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Tourists arrive in Egypt.

"The Arab Spring was designed to destabilize all the Islamic countries and destroy them....

"The countries where the military was relatively weak, such as Tunisia and Libya, are the countries where the destabilization has succeeded most."

Historian Webster G. Tarpley: "Egypt Is Asserting National Independence For The First Time In Decades" / Excerpts from, "Gen. Sisi Quells Armed Wing of Moslem Brotherhood as Egypt Defies Obama and Kerry"

Real Egyptians oppose the CIA's Muslim Brotherhood.

"There has been a worldwide alliance between the Muslim Brotherhood and the CIA/MI6 ... going back to the 1950s or with the British back to the 1920s.

"The British founded the Muslim Brotherhood to keep Egypt under their control by making nationalism impossible."

Egypt Defies Obama 

Not a lover of CIA asset Morsi and his al Qaeda murderers.

On Egypt's New Found National Independence And The Decline of The American Empire:

"Nationalism and national dignity are returning to Egypt...

Egypt Defies Obama 

On The Coup And Counter-Coup:

"The coup started on 15 of June when Morsi cavorted with ... the Salafists and the Jihadis, the conference where Morsi declared Jihad against Syria and broke diplomatic relations with Syria...

"The counter-coup came a couple of weeks later at the end of June when the army said we're not going to be sent to fight Syria, we're not going to be sent to fight Ethiopia, and we're not going to sit here and wait for you to assassinate us, as has happened in some other countries."

Egypt Defies Obama 



On the 6th of August 2013, a Muslim Brotherhood militia killed Jessy Bolus Issa, a Christian, 10 years old.

She was murdered in front of the Angelic Church in the Ain Shams Area in Cairo.

Muslim Brotherhood Massacres

In Egypt, Muslim Brotherhood (al Qaeda) thugs killed the driver of the above taxi, because he was a Christian.

Muslim Brotherhood Massacres

Church attacked by the CIA's Muslim Brotherhood

In Egypt, the US-backed Muslim Brotherhood has recently attacked and burned 52 Churches.

Muslim Brotherhood Massacres

A Muslim Brotherhood Militia kidnapped Abadir Samir Makar, a 22 years old student, and tortured him.

Makar (above) was a witness to murders carried out by the CIA's Muslim Brotherhood.

Some Egyptians have been beheaded by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Above - heavily armed Muslim Brotherhood terrorists attack a church.

MB Supporters Torture Innocent Egyptians In The Name of Allah; World Media Stays Silent

Saman Mohammadi at The Excavator


Anonymous said...

Ian Leslie said...

I found THIS VIDEO rather emotive!

Anonymous said...

Update: 36 Egyptian Islamists killed in jailbreak

Anonymous said...

List of churches burnt down by the "Muslim" Brotherhood.

And of course these pious "muslims" have also attacked mosques and used mosques as torture centres.

I would be interested to know how many synagogues were attacked.

Not that we want this, of course. May all these places of prayer be preserved in peace.

The "Muslim" Brotherhood do not fool the people of Egypt. The "Muslim" Brotherhood are intent on destroying the nation of Egypt. Destroying its peace, destroying its economy, harming a much-abused and impoverished people who are already on the edge of starvation.

Murder, torture, burning down places of worship. Hmm...

The "Muslim" Brotherhood, of course, do not follow Islam. They instead kiss the feet of their idols, the Israeli, Angloamerican and Al Saud plutocrats.

More fuel for the fire.

pagan blood sacrifice

Dublinmick said...

I think this is a very good break down of what is going on in Egypt. There are some links around which indicate Putin also has invited Egyptian Army officials to unlimited access to Russian facilities about the same time the US cancelled military exercises with Egypt.

Unknown said...

Morsi was placed in power by the Mossad in a rigged election for the sole purpose of giving the kidnappers of Ambassador Chris Stevens sanctuary, safe haven and comfort - lock him in the truck and its a straight drive over the desert from Benghazi to Cairo.

If they hadn't screwed up and used professionals, not a psychopath, David Petreaus would be President of the United States today and at war with or occupying Iran.

That's why Morsi's last year was so listless - he served no other purpose and had no backing, so they just dropped him.

He wasn't meant to last more than 2 months.

Anonymous said...

Hullo Girls,

What really happened? It seems Mike Rivero is very hot and bothered about what's happening in Cairo but in no useful fashion. He takes it as read that it's the government that's shooting the poor MB. And then two seconds later tells us the wicked MB is killing christians. Best I can make out whenever people rise up he's for it. It never seems to occurs to him that uprisings might be bullshit.

But never mind him, (and going off-topic sorry) here's a link that if you haven't seen already you might find interesting (admittedly from wrh but not so surprising given its soft-soaping). To wit, the article's main thrust is about Obamacare, Agenda 21, and a UN programme of control. Curiously within that there's a single-sentence mention of the limited-hangout Franklin scandal along with two other lesser scandals with the expression 'child sex' appearing precisely once. Like I said, 'soft-soap'.

For mine, this paedophile aspect should have headlined the article with everything else being used to support that premise. Frankly, what we're reading of here is the perfect realisation of the McGowan-coined concept of 'pedophocracy'. McGowan came up with the phrase to explain government collusion and cover-up with criminal child trafficking. And hats off to that but the criminality he laid out was all covert and none of it was actual government policy. So much for that, it seems that that line has now been crossed and child trafficking is the official policy. What we see here is a fully realised 'government of paedophiles'.

Also curious is that the four authors of the official child-trafficking programme all have something in common, that being their mutual employer. Um, yeah... is there anyone out there who can spot some other thing they all seem to have in common? Hint: their names are: Ritter-Taylor; Shuman; Strohl; Newman. Either German, or Jewish, or both. Like anyone was surprised.

best etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

There is another way of looking at this coup times two with its Pinochet-esque Puppet in residence.

and this:

The mere fact that the Israeli's are now suggesting that perhaps the US should not back the Muslim Brotherhood but instead back the Military stinks to high heaven.

No, the Israeli's are doing damage control. They want Sisi in there working with the IMF just as much as the US does. But we all know that the blame the evil Towelhead routine goes over on most people smooth like butter...why change a good thing?

Now, I'm not suggesting the Muslim Brotherhood are saints or that they are not working with the CIA/Mossad but THEY are not the ones behind Morsy.

Dublinmick said...

Ezzat pretty much agrees with you.

A. Peasant said...

Loman defends the mb and morsi and says tarpley is disinfo.

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