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Baby P - Peter Connelly

In 2007, in London, a toddler called Peter Connelly was tortured to death.

Baby Peter reportedly has links to a very powerful pedophile ring, and to Satanism.

The police, social services and medical profession appeared to be protecting the child torturers. Baby P

Peter Connelly's mother Tracey Connelly (Tracey Cox), who was 'jailed indefinitely', but who may soon be released from prison. dailymail.

Peter was tortured to death by his mother's boyfriend Steven Barker and by Barker's paedophile brother Jason Owen (born Jason Barker).

Jason Owen told friends: "Me and a friend tortured someone... but we went a bit too far." (Sadist lodger Jason Owen.)

When Baby Peter died, Jason Owen and Steven Barker went to a campsite in the notorious Epping Forest, east of London.  (Baby P: Jason Owen)

Peter's bloodied clothes were hidden in a cemetery. (Baby P cops dig for clues )

Girl tells court of satanic sacrifices in Epping Forest | Herald Scotland

Steven Barker - Tracey's boyfriend.

In 2009, Peter's mother, Tracey Connelly, was jailed indefinitely.

In September 2013, we learn that Tracey could walk free from prison within days after serving just six years.

Jason Owen.

In 2011, Jason Owen was freed, after serving half his six-year sentence.

14 year-old Jason Swift who, in 1985, was killed by a child-abuse gang. Jason is believed to have lived in Islington council's Conewood Street children's home. (Jersey child abuse link to Islington, London)

A 'close male relative' of Tracey Connolly (thought to be her brother) was investigated over his alleged involvement in a pedophile ring that operated in children's homes in London's Islington.

The pedophile ring has links to 'the child abuse and murder island of Jersey'.

In the 1990's, "Child A was targeted by the paedophile ring as a victim and then groomed into becoming a kind of pied piper, luring other children from Islington homes into the grips of the group of abusers." 

Channel 4 News revealed that Tracey was abused by a male relative in the 1990's.

"This male relative was known to the authorities as Child A - a teenage pimp helping to run a care home paedophile ring in the London borough of Islington.

"Child A had also been abused at the hands of a paedophile ring."

Channel 4 News also revealed that Baby Peter’s grandfather and Tracey Connelly’s biological father, is a convicted sex offender. "He raped a minor in the Midlands in the 1970s and was convicted of another sex offence in the 80s."

Tracey Connelly (Tracy Cox)

Aged 12, Tracey was placed in Farney Close boarding school in West Sussex, catering for children with special education needs and behavioural and social problems.


Aged 16, in London, she met a railway worker, 17 years her senior, and they married.

Tracey produced three daughters before Baby Peter arrived.

Peter was three months old when Tracey split from her husband.

Steven Barker, a neo-Nazi Satanist, became Tracey's boyfriend.

And what about Satanic Nazis in the USA?

"In 2008, Hana Williams was adopted from an orphanage in Ethiopia and brought to the United States where she died at the hands of her Bible-believing American parents. 

"Their notion of Christian discipline required breaking her will, a remarkably common belief among conservative Evangelicals. 

"To that end, they frequently beat her, shut her in a closet, and denied her meals.

"Ultimately, she was left outside where she died of hypothermia exacerbated by malnutrition."

Breaking Their Will: The Sick Biblical Literalism

Sean Paddock suffocated when he was wrapped too tightly in blankets.

Lydia Schatz died after being spanked for several hours.

And Hana Grace-Rose Williams, of Sedro-Woolley, was left out in the cold, where she died naked, face down in the mud.

Local News |  parents


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Urgent appeal to Canadians to help campaigner exposing the trafficking of children who has been arrested and appears in court today

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Barker, another good Jewish name. Another give away is the name change.

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In regards to the misguided American Christians who've established a modern day 'salvation' trade that brings African children to America to be in turns 'broken' and then 'born again'; a good article can be found here:

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