Friday, January 28, 2005


Operation Mockingbird was the takeover of the media by the security services.

Why have the Guardian and the BBC not told us the truth about:

9 11,

the Bali Bomb,

the Madrid Bomb,

the Beslan Siege,

the protests in Haiti,


and the Ukraine,

and the US elections?

The Guardian and the BBC are ultimately controlled by the security services?

In Ecuador there was a time when the CIA controlled almost every important individual and institution.

Is Britain any different today?

Stories do leak out -

the training of Mohamed Atta and friends at US military bases,

the stay by bin Laden at a US hospital,

the visit by General Suparman to Bali just before the explosions,

the links between the Madrid 'bombers' and the security services,

the Russian claim that Beslan was linked to foreign security services,

the vast sums of money poured into the Ukraine by bodies linked to the CIA.

The Guardian and the BBC do their best to ignore these leaks and promote the view of the security services?

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