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Israel and the USA put Morsi into power, to weaken Egypt.

"And even after the fall of the Muslim Brotherhood, US ambassador Patterson refused to give up on her bet, and convinced the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood to try and mobilize their loyalists and stir up violence to convince the west that Egypt is on the brink of a civil war...

"A few months after Morsi took office, he swiftly and regularly released all the Islamist prisoners, who got convicted over terrorist operations, including the murder of the late president Sadat.

The Muslim Brotherhood is the CIA's al Qaeda.

"And moreover, Al-Qaeda leader, Ayman El-Zawahri, was encouraged to send many of his terrorist cells over to Egypt and to begin operating in North Africa, and the Middle East from their new headquarters, Sinai, which was a few inches close to being declared an Islamic emirate.

"Morsi, himself, the so called democratically elected president, turned out to be an ex-convict who was detained in prison on charges of collaboration with foreign intelligence."

Egyptians did what Germans should've done long ago | Pyramidion

Thanks to DublinMick for the link. (Murdered By A British Agent)

The above video shows  the CIA's Muslim Brotherhood / al Qaeda forces shooting at civilians and at the police forces in Cairo. www.emannabih.com
"It is unfortunate that even many alternative media outlets are simply repeating the line being served to them via the corporate media and Western governments...

Activist Post: One-sided Propaganda

" Much like the Syrian crisis, one is almost capable of discerning the true nature of events taking place in Egypt by listening to the reports provided by mainstream outlets and promptly assuming that the opposite has occurred.

"With this in mind, it is important to point out that the constant barrage of reports of indiscriminate, government-initiated violence have largely been dismantled by clear video evidence of Muslim Brotherhood violence in the form of shooting at security forces,[1] coordinated attacks on Christian churches,[2] and throwing political opponents off of rooftops. [3]

Notice anything odd?

"Over the last few days, however, more videos have been produced alleging the “horrific violence” of government forces, as if to act as “proof” of the claims being repeated by Western outlets. 

"Unfortunately for the Muslim Brotherhood and the interested parties to the propaganda efforts, however, virtually none of these videos actually show what they have asserted.

"For instance, a video produced recently [4] purporting to show Muslim Brotherhood protesters jumping off of a bridge in order to escape a hail of gunfire from the security forces actually shows quite the opposite."

Full details here: Activist Post: One-sided Propaganda Takes The Stage

15th of August 2013 Brotherhood militia shooting randomly at civilians in Alexandria -Victoria Square. www.emannabih.com

Would Western Democracies Have Opposed A Coup Against Democratically Elected Hitler?
Saman Mohammadi at The Excavator

Photo of Prince William by Michael Middleton.

What does the photo tell us?


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Oiling the War Machinery, From Oslo to Heathrow to Washington


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Footage of Muslim Brotherhood leader Badei after arrest


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Fake Al Qaeda Actors EXPOSED! Adam Gadahn & Yousef al-Khattab


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American jihadist calls for Al Qaeda attacks on Western embassies and praises murder of U.S. ambassador


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Dublinmick said...

"It is unfortunate that even many alternative media outlets are simply repeating the line being served to them via the corporate media and Western governments..."

That is certainly one thing that jumps right out of this quagmire, the alternative press that presents itself as an expert on all things mideast, certainly missed the boat here and have left themselves wide open to scrutiny.

aangirfan once again nails the truth

No More Myths said...

Regarding Rasputin (the "Murdered By A British Agent" link), more information can be found in A SEA OF BLOOD: The Truth About Bolshevik Russia written in 1926 by Russian university professor Dr. Gregor:


At the imperial court two factions had formed. The Germano-phile faction — the peace party — was led by the [German-born] tsarina Alexandra and was supported by the monarchists. The Ententist group, proclaiming continued war to final victory, was supported by the merchants, industry and other special interests, with the late tsar’s widow, Feodorovna at their head.

After a while the faction run by the young tsarina began to gather steam. Minister Stuermer [another German name!] became successor to Sasonov [the one who later moved to England], the old tsarina [“queen mother"] was banned to Kiev in Ukraine, and the faint fragrance of peace began to waft in the air.

And peace would probably have emerged from all this had it not been for 1) malicious agents of the Entente and 2) the disastrous, criminal, literally nation-ruining activities of Gregor Rasputin. This creature was, for the Russian Revolution, what Cagliostro was for the French. Cagliostro had used the infamous necklace story connected to Cardinal Rohan to discredit Queen Marie Antoinette [in a gigantic diamond scam involving her
purported order of a huge diamond necklace as well as fake delivery men and forged letters all never really instigated by the queen], a swindle which lay the groundwork for the revolution against the French monarchy. In the same way did Rasputin’s bizarre, extravagant and criminal deeds ruin the reputation of the tsarina and push Russia toward the edge of that abyss into which it now has plummeted.

Read the rest:


Dublinmick said...

I don't recommend that book. There are many out there mostly by the literati and the back woods preachers which are way over their heads trying to sum up Rasputin. He is usually portrayed in simplistic terms, mostly negative by eunuchs who have little knowledge concerning tantrayana. The biggest mistake of the Tsar was he did not listen more carefully to what he was told.

I recommend this book.

Rasputin, the Saint Who Sinned



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tarpley on egypt


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FYI checm attack:
Dylan @ProSyriana 7m
#FSA pages are using photos of #Rabaa victims in claims of chemical attack in Eastern Ghouta. #Syria #FSAcrimes 1/2 pic.twitter.com/qOzHNpwpnH


Statement by the General command of the army and the Syrian armed forces 21 8 13
Army: allegations of sedition and channels that use of chem weapons in Damascus declared invalid and unfounded and desperate attempt to cover terrorist on Earth defeats August 21, 2013, Damascus, Sana said in a statement received by Sana"that channels the charm and deception and bloodshed as usual by the Syrian claim falsely that the Syrian army on Thursday used chemical weapons in Damascus."

The statement said the General command of the armed forces, "stressing that the allegations were false, and totally naked under the dirty media war led by some of the media against Syria stresses the complete national functions in the face of terrorism everywhere on the territory of the Syrian Arabic Republic pursuant to its duty to protect the homeland and the citizen".

The command said that its alleged terrorist groups and channels supported by the Syrian army's use of chemical weapons is a "desperate attempt to ascribe to the Earth and reflects the State of hysteria and confusion and collapse suffered by these groups and who is behind them."

The statement concluded that the General command of the army and the armed forces, reaffirming their determination to implement the constitutional duties of ridding the nation of barges armed terrorist groups "of carrying arms against the State to surrender to authorities to settle it before it's too late." (Translated by Bing)
قيادة الجيش: ادعاءات قنوات الفتنة والتضليل أن الجيش_العربي_السوري استخدم الأسلحة_الكيماوية في مناطق ريف دمشق باطلة وعارية من الصحة ومحاولة يائسة لتغطية هزائم الإرهابيين على الأرض
21 آب , 2013
قالت القيادة_العامة_للجيش_والقوات_المسلحة في بيان تلقت سانا نسخة منه "إن قنوات الفتنة والتضليل وسفك الدم السوري قامت كعادتها بالادعاء كذباً أن الجيش العربي السوري استخدم اليوم الأسلحة الكيماوية في مناطق ريف دمشق".

وجاء في البيان إن القيادة العامة للجيش والقوات المسلحة "إذ تؤكد أن هذه الادعاءات باطلة جملة وتفصيلاً وعارية تماماً من الصحة وتندرج في إطار الحرب الإعلامية القذرة التي تقودها بعض الدول إعلامياً ضد سورية فانها تشدد على استكمال مهامها الوطنية في مواجهة الإرهاب أينما كان على تراب الجمهورية العربية السورية تنفيذاً لواجبها في حماية الوطن والمواطن".

وأضافت القيادة إن ما تدعيه هذه المجموعات الإرهابية والقنوات التي تدعمها حول استخدام الجيش العربي السوري لأسلحة كيماوية ما هو إلا "محاولة يائسة للتغطية على هزائمها على الأرض ويعكس حالة الهستيريا والتخبط والانهيار الذي تعانيه هذه المجموعات ومن يقف وراءها".

واختتم البيان إن القيادة العامة للجيش والقوات المسلحة إذ تؤكد إصرارها على تنفيذ واجباتها الدستورية في تخليص الوطن من رجس المجموعات الإرهابية المسلحة "تدعو كل من يحمل السلاح ضد الدولة إلى تسليم نفسه للجهات المختصة لتسوية وضعه قبل فوات الأوان".

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