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"The entire country of Britain could have been turned to a radioactive wasteland overnight.

"A major nuclear incident was narrowly averted at the heart of Britain’s Royal Navy submarine fleet, The Independent on Sunday can reveal.

"The failure of both the primary and secondary power sources of coolant for nuclear reactors at the Devonport dockyard in Plymouth on 29 July last year followed warnings in previous years of just such a situation.

"Experts yesterday compared the crisis at the naval base, operated by the Ministry of Defence and government engineering contractors Babcock Marine, with the Fukushima Daiichi power-station meltdown in Japan in 2011...

Brits Lose Control of Nuke Reactors: “Unbelievable… Seriousness of a Major Radioactive Release”


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Speaking of disasters the NSA Utah data spy center has gone up in flames due to "electrical" problems. At least a year to fix it. It is going to cost a lot of money.

Wonder if it is the jumping jack flash phenomenon?

shirlz007 said...

Had to comment on this! The privatisation of Urenco, the worlds second largest Uraniumm Enrichment company (after Russias Tenex). The company, Dr A Q Khan was sub contracted to, and beleived to have stolen many the nuclear secrets needed for Pakistans bomb, from. Urenco has hired Rothschild to oversee its £10 billion privatisation sale. Interestingly enough, Tepco was widely beleived to be the obvious buyer, until the Fukishima disaster of 2011. What worries some people is the hands in which the technology could fall into, when it is eventually floated. Most probably an Israeli owned company, or Areva.

'A sale of Urenco would potentially represent one of the biggest takeover deals in Europe so far this decade, although security concerns mean that the field of bidders is likely to be heavily restricted.'

'Operating out of the public eye, Urenco is possibly the biggest company you've never heard of.'

'The Urenco sale is further off but even more incendiary, raising fears that without public-sector safeguards more nuclear secrets could end up with rogue states.

The news that the company has hired advisers from Rothschild to advise on its options is probably the push that was needed to finally get this long-mooted auction under way.

Headquartered in the semi-rural Buckinghamshire village of Stoke Poges, where, appropriately enough given its atomic plot, Goldfinger was partly shot, Urenco has a 31 per cent share of the world's uranium enrichment market.'

'The last thing the Coalition needs in the build-up to the General Election are its plans being depicted as creating a wave of wrathful new Khans.'

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was Urenco the company of which a dutch prince- subsequently buried under avalanche-was financial officer?

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