Monday, January 31, 2005

Iraq - the unreported war

"The United States and United Kingdom are determined on a policy which amounts to genocide against the Sunnis of Iraq. That's why it mattered not that the Fallujah assault ensured a Sunni boycott. The Sunni are to be written out of Iraq's future anyway, by military actions of which Fallujah is a signal example. Don't be surprised. It's all right out of the US counterinsurgency handbook. Use mass bombing, artillery, tank and troop attacks to ruthlessly drive the civilian population into refugee camps --thus depriving the guerillas of civilian cover. Encourage or allow the collapse of water, power and gasoline supplies. Provide these --if at all-- in the refugee camps which the resulting chaos will swell still further with civilians.Continuing on from Fallujah (now largely destroyed and deserted), the genocide option was already unfolding even before the staged "elections.""

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