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Mysterious agents provocateurs shoot at police in Cairo

On 16 August 2013 in Cairo:

"As pro-Morsi protesters marched to Ramses Square ... heavy gunfire rang out when residents tried to prevent the marchers from gathering.

"Masked men in plain clothes were photographed shooting into the throng in the square from the October 6th overpass...

"The security forces claim the Brotherhood burned the Rabaa al-Adawiya mosque, the makeshift hospital located there and the bodies therein. 

Masked men seen shooting protesters - Irish Times

Muslim Brotherhood Played With Fire And Got Burned (Video Of Their Weapons Stockpile) Saman Mohammadi at The Excavator

"The Muslim Brotherhood are also being blamed for orchestrating sectarian attacks on churches as well as assaults on police and public buildings across the country...

"A dozen Egyptian human rights organisations have ... accused the Brotherhood of seeking to start a 'civil war' by launching retaliatory attacks against public facilities, churches, Christian homes and businesses."

Masked men seen shooting protesters - Irish Times

"The conflict is between Egyptians and a terrorist group that peddles religion and manipulates the piety of the uneducated, the poor and the gullible," writes Dr. Ashraf Ezzat in his article, "Ending the Muslim Brotherhood’s "Occupy Egypt" (The unreported story).

"Not only are Egypt’s Christians and churches now being attacked in ways unprecedented in the modern era, but new reports indicate that al-Qaeda’s black flag has been raised on some of them, specifically St. George Church in Sohag."

Al Qaeda Flag Flies High Above Christian Churches

"Muslim Brotherhood supporters have used violence against Egyptian security forces and civilians, especially Egypt's Christian minority.

"There is video proof of them stockpiling weapons and firing at the police.

"Sadly, the MB protesters are being misled by their deceptive leaders, and thrown into the fire." 

"In Susanne Brandstätter’s documentary ‘Checkmate: Strategy of a Revolution’ aired on Arte television station some years ago, Western intelligence officials revealed how death squads were used to destabilize Romania and turn its people against the head of state Nicolai Ceaucescu."

Unknown Snipers and Western backed “Regime Change” | Global ...

Muslim Brotherhood supporters
Security forces rescuing one of those scourged by Muslim Brotherhood supporters (from Dostor Watany).

"A Sky News Arabic correspondent in Cairo confirmed that protestors belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood crucified those opposing Egyptian President Muhammad Morsi naked on trees in front of the presidential palace."

August 2012 rampage, Muslim Brotherhood operatives

Egyptian Law Professor: U.S. Trying to Instigate Civil War, Chaos in Egypt [Source: MEMRI TV]

Video out of Syria shows Obama-backed militants executing two teenage boys whom they accused of supporting the Assad regime


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IHH: Turkish NGO Recruiting Muslim Albanians for War in syria
TEHRAN -- Turkish charity organization, IHH, has recruited hundreds of Muslim Albanians and sent them to Syria after military trainings in Turkey to take part in the armed struggle against the Damascus government, informed sources said.

"The IHH, which operates under the cover of relief and charity activities and acts in full coordination with Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and extremist Saudi Wahhabi groups, has so far recruited and transferred a number of 769 Albanians to Syria to join the so-called Free Syrian Army (FSA)," an informed source who asked to remain anonymous for fear of his life, told FNA on Wednesday.

here is their FB page

they are now at work in egypt as their FB page shows

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muslim brotherhood atrocity videos

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Bush/Reagan/Haig/Hinkley: "Pay no attention to the man crouching on the balcony"

Go Quietly... Or Else... - by Vice-President Spiro T. Agnew

Agnew says:

In Early October 1973, Kissingerite White House Chief of Staff, "General" Al Haig came to him and said (in effect) :

"If you do not resign - I will kill you."

Agnew resigned, plead No Contest to a trumped up charge and was finished in professional politics.

But he survived. And wrote a book.

"Go Quietly... Or Else...." is Copyright 1980 and dedicated to Frank Sinatra.

On March 30th 1981, during a Presidential Succession Drill, a sniper team and MK-Ultra murder puppet and most likely a pair of complicit Secret Service details attempted to kill both Ronald Reagan and George Herbert Walker Bush.

Reagan's life was narrowly saved by Head of Presidential Detail, Jerry Parr, who was not supposed to be with the President that day and decided to accompany him to the Georgetown Hilton at the last minute.

George Bush was in Dallas, and in violation of all standard procedure, REFUSED to get on a plane, re-board Air Force 2 and be bundled by his detail into the bunker below the White House Sit Room and put immediately on the hotline to Brezhnev.

None of that was done.

The nuclear football was fumbled and out of play and for anywhere between 4-6 hours, the ability of the United States to respond to a pre-emptive thermonuclear first strike was rendered utterly inert - had this indeed been the feared and anticipated Decapitation Strike, it had succeeded - not Yankee birds would fly to taint Moscow or Kiev's skies with their rocket red glare.

But Secretary of State Haig wasn't worried.

He was unconcerned.

He went down to the White House Press Room and declared,Generalissimo style

"I am in control, here."

Of course he was. He had another one of the footballs. And had Bush's plane mysteriously crashed, he would also have had a full, fresh set of uncompromised authentication launch codes.

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Planted Reports on Al-Jazeera Perpetuated Worldwide. The Ministry has rejected claims and news reports which have been circulated by al-Jazeera and other Muslim Brotherhood associated TV channels, according to which the military should have used live ammunition against protesters in the Rabaa al-Adwiya and al-Nahda Squares. The reports by al-Jazeera and others have led to the false reports being perpetuated throughout other media, such as RT as well as most Western mainstream media.

nsnbc international has spoken with several eyewitnesses who were at the scene of the events who reported, that snipers were firing into the peaceful protesters, stirring up violence. The eyewitnesses stressed, that unless journalists were aware of where the armed radicals were shooting from, and where snipers were located, it was understandable that journalists at the scene would get the impression that the protesters were being targeted by the police and military. One eyewitness added “After all, most of the protesters who were leaving also thought that the police was firing on them”.

Moreover, eyewitnesses reported to nsnbc international, that the armed radicals at the two squares, who were barricaded behind the fortifications of sand-filled sacks, opened fire at the police, killing many of the peaceful protesters who were caught-up in the line of fire.

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Coker - not bad info but something missing. I stumbled on it in the end.

Haig, like quite a few of Them secretly must have hated Them/Himself.

I think von Braun was similar.

The struggle is within each of us.

Haig did some things behind the scenes which are only consistent with sabotaging the agenda itself.

Certainly some of the things he instigated have helped to undermine Their plan.

It reminds me of Isiah 45:7

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