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Mohammed al-Zawahiri
On 17 August 2013, the Egyptian authorities arrested Mohammed al-Zawahiri, the brother of al-Qaida's chief Ayman al-Zawahri.

Ayman al-Zawahiri, who works for the US government, and who was granted US residence.

Mohammed al-Zawahiri, leader of the Jihadi Salafist group, was detained at a checkpoint in Giza, across the Nile from Cairo.

Mohammed al-Zawahiri's group is allied with Mohammed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.

The authorities say that that Mohammed al-Zawahiri has commanded terrorists in the Sinai Peninsula.

Egyptian security forces arrest brother of al-Qaeda's top leader ...

Location disputed.

Allegedly, Christians have been crucified by the Muslim Brotherhood. 

"Sky News admits to having published a story about crucifixions. Likewise... it never states that the crucifixion accounts are a 'hoax' or even false."

Egypt Crucifixions, No Fiction | FrontPage Magazine

Reportedly, Christians have been tortured by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Reportedly, the Muslim Brotherhood used a mosque in Cairo as a torture chamber for Christians who had been demonstrating against the ruling Muslim Brotherhood.

A collection of Videos showing the work of the Muslim Brotherhood (al Qaeda) on 14 August 2013:

Muslim Brotherhood (MB) throwing a security armed vehicle from up a bridge, killing soldiers on it

MB arms and shootings in Nahda Square

MB torturing a police officer in the street

An MB member/supporter shooting security men

MB setting a securityvehicle on fire

MB Cutting a main road in Cairo

MB Cutting a road in Alex, burning 2 cars

Armed MB thugs confronting civilians and security in Cairo

MB members attacking Behera city hall

MB Thugs and Militants in Cairo

Protestors setting fire to 3 security vehicles

MB Confronting Armed forces

Confrontation between Security and MB thugs in Assiut

MB attacking a press photographer and breaking a Camera in Cairo

MB Thugs setting 5 churches and a police station on fire

MB gathering to burn a church in Sohag

MB thugs breaking private properties in Cairo


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this much-needed piece. The web is full of this info about MB, Salafsts, Wahhabi, the Saudis and the whole zio connection and funding and how shockingly repetitive this formula is, yet very few still understand that these above-named entities operate as puppets for CIA and Mossad, either/or respectively. When one understands the enormity of the brazen enterprise CIA/Mossad have launched in the nation-building of the Arab Spring which was every bit as zio-engineered as the demise of Yugoslavia or the engineered dissolution of the fmr. USSR, it becomes utterly depressing how ruthless the zio perps are and how wildly successful and far advanced and yielding fruit their entrenched agenda goals also are.

I was born and raised in the former Yugoslavia post WWII, lived in the west half of my life (a mix of EU and US), returned to the Balkans and lived through the fiery demise of Yugoslavia from an insider perch via having run a humanitarian NGO in Yugoslavia during all the war years - and wherever NGOs are in any war zone, it is just another name for CIA anyway because NGOs are a cover for their nation-building activity - both the "soft" and allegedly 'nonviolent' Gene Sharp/Soros approach and the extension thereof which is the part when zios send their well-trained international death squads (both CIA and Mossad own a formidable array of them) to teach those who did not understand the happy color revolution a lesson....all the way to war-mongering hardliners - who are extensions of each other on the same team everywhere. This is a smooth continuum, BTW, from the happy OWS and Otpor and Arab Spring protests....all the w2ay to death squads when those fail. Zios deploy all of that to country after country they are melting down.

There are major vested players in this twilight zone and they are called called international NGOs....a field where I spent some years of my career during the Balkans war decade of the '90s, running several of those bloody NGO things in a war zone - this recipe perpetrated on Yugoslavia was so successful in terms of how to engineer the demise of a country, that it was repeated everywhere since then - the demise of the USSR and the Arab Spring are the work of the same engineers who also destroyed Yugoslavia. Also look up R2P and how Yugoslavia was the actual pilot project for developing, field-testing and refining R2P into the UN doctrine it is today (Google or wiki "R2P") - create the unrest/civil war, harvest reaction, offer solution in the form of puppet govt) - I can certainly elaborate on this and prove these statement with a lot of facts and the story becomes very apparent once they are put in proper context but this is impossible to do on a single simple post like this. But please do look in the directions I am pointing toward, explore the above and you will see it clearly.

The information is long out there. Far less than 1% of global population understand it nor care to so far, I suspect. All we can do is shine the light on these affiliations and expose the players and hope the masses eventually wake up. Keep it up, Aangirfan. Ya doin' some really good work pretty tirelessly.


(OK to post this one - Silvija)

Anonymous said...

linking to the most accurate analysis to date. to see alternative websites, left or right, in US calling on Obama to do something, when the best the US can do is get out of other people's countries, makes me cringe!

Lifting the mist on the Egyptian crisis
By Nureddin Sabir

A. Peasant said...

Similar to the black on white crime that goes unreported inthe usa.

Anonymous said...

---->anon@8:55--SG?Silvija ...

look forward to more such posts, here?anywhere you can be read


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