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Elton John, born in London in 1947, is the son of Stanley Dwight and Sheila Harris.

Stanley Dwight was a 'martinet' Flight Lieutenant in the Royal Air Force.

Elton was raised mainly by his mother.

In 1975, Elton suffered a drug overdose.

He had the eating disorder bulimia.

In 1976, Elton declared that he was bisexual.

In 1984, Elton married Renate Blauel, a German recording engineer.

In 1984, Elton divorced Renate and declared that he was gay.

In 1989, the Sun newspaper published a story alleging that Elton liked young rent boys.

The Sun wrote that Elton 'demanded that the young male prostitutes found for him should be drugged with vast amounts of coke before being brought to his bed'.

A "rent-boy" called "American Barry" gave the Sun its story about Elton's "lust for bondage."

The Sun published Polaroid photos showing Elton in full frontal nude and Elton cuddling a man.

The Daily Mirror then published a story in which the rent-boy said: "It's all a pack of lies, I made it all up. I only did it for the money … I've never met Elton John … I've never been to one of his concerts … In fact, I hate his music."

Elton received £1 million from the Sun in an out of court settlement.

Furnish, Zachary, Elton

In 1993, John began a relationship with David Furnish, a former advertising executive.

Their son, Zachary, was born to a surrogate mother in 2010 in California.

A second son, Elijah, was born to the couple by the same surrogate mother in 2013.

Elton has ten known godchildren, including Sean Lennon, David and Victoria Beckham's sons Brooklyn and Romeo, Elizabeth Hurley's son Damian Charles, and the daughter of Seymour Stein.[126]

Elton owns properties in Old WindsorAtlanta, Nice, London's Holland Park, and Venice

Lady Gaga and Elton

There have been suggestions that Elton is sympathetic to Satanism.

The OWL is a very important symbol in Satanism.

In "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road", which has music by Elton John and lyrics by Bernie Taupin, we find the words: "Back to the howling old owl in the woods..."

In "I've Seen The Saucers", by Elton John and Bernie Taupin, we find thw words: "Someone sent you something satanic..."

In "Saint", by Elton John and Bernie Taupin, we find the words: "To sweeten up the witch's brew You had a better way of working magic..."

Elton John's home is is said to be "laden with trinkets and books relating to Satanism and witchcraft."


Anonymous said...

What more proof u want about who this dude really is? How long will it take till the truth about him will be told?

Anonymous said...

Radioactive Cesium in Japan’s Food Chain


Noor al Haqiqa said...

Once he went all dayglo cheapo Liberace he gave me the willies. I pity the poor children in his home. I know his music is good but for some reason I just cannot get "lost" in it and never have. He moved in too high circles among tainted people who we know are nasty ~ makes anyone circumspect. What sacrifice / price did he pay for his great fame? I am sure it is in his life story somewhere; they all have one.

Anonymous said...

Hi Aang, Noor, et al.

Is it not Bernie Taupin who is the "heavyweight" satanist of the two?


Anonymous said...

Another Harris. Popular name in some tribe circles.

aferrismoon said...

I wonder if Elton John ever appeared on TOTP, maybe with Jimmy or Dave Lee or Paul G. et al, or appeared in a rock opera with Pete Townsend, or appeared in a White Christmas Special with Gary Glitter


Anonymous said...

For more examples of his questionable lyrics, check out "Honky Cat"

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