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'Gaddafi' has many mansions in Harare.

On 27 September 2013, The Daily Telegraph reveals the MI6 plot to help Gaddafi escape from Libya

According to The Telegraph:

1. The plan was drawn up at the highest levels of the British Government.

2. Andrew Mitchell, a UK government minister, was sent to make certain contacts with the government of Equatorial Guinea.

3. There has always been speculation that Gaddafi left Libya around October 2011, the time when Gaddafi was allegedly killed.

4. Matthew d'Ancona, a top journalist at The Telegraph, interviewed key UK government figures.

"CIA agent Edwin P. Wilson recruited Gadaffi in 1977, and the CIA shipped Libya over 2000 pounds of explosives," says former CIA agent Lester Coleman. (DIA Agent's Book, Trail of the Octopus - From Beirut To Lockerbie.)

According to The Telegraph:

5. In 2011, MI6 prepared to move Gaddafi to Equatorial Guinea, which does not recognise the International Criminal Court.

6. The Cabinet Office and MI6 "prepared an exit strategy for Gaddafi in case it was necessary to strike a deal and to end the conflict."

7. UK cabinet minister Andrew Mitchell "was able to assist the officials tasked with these delicate contingency plans, helping make the necessary contacts in the capital, Malabo, and elsewhere".

Equatorial Guinea "was chosen as a prospective retirement home".


According to The Telegraph:

8. In 2004, Old Etonian Simon Mann made an unsuccessful coup attempt in Equatorial Guinea. 

The 'Wonga Coup' failed after the mercenaries were arrested in Zimbabwe.

9. It is believed that some of the mercenaries involved in the Equatorial Guinea coup were also involved in the attempt to help Gaddafi escape.

MI6 plot to help Gaddafi escape from Libya

A Mansion in Harare.

"Sibanengi Dube ... is ... adamant that Zimbabwe’s airforce, in August 2011, flew Muammar Gaddafi into Zimbabwe and that Gaddafi was seen in a Harare Gunhill suburb house." 

(MDC journalist still claims Gaddafi went to Zimbabwe)

"Gaddafi staged a nocturnal entry into Zimbabwe aboard a Zimbabwe Air force jet that landed at Suri-Suri Airbase in Chegutu....

Gaddafi with David Berg whose name has been linked to pedophilia and the CIA's MK ULTRA brainwashing. (RELIGIOUS MIND-CONTROL CULTS)

"Gaddafi was quickly whisked to a sprawling mansion in Harare’s Gunhill suburb under the cover of darkness with members of MDC VAA in a secret pursuit.

"We kept a hawk’s eye on the house ... and we don’t doubt even for a second that the fallen despot is now a ‘unique guest’ to Robert Mugabe.

"The house is encircled by uniformed army personnel of the Zimbabwe National Army and is swarming with plain clothes policemen and dreaded CIO operatives.

"They said all indications were confirming what they saw, including heavily armed female blonde body guards of Libyan origin patrolling around the house where the former despot is holed up... 

Gaddafi Double

The SteveLendmanBlog points out the Mixed Messages on Gaddafi:

1. Leaders at times have doubles. 

Saddam reportedly had 12. To this day, it's not clear if he or a double was executed. 

Gaddafi also had them. Was one of them killed, not him?

Above - a body from the so called 'bin Laden' house in Abbottabad.

Same body used by the CIA to represent Gaddafi.

2. On October 21, headlined, "Qaddafi Not Dead,"saying:

Washington, Britain and France desperately needed something resembling victory, even if fake, not real.

The real Gaddafi

The man seen in the 'Gaddafi capture videos' is not Gaddafi.

The man in the videos is Ali Majid Al Andalus.

The person you were shown was not Muammar Al-Gaddafi  /Originally published here

Gaddafi Double 

"According to reports reaching us, the person presented as Gaddafi, in the recent 'capture' videos, has been identified as Ali Majid Al Andalus.

"Ali Majid Al Andalus was an inhabitant of Sirte and was famous for his resemblance to Gaddafi.

"The man in the photo with the bullet hole in the head was not Muammar al Gaddafi, but his double.

"The psychopathic criminals ... used this innocent man solely for their psychological operation by having him lynched by armed thugs of the TNC before the cameras."

Mystery man Gaddafi - Website for this image.

Gaddafi was apparently put into power by MI6 and the CIA.

The CIA and its friends controlled many people in Gaddafi's Libya.

From The Africa Report (Libya: Who owns the revolution? - The Africa Report):

The CIA's clandestine supporters made it easy for NATO to take over Tripoli.

"According to Brigadier General Abdulsalam Alhasi, who commanded the rebel's headquarters in Benghazi, the role of the clandestine supporters - soldiers, policemen, intelligence officers and even ministers who had been working for Gaddafi - was critical in taking Tripoli."

In other words, it wasn't just Gaddafi, or his double, who had worked for the CIA and MI6. 

The CIA's Marty Martin, who had a plan for Gaddafi to leave Libya, reportedly.

The CIA's Marty Martin led the CIA's Qaeda department from 2002 to 2004

The CIA's Marty Martin was part of a US group that offered Gaddafi a $10m deal to flee Libya

The group included a Belgian named Dirk Borgers, Neil C Livingstone a terrorism specialist who wants to be governor of Montana, Neil S. Alpert who has worked for the Republican National Committee and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, and Randell K. Wood, a Kansas City lawyer.



The CIA put Nasser into power in Egypt and put Saddam into power in Iraq and put the Ayatollahs into power in Iran.


There is a belief that it was the CIA and Britain's MI6 who put Gaddafi into power in 1969.

According to the article entitled: Was Britain Behind Gadaffi's Coup in 1969?:

A secret 1960 US National Security Council Report explained: "There is little loyalty to him (British puppet King Idris) among the younger urban elements who do not have significant political power now, but who will have such power in the future."

The US and UK needed a replacement for King Idris and apparently chose Gaddafi.

Reportedly, this is a Gaddafi mansion in New Jersey in the USA

In 1965, Britain's Colonel Ted Lough reportedly made a series of reports on Gadaffi for British intelligence.

In 1966, Gaddafi spent four months in Britain, training with the British military.

In 1969, Gaddafi carried out a peaceful coup, apparently with the blessing of the USA and UK.

Gaddafi turned Libya from being the poorest country in the world into being the most prosperous country in Africa.

But, he did not always cooperate with his CIA backers.

Preziosi and Gaddafi

Does Gaddafi have Corsican roots?: Voice of Russia

Muammar Gaddafi may be the son of French Air Force officer Albert Preziosi.

There is a close likeness between Albert Preziosi and a young Muammar Gaddafi.

In 1941, pilot Albert Preziosi made an emergency landing in a Libyan desert.

He came across a tribe of Bedouins.

Reportedly, after Preziosi had a relationship with a women of the tribe, Muammar Gaddafi was born on 19 June 1942.

The French airbase used for recent operations against Libya is officially called BA-126 Captain Preziosi. Located in Upper Corsica, it is named after Captain Albert Preziosi.



Dublinmick said...

Interesting and I have often wondered if he was really killed. He did have a sister in Israel also.

They can never find the body, der fuhrer, Binny Ladin and now Gaddafi.

Remember Scotland yard sealed all evidence concerning the supposed Hitler bunker for 100 years.

By the way Angelo and Adolph both seem to be fond of that triangle hand sign.

Dublinmick said...

Maybe Saddam is his room mate?

Anonymous said...

Libya in Anarchy Two Years after NATO Humanitarian Liberation

Anonymous said...

The videos of his death were sooooo fake. When will people wake up? Fake deaths everywhere. Easy peasy.

Anon said...


concerning the attempted SAS coup of Equatorial Guinea... we here through the grapevine, one of the main financiers was an individual who goes by the name of JP Archer (wonder who that could be)... and Mark Thatcher (shit Mark, if your going to help steal three illegal nukes... why not finance an illegal coup).

Concerning the late Colonel Gaddafi... I beleive he's a gonna! French agents are widely beleived to have carried out the execution (Sarkozy fundraising etc)... although his links to British establishment would have been considerably embaressing (Tony Blair, MI6 rendition... Saifs connections to London school of Econonmics... Nat Rothschild/Sith Lord Mandelson)

If your to beleive the following vid (which I do), Colonel Gaddafi was about to stick it to The Rothschilds (and everything it represents) in a major way (a certain Russian former KGB President should have done more to protect him)

Colonel Gaddafi experimenting with Extacy aside... I beleive certain elements within MI6 would have drawn up plans to protect him... but sadly they where never fullfilled... although the Libyans will NEVER give Saif Gaddafi (again links to Nat Rothschild, plans to allow him to take control... even against the will of his father... where never put into place)

Water (like the recent revalations in Kenya) may have have alot to do with the Rothschild/CIA/NATO control of Libya... I have sooo much time on Libya it is unreal!!! Also Phosphates/Potash (Morroco holds the current monopoloy... also Belarus/Putin)

the usual oil/gold/petro dollar...
RIP Colonel Gaddafi!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Aang,

I don't get it. Why would they bother saving him? It's not like he's worth anything to anyone now. And nor is he an untouchable member of some special blood line. His single 'function' (as it were) was to hold Libya together. And if he's not doing that (and what with being declared dead can obviously never do it again) then he's no one. So why wouldn't they just kill him and be done with it?

best etc. etc.

Anon said...

Why would they bother saving him?

1. Gaddafi is a very high up freemason.

2. If Gaddafi gets killed, what do all the other spooky leaders begin to think about working secretly for the elite?

Castro might get nervous?

3. If the elite could save Hitler, they could save Gaddafi.

Anonymous said...

Who built the GMMRP? The Americans.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

The mind boggles.4 mendedne

Anonymous said...

Thanks Aang,

Good answer! Viewed in those terms one would have to assume that there is a precise term for that particular kind of promise. Also that there would be a particular protocol behind it. Do you know what I mean? Neither a nod and a wink, nor a handshake would cut it. To convince whoever it is that the deal is absolutely binding and will not involve betrayal I expect that there would be some properly impressive variety of ceremony or oath or somesuch with unbreakable repercussions for whomever didn't honour it. Certainly masons love ceremony.

Second thoughts: If Gaddafi was always a death cult member then why did he have: an independant bank; free healthcare; free education; free power; and an egalitarian society with the highest living standards in Africa? Why wouldn't he have just run an authoritarian feudalistic dsytopia right from the get-go? Why build it up and then bomb it down?

yours perplexedly,

etc. etc.

Anon said...

I've been talking to various people who lived in Libya under Gaddafi.

According to them Gaddafi DID run "an authoritarian feudalistic dsytopia."

My sources are very reliable and they tell me that they found the ordinary Libyans to be nice people, but they found the government to be fascist and feudal.

- Aangirfan

Charles Edward Frith said...

Libya is a disaster since Gadaffi. There's no need to save a man and destroy the country. No need at all.

humanati said...

This is a hit piece.

Judge Gadaffi by his actions. He is dangerous as a martyr, hence the attempts to discredit his memory.

Anonymous said...

Hullo Aang,

You may be bored with this conversation so feel free to leave it. But the thing is my point of confusion still stands. Rescue and retirement denotes a reward for a loyal servant. On the other hand NATO's smashing of his country strikes me as what's required when someone hasn't been a loyal servant.

When I said dystopia I should have been more specific. The kind of dystopia I had in mind wouldn't have required bombing. Do you know what I mean? Bombing would have been superfluous since that dystopia would already have been there, as it were. But clearly Libya did require bombing.

When I say 'been there', everything NATO did, Gaddafi could have done. The first thing NATO did when they rolled into Tripoli was hit the Reserve Bank and steal all the money. Okay fine, but Gaddafi could have easily done that - sent it all to Zurich no problem, a big golden handshake his for eternity.

Otherwise, in terms of national standing/threat, Gaddafi could have easily played a kind of Mugabe role (albeit pro-NWO) that would've resulted in the population poor, sick, and starving with the nation's resources all under the thumb of Western corporations. It's not rocket science, lots of other minions do it.

That would be the variety of loyal servant I could see being rescued. But the fellow who warranted a bombing campaign clearly wasn't that chap. And nor was he serving any kind of global role a la Hitler. The only war he got on was on his own country and he could've done that himself.

Off I go, still confused.

best etc. etc.

Anon said...

Gaddafi executed political opponents.

The CIA provided him with information on Libyan dissidents.

Libya was a base for extraordinary renditions.

Gaddafi tried to abolish the Berber culture.

Gaddafi's friends became rich while the people in the eastern parts of Libya were neglected.

Gaddafi was involved in a number of wars, including a bloody one in Chad and a conflict with Egypt.

Gaddafi gave support to the CIA's Moro Islamic Liberation Front in the Philippines and to the CIA's Charles Taylor and to the CIA's Red Brigades.

Gaddafi, like Saddam, was a loyal servant of the elite.

- Aangirfan

Abu-Suleyman said...


algerian head of the military secret services did it, gaddafi was flown to djakarata according to high level sources in algeria ... head of algerian secret servicves is name Mohamed Mediene, an algerian jew... who took part to the israeli 911 ops... read Tenet biography page 174

This, according to Tenet 'memoires' :At the Center of the Storm: My Years at the CIA ... where page 174:' “Mohammed Mediene, the Algerian intelligence chief, was in Washington when al-qa’ida struck. Like Avi Dichter, he knew up close the pain and challenge of terrorism and he too, could not have conducted himself in a more dignified manner or been…'

Anonymous said...

Thanks Aang,

You make a good case and I expect you're right but I think I shall 'hold no opinion' on this, ie. one concedes the distinct possibility but can't say for certain.

I don't ask for much you know. I just want a cast iron logic that explains everything. It's not like it'd break the bank. Um... actually it probably would, now that I think about it.

I've been watching House lately and my desire to punch the titular character in the face aside (nothing personal against Hugh Laurie, he's lovely) one finds a tremendous appeal in the idea of drilling holes in people and cutting the tops of their head off etc. in order to find out the precise pathology of what's wrong with them. All to save them you understand.

Wouldn't it be nice to do all that to the Rothschilds et al? Nothing personal or anything, just a desire to seek the truth.

"Don't flinch. It's vital we find out what's wrong with you and that's why we have to give you a hemispherectomy. Now count backwards from ten."

off I go now etc. etc.

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