Thursday, August 15, 2013


Video footage from army helicopters show men behind palm trees firing Kalashnikov assault rifles at police lines. 

1. The Egyptian police are quite capable of peacefully dispersing demonstrators, so long as there are no mysterious provocateurs shooting at them.

In Egypt, on 14 August 2013, "state television announced that a second demonstration site at Nadha Square, near Cairo University, had been cleared with relative ease before midday...

"ONTV news showed firearms and rounds of ammunition allegedly seized in the raid.

"The demonstrators fled while some skirmished with anti-Morsi mobs.

"Witnesses said the police held back as the two sides shot at each other with pistols."

Egypt: Rifles at dawn, and the bloodshed began - Telegraph

Nahda square, near Cairo University (EPA)

2. Someone is trying to start a civil war, so that Egypt can be broken up, just like Yugoslavia.

"Mohamed Ibrahim, the interior minister, said that 43 police had been killed in the day’s violence...

"At least half a dozen churches were burnt in Sohag, Minya and other locations in Upper Egypt...

"A deep well of support for the military appeared undiminished by the bloodshed. Residents gathered behind military lines outside Rabaa al-Adawiya, shouting 'the army and the people are one hand'.

3. Most ordinary Egyptians do not like the Muslim Brotherhood.

"The encampments had grown increasingly unpopular among local people and the broader public.

"Amnesty International has documented cases of torture within the sit-in and Egyptian media outlets routinely portray the Brotherhood as terrorists..."

Egypt: Rifles at dawn, and the bloodshed began - Telegraph

Mysterious agents provocateurs shoot at police in Cairo

4. The Muslim Brotherhood, or provocateurs, are targeting Christians.

A. Peasant comments:

"The Coptic Orthodox Church has condemned the continued attacks on churches and Christian properties on Wednesday.

"Angry mobs attacked and torched tens of Christian properties including churches, monasteries, schools and shops, in a number of locations in Egypt including Alexandria, Suez, and a number of cities in Upper Egypt."

Egyptian president declares state of emergency amid deadly violence

5. The US government and its friends are behind the destabilisation of Egypt.

The US ambassador in Egypt, Robert S. Ford, trained under death squad ambassador John Negroponte (a London-born Cypriot Jew).

Robert S. Ford appointed US ambassador in Cairo

"It is very likely that the UK, the US and Qatar, and to a certain extent also Saudi Arabia, are behind this violence." - Christof Lehmann

Foreign interests in Egypt: ‘UK, US, and Qatar might be behind the violent clashes’ – expert

6. Israel trains mercenaries and provocateurs?

"Three former soldiers of the Irish military elite" have been Training Death Squads

7. Weapons are flowing into Egypt.

CAIRO, April 4 2013 (Reuters) – "Egyptian navy forces seized a ship carrying heavy weapons as it entered Egyptian territorial waters...

"Inside they found a number of weapons and quantities of ammunition of various types...

"The boat belongs to a private maritime security company..."

Egyptian Navy Seizes Private Security Ship in Territorial Waters ...


greencrow said...

This is important information, Angirfan. Another important clue is the way the BBC is reporting the matter...Obama cancelling military exercises with Egypt, etc. Looks like another failed neocon bid to divide and conquer.


Anonymous said...

Egyptian Junta Imposes Martial Law Amid Bloody Crackdown

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Unknown said...

It's worth mentioning at his point, the failed / rolled back 2002 Coup in Venezuela to overthrow and kill Hugo Chavez, there were snipers in the taller buildings close to the the Presidential Palace taking shots at unarmed and peaceful marchers.

Interestingly, though, Venezuala is one of those counties where most city dwellers conceal carry - many, slightly less than most of the pedestrians in Caracas walk around armed.

Their immediate response was to hit the deck and stand their ground, try tomattempt to return fire, whilst the unarmed protesters fled like startled gazelles and nearly all lived - of the pedestrians (all men) armed with pistols and a service revolvers, they were attempting to return fire against many unseen assaiilants moving between appartment building windows ten or a dozen floors up, shooting fish in a barrel from their vantage point - it was a futil gesture for those exposed and In the open below, and most of the Armed Venezualans suffered a number of extremely serious injuries, whilst the unarmed protesters who ran remaindered un scratched.

(Incidentally, Chavez was scheduled to host and chair the following month's OPEC meeting - item one for discussion in the adgenda was to have been the question of whether to follow Iraq's 31st October 2000 example where it changed the Food for Oil Escrow account from Dollar denomination to a Euro denomination; and had OPEC followed suit and instantaneously removed the artificial Gold Standard of the Petrodollar, breaking the cartel Kisinger put into place in 1973, the Dollar would have completely collapsed by he close of trading...,),

arthur zbygniew said...

The nomination of ambassador Ford in Cairo, if it were to be confirmed by the Senate, would probably mark the end of the war against Syria and the beginning of the civil war in Egypt.
Robert S. Ford appointed US ambassador in Cairo

brian said...

Unknown Snipers and Western backed “Regime Change”

A Historical Review and Analysis

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