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The funeral of David Traill.

On 29 November 2013, a police helicopter crashed onto the Clutha pub in central Glasgow.

The cause - two vital fuel switches were turned off during the flight.

Mystery of turned off fuel flow switches in Clutha helicopter

Why would an experienced pilot knowingly turn them off?

Anonymous said: "One eye witness to the crash said the roof of the pub exploded first bringing down the copter."

The switches, which control the flow of fuel to the engines, are both supposed to be on throughout a flight.

The switches which control the pumps are located in the cockpit ceiling to the rear of the pilot and can only be turned off manually.

Why was autorotation - a form of emergency landing which pilots perform in the event of double engine failure - not achieved?

Captain David Traill

Ten people died in the incident, all three on board and seven people on the ground.

The pilot who died in the crash, Captain David Traill, 51, was a former RAF pilot and instructor.

He is thought to have been one of Prince William's flight instructors.

The helicopter crashed through the flat roof of the Clutha Vaults at 10.22pm on 29 November 2013.[9]

Someone at the TAP blog wrote:

"I drove into the city center that night around 7.45pm. 

There was a huge police presence at Bath St/ Pit St down to the corner where the Griffin pub is. 

"No one seemed to be doing anything though, just standing about with 2 streets blocked off, and their emergency response truck sitting doing nothing. 

"There were also more police around the Glasgow Green area at the Barras, doing what?

"I just found it strange and even mentioned it to my Mrs when I got home around 9pm. An hour or more later and I was seeing the news reports. 

"I don't know about false flags etc, but could this have maybe been a police exercise that unfortunately went wrong because the helicopter ran out of fuel?"

Did Glasgow helicopter run out of fuel?

In Glasgow, on 29 November 2013, a police helicopter fell out of the sky 'like a stone'. Clutha helicopter crash: No mechanical fault found Investigators have found no evidence of engine or gearbox failure in the police helicopter which crashed into a busy pub in Glasgow killing nine people.

Anonymous wrote:

"So it's the 25th anniversary of PanAm 103 landing on top of Sherwood Crescent in Lockerbie, and the subesquent whitewash of the biggest mass murder perpetrated on Scottish soil in centuries.

"Also the police quietly 'dropped' allegations claiming the SAS murdered Princess Diana...

Investigation closed into 'Princess Diana killed by British special forces' claim by ex-SAS sniper.

"And let's not forget Princess William quit the army very soon after these claims were made public recently.

"And now his flight instructor dies in mysterious circumstances days after the White Paper is released promoting Scottish Independence..."

In Glasgow, on 29 November 2013, the police helicopter fell out of the sky 'like a stone'.

It landed on a crowded place of entertainment called the Clutha pub.

"Investigators have refused to rule out foul play as they examined possible causes of the crash, including whether the pilot was shot...

"Witnesses reported hearing the helicopter engine 'misfiring' at 10.25pm, and air accident investigators are examining whether there was a mechanical fault."

Read more:

The pilot who died in the crash is thought to have been one of Prince William's flight instructors.

David Traill, 51, was a helicopter instructor at the Hampshire base where Prince William learned how to fly five years ago.

Read more:




Unknown said...

Helicopter pilots are trained to aim away from large crowds and away from populated areas, to the extent they are able, when crash landing.

This one crashed in Glasgow, and hit a pub. Well...

Also, don't forget the chopper crash outside MI6 earlier this year.

One more would make an epidemic.

Anonymous said...

One eye witness to the crash said the roof of the pub exploded first bringing down the copter strange

Anonymous said...

When helicopters fall out of the sky 'like a stone' it's usually an issue with the fuel pump system. Seen it happen often. Fuel stops flowing, engine stops, aircraft falls. Not rocket science, just bad maintenance or faulty parts, or both. Wouldn't read too much into it. Last one I saw like this was in Shizuoka City, Japan, couple of years back. Police chopper did the exact same thing. Landed on an apartment building. Witnesses heard the engine just stop, and down she came. Problem, according to the pros, was the fuel pump.

Anonymous said...

So it's the 25th anniversary of PanAm03 landing on top of Sherwood Crescent in Lockerbie, and the subesquent whitewash of the biggest mass murder perpetrated on Scottish soil in centuries.
Also the police quietly 'dropped' allegations claiming the SAS murdered Princess Diana, and let's not forget Princess William quit the army very soon after these claims were made public recently.
And now his flight instructor dies in mysterious circumstances days after the White Paper is released promoting Scottish Independence.
Friends say the Clutha pub was a hotbed of lefty/socialist fun, not anymore.
Coincidence / synchronicity is a funny thing...

Anonymous said...

Thought if they ran out of fuel, they could Gyrocopter down.
Seems strange the name of the pub.
The witness says the pub roof blew off, then the helicopter crashed.

andy said...

thought these heli's have two jet engines, never heard a jet splutter, two engines means two fuel pumps, oh and press and emergency services were on hand to help, wonder if Peter Power and his security company were doing a simulation of the exact event and somehow it went live(i have to stop being so cynical)

Anonymous said...

29th November date of the crash, is the 333rd day of the year.

Anonymous said...

@anon 11:24pm

"Seems strange the name of the pub"

Clutha is Scots gaelic for Clyde, the river next to where the pub is situated.

Glasgow is home to a great many gaelic speakers even now, so the pub name is not strange at all.

Anonymous said...

No point in speculating until the crash-report is published. Have a mate who is retired service-engineer in our RAF, he doesn't know the actual chopper type, too new for him, but says each engine has it's own fuel-tank and pumps, whatever happened one engine should have kept working, that both engines had a fault at the same time is unheard of, like winning lottery several times in a row! Having said this he said every time they fired up a chopper it needed TLC, they are very sensitive despite being also very robust and reliable. Contradiction? Well, they are reliable if you wield the spanners all the time, bit like F1-car. He thought it was more liable to be fault with the gearbox final-drive, wear an' tear is immense here, he was always changing gearboxes, just suspecting something was enough, you never took chances. Police choppers operate under the safe-level for auto-rotation, you have a problem you land, period, or crash. This was a very experienced pilot, he probably did a survivable landing, but sadly, the roof wasn't strong enough.

Anonymous said...

TROLLWATCH: Anon 7:37PM & 10:56AM

Thanks for making it obvious that the Kabal was involved in this one

You don't even need to look at the evidence anymore - just look at the kind of comments certain sites get on certain topics.

BTW: The helicopter pilot of chopper 99 (!?!) was/is a Collins

They like keepin it in the family

Carol A. Valentine

PS - Still don't believe in the existence of the Zionist Kabal, Satanism and the NWO - wait and try facing your 3rd eviction and attempt at making you bankrupt in as many years. These ppl are sick

Newspaceman said...

First news reports claimed that the helicopter had been looking for a railway trespasser in the vicinity. Now they are saying it had been in Dalkeith, nr Edinburgh although they are not diclosing why. Radar contact was lost @ 22.22, some 20 minutes before the incident. 22 22 makes me think of the double 11 malarky.

Coincidence/aynchronicity ?


Anonymous said...

What a load of cobblers saying that losing an engine on a twin engined aircraft is like winning the lottery. The chance of engine failure is doubled with two engines, x4 with four engines etc. It's elementary math.

Anonymous said...

Elementary math is knowing that the chance of two independent events happening (i.e. two engines failing simultaneously)is calculated by multiplying the chances of the two separate events happening. For example, if the helicopter can survive one engine failing (p=.0001) but crashes when both engines fail independently and simultaneously we calculate the probability of this as 0.0001 x 0.0001 = 0.00000001 (or 1 in 100 million).

Did one engine cause the other to fail? Who knows? This is a cum hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy. We would need more information.

Anonymous said...

no, it was an exercise that almost went right - except it's very difficult to make a hoax entirely credible. don't trust any emergency services

Anonymous said...

About the Pitt St/Griffin stuff - I was out walking round there with a friend that evening - think it was 7-8ish, well before the Clutha incident. We were on Sauchiehall St - there was a smallish police presence, some buildings evacuated and a few blocks were cordoned off - we guessed it was a fire, and I found this report of it the next day:

"Residents were evacuated after a fire broke out at a takeaway shop in Glasgow city centre and spread to flats above.

About 30 firefighters were called out to tackle the blaze at Diablero Kebab shop on Pitt Street which broke out at about 17:30 on Friday"
^posted an extract in case you don't want to visit the BBC site, which is understandable given what they've been up to. But it does gel with what we saw out walking that evening, and there were some men clearing burnt stuff from the takeaway - can't remember if that was that evening or the day after.

Obviously I can't say for sure that there was nothing dodgy going on there, but the Clutha connection doesn't make sense geographically to me - I think there's a police HQ beside Caledonian Uni? (which is a few blocks above Queen St, just off the top of the map posted here) while the Pitt St stuff is a good distance to the west. There would surely have been a closer, more convenient place to assemble?

Anonymous said...

Hoax/drill from start to finish. Was it a robust test of an independent Scotland? They did it pretty well, but found it difficult to fake the helicopter's damage. Hence the incomprehensiblilty of that damage and lack of pilot/police radio exchanges. No point analysing a lie. London will know it's a hoax.
9/10 for effort though.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous@1:08 and others,

I am overjoyed to see people using mathematics to test the plausibility of events.

Of course, the two engines are closely connected, so failure events are clearly not statistically independent.

Nonetheless, yes, mathematics, and statistics in particular, is the key to reverse engineering our conscious reality.

"He's gone."
"Goodbye, Mr Anderson."

The most humble mathematical truth is worth more than all the worldly wealth of any vulgar plutocrat hellbent on world domination.

Have you ever tried to calculate the value of mathematical formulae in millions of dollars?

George Soros can destabilize Ukraine and Xinjiang. But can he buy the binomial theorem or the Euler identities or Noether's theorem?

No. Because the theorems are real, whereas the world is not.
His wealth, his power is a mirage. An illusion.

For all his wealth, for all his Macchiavellian insight into reflexivity and human corruptibility, Soros is worth not even a toenail of the humblest penniless mathematician.

And when we are weighed and measured, all the money in the world will buy back not a single soul.

"... a clerk in the Accounts Department of the Madras Port Trust. I have not seen him, but was yesterday shewn some of his work in the presence of Sir Francis Spring."

sovereigntea said...

According to the investigation report the chopper did not run out of fuel.

76kg of fuel remained in the main tank enough to keep it in the air but below the Final Reserve Fuel recommendation FRF of 90kgs.

Anonymous said...

Be interesting to see the dates of the SAS link to Diana's death coming out, Willy leaving the Army and the first copter crash o/s Mi6.

TWO crashes in major cities - coincidence?

Interesting that it's the transport of choice of two Princes - three if you count the uncle with a tendency for frighteningly young female company - alleged - blagging trips all over the UK to play golf etc etc.

Mind, they do say reptiles eat their young!

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