Thursday, January 27, 2005

25% of UK teenagers are active criminals?

"On September 11, 1916, three children aged between 12 and 13 appeared on a charge of housebreaking in Kirkcudbright. The parents had to pay a substantial fine or face prison."

"A 12 year old boy was charged with theft on October 31, 1928. He was sentenced to a Reformatory until the age of 19."

Too harsh? Probably. But nowadays the young criminals are getting away with it.


Nowadays, what happens when you report teenage criminal behaviour to the authorities?

Usually nothing.

The media seems to encourage anti-social behaviour.

Government ministers set the lowest of standards in terms of decent conduct.

Many parents seem unwilling to teach their children good manners.

Teachers are not allowed to discipline badly behaved students.

The criminal justice system seems to have Third World standards of incompetence and corruption.

The result is high levels of crime.



A quarter of boys aged 14 to 17 are either prolific offenders or involved in serious crime such as robbery, burglary, dealing hard drugs and assault.

Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesman Mark Oaten said: "The rising tide of alcohol-related violence has happened under Labour, and they must take responsibility... "


What is to be done?

1. The media should promote examples of good behaviour. Coronation Street and East Enders should cut out the sleaze. We need new media chiefs. The British media should not be owned by sleazy foreigners. Ban Hollywood films.

2. At the next election we should throw out 90% of our politicians.

3. Parents should end up in court alongside their criminal children.

4. Teachers must be allowed to exercise some discipline. No more interference from the government or local authorities.

5. The criminal justice system needs reform. Move half of Britain's armed forces into the police and get the police to patrol our streets 24 hours a day. Sack police chiefs and government ministers who fail to reduce juvenile crime.

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