Wednesday, September 25, 2013


This SAS man was in the Kenyan mall when the attack began. 

How useful are the big 'alternative news' blogs?

Off Duty Soldier Armed With Handgun (photo above) Saves 100 Lives During Mall Siege - Paul Joseph Watson of Prison Planet.

In what order would you place the following (1 being most useful, 9 being least useful):

Prison Planet
What Really Happened
David Icke
Global Research
Veterans Today




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Anonymous said...

alex jones, henry makow, david icke and wasp are well known shitmongers
they give a small bite of truth in a shit sandwich, Churchill said the truth is so valuable it must be guarded ina sandwich of lies, and that sume him up.
How many of these websites have told on the biggest landslide of truth ever, the relisation that the holocaust a ssuch did not happen, no 6 million no gas chambers no medical experiments ?
sites such a sgnostic liberation front give you raw truth

Anonymous said...

I shan't rank them since I don't know enough about them all but would I be right in thinking that they all espouse some variety of 'one pillar world'? You know, it's the Jews/Israel, or it's the MK satanists, and each disappearing the flipside. The old chestnut.

That being said, I quite like Voltaire Net and Global Research but they are quite limited. And I even visit WRH even though he's disinfo. Kenny seems like a nice enough chap but is likewise very Israel-centric. He can write nice though.

Anyway, it seems we're trapped in this take-your-pick one pillar world and what are you going to do? Apart from hang out here?

Lovely, Lovely,

etc. etc.

shirlz007 said...

VETERANS TODAY!!! straight up... not got time for anyone else (apart yourelf of course Aangirfan! ;D )

The VT crew address the real issues of whats going on... sometimes borderline Anti-Semitic... but the Jewish cabal is an issue whch needs to be addressed... let's face it... it's the Jews! not all of em... but 90% of these nutters are Jewish and hold Israeli citizenship!

Its best when you see em argueing with a Zionist on PressTV! (Kevin Barret)

... if anyones going to change things in the US... it'll be the VT crew!

shirlz007 said...

out of interst Aangirfan... what are your beleifs on ET's!!! Do you think theres an extraterrestrial or supernatural presence involved in the circus? or just a distraction from the real issues? I honestly don't know what to make of it... if I ever meet an alien il slap it!!!

James R. said...

I would rate Global Research and Veterans Today as very useful, 1 or 2 on your scale. I would rate What Really happened as 3. Voltaire Net is also quite useful, a 3.
Rense was great in the past but is no use to me in the present day Don't try to use Infowars or Prison Planet, but they probably deserve a 5. I don't know the others well enough to judge them.

shirlz007 said...

sometimes it is actually easier (and more acceptable in society) to beleive in shapeshifting lizards than it is to accept its a load of Jews!

Anonymous said...

Iamthewitness is number 1.

I don't visit the others any more, unless someone points me to something on them, but I never read kennysideshow, so I can't judge that one.

David Icke gives us all a bad name.

Prison planet sux. SUX!

WRH is okay for a quick scan of news, same with rense (but people will laugh if they see you on it cos of aliens etc.)

September clues is good, the most underated.

But Daryl is the greatest, and you know he is for real, because spies went through his rubbish. No, seriously ;)

Anon said...

"Out of interest Aangirfan... what are your beliefs on ET's?"

We have never come across any ET's.

The real enemy are the guys at the top of the feudal system.

They are like the school bullies who control things by 1. conning people 2. seducing people 3. intimidating people.

- Aangirfan

Anonymous said...

They are all popular until they get exposed as disinfo

Isn't that what happened to that Nobody guy

He used to be good too

Its sad it always has to end that way

Makes me wonder when we are going to find out the truth about this one too?

The only good ones are the crazies or the dead ones

Like Bill Cooper or Vialls

Mark A. O'Blazney said...

And, of course, # 4......... disappearing people.

Anonymous said...

I like VeteransToday. I just discovered
Its blog is hard to go through but there are gems. I think Jews have the same crappy leaders that everyone else has.

Anonymous said...

Prison Planet ZERO
What Really Happened EIGHT
David Icke NINE
Global Research NINE
Voltaire ?
Iamthewitness ?
Kennysideshow ?

Lee Cresswell said...

The problem is not political. It is spiritual. The truth is in the Holy Bible..and the only solution to the problem is faith in Jesus Christ. End of.....

Frankie said...

!. Veterans Today
2. Global Research
Prison Planet/Icke: Shills. Avoid!

arthur zbygniew said...

#1 rense and
#3 WRH and Global Research
#5 ...Aangirfan...:-))

KPatrickRyan said...

1) Kenny. I'd rather have his take than anyone else's on the list.

2) I Am The Witness, Global Research and Voltaire. All with useful info at times. While I can't stand the man, I'd likely put Rense in this category as well.

The remainder are trash and purposely mix cups of BS with teaspoons of truth in order to mislead.

Cheers, and to be perfectly honest, I'd but in category #1 with Kenny. Your blog is invaluable.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is better then any of those, some of us know that 'stuff' was already past the knees long before September 11th 2001.You would have thought People would have caught a clue when they installed a B grade actor as head puppet.Sick of London and it's two step children,the district of columbia, and isnotreal

Anonymous said...

David Icke
Global Research
Prison Planet
Veterans Today
What Really Happened

Humanist - the Creator loves EVERYONE said...

Frankie - Jesus would never ever say he who wants to get to Heaven must go through me. Someone who is so close to 'God' would be inclusive not exclusive. EVERY Christian I have met turns their back on the rest of the world. Gandhi said: “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” Spot on bud.

Sorry for going off topic.

Anonymous said...

WRH is a concentrator: worth skimming to find good topical articles

Global Research, Voltaire both excellent though limited scope

Veterans Today (apart from Michael Shrimpton) good original articles

Zero Hedge - good on banksterism

RT - good news, interviews, flakey round the edges.

Doug Diggler said...

Prison Planet 9
Al Jones has really flipped out, his support of the reactionary anarchist TeaBaggers and the murderer of Trayvon Martin got me to finally abandon that site

What Really Happened 5
Rivero is also a fellow traveler of the TeaBag party, consequently he has lost a lot of respect from me.

David Icke 9
Reptilians? Really? Although he's been vindicated on that Top of the Pops perv.

Global Research 1
Chossudovsky covers what's important

Voltaire 2
Yeah, I like Thierry Meysson, big brass ones that guy has.

Veterans Today 3
I smell some disinfo and the 24/7 hatred of Israel seems to cover up other important stuff.

Rense 9
A joke, right?

Iamthewitness 9
Kennysideshow 6

Anonymous said...

If it weren't for David Icke I wouldn't have found this site. He is relentless in his fight against pedophiles. He pretty much agrees with everything said here.

Anonymous said...

Prison Planet is part of an industry, a commercial establishment, and as such is suspect for bias just as any MSM news broadcast is biased by its advertisers. Other issues are present too. What underlying financial support systems for blogs exist in any case is often a mystery. The same might be said of WRH but at least you can correspond with Mike Rivero directly by e-mail and snail mail. Some people are quick to trash their “competition” (sticks and stones will break my bones, but allegations of remunerated allegiance need to be proven without a doubt). Icke is one I don’t read (or watch) much; if he is a disinformation artist, he is one of the best, and he too is suspect because of his support and wealth. Perhaps he is just a successful showman. He’s on the other side of the pond, so it doesn’t matter much to me. Global Research has an orientation that is palpable, its dry as hell, but the reportage is solid, not so much on breaking news as on analysis in depth with a bias. [Everyone has a bias; they breathe and think and learn.] Voltaire is another I don’t read regularly but will on occasion without holding my nose, for the same reason I check in on GR. Different perspective informs the mind, no? Veterans Today is good for laughs and some bite and occasional vitriol; they need some solid professional direction. Rense I’ll check to see what I’ve missed elsewhere; there are some really good articles there, but you have to search for them or find them through other sources. He needs a new look. He too, along with WRH #2, is a budding media empire. Witness is of interest, but I don’t go there often. #1 Kenny is quite good, if only for his blog roll (I’m a bit biased, it might be said, for having been added to it recently), but his pieces are good in their own right. And he’ll answer a comment.

Comments about rating blogs: I wish it were so easy to just number them or write a phrase, short or long. It’s not. The discussion and analysis of blogs and alternative media sites is far too important to be handled so flippantly. (You forgot to add your own blog.) The depth of the issue demands entire blog entries by such people as you, me, Kenny, and many of the people listed by Kenny. I’ll tackle it (I’ve nibbled on the edges, and I’ve been judged, slammed, questioned or treated in a standoffish manner by others) but I have two major blog entires (beyond the usual news compendium) on the burners now. Ask me again in a month. But I’m still pretty low on the totem pole so others can jump in more quickly than I. Where we might start is by setting some areas for breakdown in terms of specific types of coverage, writing, etc., discussing some means by which we actually judge blogs or their entries, or talking about our own evolutions in terms of readership, awareness, etc. The “blogroll” or list of “favorites” I use now doesn’t like much like the one I used even four years ago. I hope it will continue to shift. We might also share the degreee to which we have financially supported some blog writers. [You ought to add Cryptogon to your list, as well as Wayne Madsen, James Corbett, SeeMoreRocks (Robin Westenra), RiceFarmer, and others.)

Lee Cresswell said...

"Jesus would never ever say he who wants to get to Heaven must go through me". Sorry, but that is exactly what he DID say. John 14:6. About inclusive..God offered us the free gift of salvation given to us exclusively through the sacrifice of his only begotten son. We can either reject it or accept. Our choice. Reject Jesus and you reject salvation. About Gandhis statement..Christians are still sinners and less than perfect. The salvation come through FAITH not deeds. The righteousness belongs to Him..not us. Saved through Jesus and in EVERYTHING he ever said..not just bits and pieces. Lee

Anonymous said...

Nobody was exposed as disinfo? Was he? By who?

And who was he disinfo for?

Anonymous said...

That was a wind up. Nobody was not disinfo. He should come back out of retirement that's what should happen

Anonymous said...

whatreallyhappened pushed the Arab Springs scams for a LONG time- as if they were real and not CIA scams. He often doesnt seem to get what is really going on.

Jonestown is quite mediocre but gets occasional bursts- which keep folks hanging on. his adamant coverup of zionism and protection of its central role in the World Mess makes his site nearly useless.

Rense is good but the format is so cluttered and overwhelming its hard to read. He & Icke's reptile stuff should be reserved for the spiritually-oriented blogs.

Veterans Today is all about sensationalism and not much real meat. Alot of dramatics, histrionics and as Gordon Duff said in an intv: "40% of what is on the site is false". Duff was caught out as a liar /spy over his virulent advocacy of bombing Libya "for humanitarian reasons'. Same as the liberal warmongers- then he banned commenters who disagreed. He is the phoniest fake of all of the web sites. The only one mentioned on your list that I refuse to even click onto.

Global Research is good. Doesnt do much original reporting- just pieces combining other's research.

aangirfan has stuff i dont see elsewhere, but too much focus on pedophilia. its just not a topic i can get fired up about tho i do believe its big problem. maybe because it whiffs of the MSM constant distract tactics on sex scandals and sexual deviancy to smear and or divert from real issues

Anonymous said...

The exposure of pedophiles here, shining a bright light into the corners where the cockroaches breed, is one of the best things; it's one of the reasons I come, and stay. More should be done by others around the world about the sordid underworld of psychopathology/evil in and among dominant political leaders and systems. I have had the experience of sitting next to a previously-abused psychiatrist and her daughter as they took in the new premiere of Disney's "Sleeping Beauty" (and I met the doctor's mother -- once). The child had pretty much a normal experience watching a cartoon film. The mother was in a trance state. Her accountant was a deacon in a known CIA religious front church for mind control. Her medical practice partner formerly worked in the finance division of the Secret Service.

And there is more.

But that's just facet of my awareness of this phenomenon.

Keep up the good work, aan.

Anonymous said...

Quite relevant to the topic:

Disinfo Wars: Alex Jones’ War on Your Mind
by Nolan Higdon

Project Censored,
16 September, 2013

Unknown said...

Gordon Duff's information on Veterans Today is excellent.

Don't trust anything by (or promoted by) Jim Fetzer (The Mouth That Roared).

He's a VERY SUBTLE cognitive diversity propagator.

He's determined to join the cause of 9/11 Truth at the hip to Holocaust Denial and Apollo denialism - he regularly has that Bart Sibrel fool on.

I recorded a show with him once - he never aired it, attacked my information all the way through and then told me to go and fuck myself.

Unknown said...

My personal recommended blog is Tom Secker's

Anonymous said...

I'll plead "it's an interesting question" when discussing Fetzer. In general, I think it is necessary to read the disinfo outlets so as to know and understand that side of the game. If you watch/observe/listen long enough, you begin to see the subtleties and nuances. Dialogue among many -- with specific references -- is useful; alas, it requires a lot of time and energy, cool dispositions, etc. Hence my interest in socio-political "metsuke" and "ma-ai". But time and research eventually disclose that which was papered over or ignored. As someone has noted, "I don't know" is a good place to start.

Ummer Farooq said...

The best source is the one that is able to grab all the relevant data and come to a conclusion that puts light on the connecting dots. It helps when that source has a lot of knowledge and ability to analyze what you might not know about.

One thing I find troubling about prison planet, is that it's not connected with infowars, well not all the time. And that Paul Watson instantly white washed the Woolwich incident with the proof that one video was showing oranged out street marks. And how Paul himself sometimes sounds like he believes in the muslim conspiracy, and that Alex Jones sometimes sounds like he wants to appease his listeners who also believe in such a muslim invasion conspiracy. I don't know if this is because he has invested too much into his operation that he needs those listeners. It probably is because of that, and this time he probably cannot afford to lose what he has gained. But if he doesn't let go of friendship/alliance with jews then he's no friend of any muslim, and that is only because of Quran 5:82 as mentioned by Imran Hosein.

David Icke, well he has no religion ie Cicero's relegere. His alliegiance was to some spooky memory dump. And the rest he is much like Alex Jones, though not so much military contacts but instead elite and pagan connections.

With those two above they have their own locale and specialism, such as infowars getting out the news of boston bombing false flag and it going public.

I don't really visit Icke's website but when he comes on AJ's show then it's interesting. The views, or information they can provide that any of the others cannot or have not the ability is what I'm after.

Henry Makow used to have a nifty news feed but he changed that to twitter feed, and now it's a bother to go to his website.

A few other sources you might want to consider are the UKColumn, it would be nice to have some one from the aangirfan pop up there.

David Lvingstone's terrorism and the illuminati blog and yahoo group. And I already mentioned Imran Hosein.

You reminded me about Veterans Today, their information is also sometimes quite interesting.

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