fraud easier. The electoral commissioner sitting at Birmingham high court will hear evidence of organised electoral fraud in the Aston and Bordesley Green wards....

"Across the city, postal voting soared from 24,000 in 2002 to 70,000. But the petitioners, who are calling for the results to be overturned, say they have evidence of mass applications for postal votes, intimidation of householders to vote one way, and ballot theft...."

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