Monday, January 31, 2005

Low turnout in Iraq Election?


Less than 25% of eligible Iraqi expats registered to vote.

Hazim Abed Allakif, the head of the students' union at Basra University, said 'People standing at the elections can only do so with the permission of the US and Britain. We regard them as agents. These are not free elections.'"



Al Jazeera:

Polling stations in several towns in Iraq have not opened five hours after nationwide voting started on Sunday, the country's electoral commission said."

No employees turned up at polling centres in Samarra and police were not to be seen on the streets, an agency correspondent reported.

In Mosul US soldiers were seen driving around city blocks asking why residents were not voting.


BAGHDAD, Iraq - An Iraqi election oficial said Sunday that 72 percent of eligible Iraqi voters had turned out so far nationwide. The official, Adel al-Lami of the Independent Electoral Commission, offered no overall figures of the actual number of Iraqis who have voted to back up the claim.

"Clearly AN election official has absolutely no evidence for this assertion. Toss it in the Spin bucket."

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