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Seen by Jane Tanner, 9.15 pm

Jane Tanner, a friend of the McCanns, told the police that, at 9.15 pm, she saw a dark-haired man carrying away a child wearing pink floral pyjamas.

The police now claim that the dark haired man was almost certainly an innocent holidaymaker picking up his two-year-old daughter from a night crèche at the Ocean Club complex.

Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood, leading the inquiry says: "We're almost certain now that this sighting is not the abductor."

Big shift in Madeleine McCann investigation, say police

At around 10pm, Martin Smith reported seeing a man, who did not look like a tourist, walking towards the beach carrying a blonde girl.

The police now claim that this is likely to be the kidnapper.

"The Smiths were secretly brought back to Portugal. On Saturday, 26 May 2007, Smith and his two children were interviewed.

"Their testimony is credible, but given the lack of light in the area, they can't identify the man who was carrying the child."

The Smiths' Sighting - McCann Files

The man seen carrying a child 500 yards from the McCann holiday apartment

Martin Smith, an Irishman who was holidaying with his family said he saw the man 500 yards from the McCanns' apartment between 9.55pm and 10pm.

This was just minutes before Kate McCann walked into the apartment at around 10pm.

Gerry McCann (left) and Suspect (right)

Allegedly, Martin Smith initially told the police that the suspect walked and looked like Madeleine's father Gerry McCann.


Andy Redwood is the policeman in charge of the Madeleine McCann inquiry.

Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood was the policeman in charge of the botched Jill Dando inquiry.

"Its the same team whom whitewashed the Jill Dando case and framed falsely Barry George."

Madeleine McCann

Allegedly, The BBC's Jill Dando was murdered because she had uncovered a well connected pedophile ring.

Men seen at the complex where Madeleine was staying. MADELEINE MCCANN; BELLIRAJ; BIN LADEN; AND THE POLICE

Police are examining reports of bogus charity collectors and of "men seen hanging around the apartments, who may be German, Dutch, or Scandinavian."

Burglaries in Praia da Luz increased four-fold in the four months before Madeleine disappeared.


Age progression image, showing Madeleine aged 9

A year earlier in the same week of Madeleine’s disappearance, a man broke into a flat where two young children were sleeping alone.

The man, described as skinny with dark hair, picked up a camera case and peered into one of the travel cots, but he was disturbed by the child’s screams and left empty-handed.

Mr Redwood said he was struck by the similarities in the break-in through a patio door. He suggested that a gang who knew the area may have been watching the McCann family.


Read more: http://www.dailymail.

Kate's doctor Alan Farthing and the murdered BBC presenter Jill Dando

Alan Farthing was part of the medical team responsible for the birth of Kate and William's new baby.

He is the Queen's Gynaecologist.

Alan Farthing was the fiance of the BBC TV presenter Jill Dando who was murdered.

Cliff Richard was a close friend and confidante of Jill Dando.

Savile and William's mother Diana.

Jill Dando's BBC colleague Nick Ross is married to Sarah Caplan the cousin of Jimmy Savile's friend Esther Rantzen.

Caplan and Rantzen founded the controversial charity called Childline.

There has been speculation that the murder of Jill Dando is linked to "a VIP paedophile ring which was operating within the BBC and in Elm Guest House and various children's homes."


Regarding the individual he states that: he was Caucasian, around 175 to 180m in height. 

He appeared to be about 35/40 years old. 

He had a normal complexion, a bit on the thin side. 

His hair was short, in a basic male cut, brown in colour. 

He cannot state if it was dark or lighter in tone. 

He did not use glasses and had no beard or moustache. 

He did not notice any other relevant details partly due to the fact that the lighting was not very good.

• He was wearing cream or beige-coloured cloth trousers in a classic cut. He did not see his shoes and cannot describe the colour or form of the same. 

• He states that the child was female, about four years of age as she was similar to his granddaughter of the same age. It was a child of normal complexion, about a metre in height. The child has blonde medium-hued hair, without being very light. Her skin was very white, typical of a Brit. He did not look at her eyes. As she was asleep and her eyelids were closed. 

• She was wearing light-coloured pyjamas. He cannot state with certainty the colour. She was not covered by any other cover or sheet. He cannot confirm whether she was barefoot but in his group, they spoke about the child having no cover on her feet. 

• Urged, he states that the individual did not appear to be a tourist. He cannot explain this further. It was simply his perception given the individual's clothing. He states that the individual carried the child in his arms, with her head laying on the individual's shoulders to the right of the deponent. He adds that he did not hold the child in a comfortable position. 

Having already seen various photographs of MADELEINE alongside her images on television, states that she may have been the child he saw. He cannot state this as fact but is convinced that it could have been MADELEINE. Indeed, this is the opinion of his family.

• Questioned, says that the individual did not speak nor did the child as she was in a deep sleep.

States that it is not possible to recognise the individual in person or by photograph.

Above is the man who appeared to be watching Madeleine's apartment, the day before she vanished.

It is based on the account of a British woman who was on holiday.

Michel Lelievre of the Dutroux child kidnapping gang

She saw the man twice in the days before Madeleine disappeared.

On 29 April the unnamed tourist was out with her daughter when she spotted him "acting suspiciously" in the street.

Then three days later she saw the man again outside the McCanns' holiday flat.

'Very ugly' man is new Madeleine suspect 
www.independent.co.uk 7 May 2009

A female suspect in the kidnapping of Madeleine McCann

Michelle Martin, wife of Marc Dutroux, and part of the child kidnapping gang.



Anonymous said...

So far nothing points to the Portugese doing a bad investigation as accused by the media and screaming plebs, as the fabulous Brit police haven't discovered anything new and have fallen flat on their face. Sorry to be so blunt and crude, but that's the facts.

The men seen carrying kids were most likely fathers collecting their kids from the kresh and various baby-sitters after having spent a nice quiet evening eating-out. As the McCann's should have done but were too tight to do so.

Again, my reaction is why when they apparently checked on the kids none actually CHECKED the kids until the door was seen wide-open. What parent merely looks around the apartment without physically going into the bedroom where their kids are asleep? If other than to see they are warm enough, gently tuck-in a blanket, as it gets cold in hot countries during the night?

And why the very rapid and enormous publicity when kids go missing all over the place all the time, what about them, we barely if at all hear about it?

I still say this business stinks.

I doubt it was a pedo striking it lucky, all this confusion smacks of planning

We await in hope...

Anon said...

"So far nothing points to the Portugese doing a bad investigation."


These are the police who apparently covered up the Casa Mia child abuse ring.

These are the police who managed to lose CCTV evidence.

How much do you know about Molenbeek St Jean?

su said...

And Clarence Mitchell who was behind the setting up of the patsy Huntley in the Soham murders was surprise their spokesperson.
Which missing child parents get sent their own spokesperson for fucks sake.
I am pleased to see this, your last post on Madeleine left me feeling you have not done much research on the case.
Much love Aang.

Anonymous said...

So... just WHAT DOES a tourist look like.
The police don't appear to have made any real progress at all - just underlining again the McCann's jaw dropping antics in leaving 2 babies and a 3 year old, on consistent nights in an unlocked apartment. Mind boggling!
Whoever took her, the fundamental fault is theirs!

Anonymous said...


there are lots more discrepancies noted at Chris Spivey - see link below and scroll down to Benny near the bottom for a letter to the BBC from a retired Police Supt.
as well as the link below that for a detailed list of all the discrepancies from the various witnesses - notably changing their stories in subsequent statements - a huge flag. Spivey has some very interesting stuff on the subject. In this same thread there is even mention of one of the parents possibly having a CATS (sex offender register number !!).

The truth will out.


Oct 13, 2013 @ 12:53:39'


Nikki said...

You do such a phenomenal job of putting out information on child abuse. Thank you. :)

charley tiberius drake said...

scotland,belgium,westminster and portugal all wired for masonic sound.
the kids are not alright that is the plan.
when does a charity become a corporation when it is run by hello boys i am peter i am mandy fly me.
kids as cattle.
disinfo by tavistock bbc.

jane tanner jane tanner such humanity in your eye sink holes what what.

Anonymous said...

Do we need to believe Tanner? False trail?

Anonymous said...

The latest news really seem another incoming disinfo from masonic groups... Wonder if the unknown witness of an alleged little girl strikingly close in resemblance to the kidnapped Madeleine was another disinfo or a real, unresolved, issue.

Keeping to hit the drums on this willingly unresolved case could only lead to more doubts in the common man, more people giving hints and hopefully restoring the final answer on all of this... If not for the relatives, certainly for the little girl. Keep informing, Aang...

Anonymous said...

Programmes like Crimewatch are an essential tool of cover-ups. The latest "lead" is a total diversion imho.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Jimmy Savile Interview Transcripts Released


Anonymous said...

'Cruel' husband and wife 'sexually abused children for years' in care home they ran together in the 1960s and 70s


Anonymous said...

I've read somewhere that tens if not hundreds of thousands of kids disappear in the UK and US every year. If that's the case, why do we hear unendingly about only a handful? There's a disconnect somewhere.

hels said...

Er, why?

It's Time To Wake Up said...

Actually I read this very mind boggling article from 2006 the headline reads:::"The Government sells many of the 700,000 kids that go missing each year!- THAY ARE NOW SEX SLAVES FOR THE ELITE!
Almost a year after Representative Cynthia McKinney was told by Donald Rumsfeld that it was not the policy of the Bush administration to reward companies that engage in human trafficking with government contracts, the scandal continues to sweep up innocent children who are sold into a life of slavery at the behest of Halliburton subsidiaries , Dyncorp and other transnational corporations with close ties to the establishment elite.

Unknown said...

It's notable that the Metropolitan Police actually now has, and has had since 2005, a dedicated Ritual Child Murder Squad, solely tasked with investigation and tracking down black magicians practicing human sacrifice, in response to all the chopped up bits of little Nigerian and Kenyan boys that eventually make their way into the river Thames, where they might upset the tourists.

Being policeman, however (and Freemasons), they clearly misread the written memo and understood it to mean that they spend all of their time and resources bringing to account magicians, who are black, rather wealthy landed gentry who happen also to be practitioners of the dark arts; since they focus solely on the problem of "African Black Magick" as a social ill, which is how the general public now understand and compartmentalise the problem as something foreign, alien, other and far away.

Never mind that every African despot and dictator of the late 20th Century went to Oxford, Sandhurst or both.

Policemen. I ask you.

Anonymous said...

Clarence Mitchell was/is MI6. He was recruited while at the BBC in Leeds. He knew all about Savile. They dispatched him to all the paedo crimes: Fred West, Dando, and a little reported one - Michael Hutchence over in Sydney.

Anonymous said...

I wanna know why not to trust Chris Spivey?

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