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Kirk Redpath, friend of Michael Adebolajo

The Woolwich terror suspect Michael Adebolajo was best friends with Lance Corporal Kirk Redpath  who was killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq in 2007.

Michael was consoled by friends at the funeral of Lance Corporal Kirk Redpath.

Woolwich suspect Michael Adebolajo was best friends with a soldier blown up in Basra

Michael may have joined MI5 in 2007. In 2010 he was apparently in Kenya working for MI5.

Michael Adebolajo may have joined MI5 because of what Moslems were doing to his fellow Christians in Nigeria.

Michael grew up in a well-to-to Christian family.

He lived near Kirk Redpath in Romford.

They were classmates at Marshalls Park School.

They spent time at each other's houses after school.

Kirk’s brother Grant has said that Michael was "the most laid-back, nicest guy in the world.

Justine Rigden, a hairdresser, dated Michael.

She has said: "He was really friendly and really polite.... He used to do a bit of MC-ing, rapping....He was just this normal regular boy."

Michael grew up in a Christian home with his three siblings and parents Tina, a social worker, and Anthony, a nurse. 

A church attacked in Nigeria. Michael may have joined MI5 to help counter Islamic extremism.

Michael is from an academic family in West Africa, where Christians are highly unlikely to convert to Islam, unless as a pretence.

Michael attended university and may have been recruited there by MI5.

MI5 may have asked Michael to infiltrate Moslem groups.

100 Moslems killed in a Nigeria mosque attack. 

Many thanks to Carol A. Valentine for the link.

Michael Adebolajo released from Kenya, with the help of MI5?

Michael Adebolajo, one of the alleged 'Woolwich terrorists', is reported to have become a father just days before the Woolwich attack.

In 2010, Michael Adebolajo may have been sent by the UK security services to work for al Qaeda in Somalia.

(Al Qaeda is now being used to try to topple President Assad of Syria)

Reportedly, Michael Adebolajo was among a group arrested in Kenya en route to Somalia in 2010.

Michael Adebolajo was arrested in Kenya under suspicion of being at the centre of a CIA-al-Qaeda-inspired plot in 2010.

MI5 'tried to recruit' Woolwich attack suspect Michael Adebolajo

He was one of seven people, which included two secondary-school boys, arrested by Kenyan police in November 2010.

7/7 London Bombs mastermind Aswat (right) reportedly worked for MI6. London Bombs - unanswered questions

The Kenyan press reported that Michael Adebolajo was "suspected of masterminding the racket".

Michael Adebolajo appears to have had the backing of the UK government because he was deported back to Britain without charge.

After returning from Kenya, members of his family said he was constantly in contact with MI5 agents.

MI5 'tried to recruit' Woolwich attack suspect Michael Adebolajo

Adel Abdul Majid was implicated in the 1981 assassination of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat (above). In 1991, he fled to Britain and immediately was granted political asylum. Terrorists working for MI6

BBC Newsnight may have been used to create disinformation on the MI5 connection.

'A friend of Michael Adebolajo' told the BBC that MI5 had attempted to recruit Michael Adebolajo six months ago.

It is more likely that Michael Adebolajo had been an asset of MI5 for many years.

When Michael Adebolajo was arrested in kenya, his family had been told by the Kenyan authorities that he would be hanged or beheaded.

But he was freed to return to Britain.

"The decision has raised questions over official involvement in Mr Adebolajo's release – and the true extent of his connections with the intelligence services since he returned home to the UK."

MI5 'tried to recruit' Woolwich attack suspect Michael Adebolajo

Aimee West

Aimee West is reported to be Lee Rigby's mistress.

A friend of Aimee West, a Royal Military Policewoman, told the Sunday Mirror

"They met about two years ago and he proposed to her recently. I don’t think she will ever take that ring off.

Michael Adebowale

The father of the alleged 'Woolwich terrorist' Michael Adebowale  is a diplomat.

He works for the Nigerian High Commission and lives in a flat just yards from Holloway prison.

The mother Juliet Obasuyi was a probation officer.

"He was a young loving boy, quiet," says Damilola Taylor's father who mentored Adebowale

Anders Breivik was the son of a diplomat and was a loving boy.

The security services often choose people like Adebowale and Breivik to become their mind-controlled patsies.

Steve Adebiyi said of his friend Michael Adebowale: 'They brainwashed him.'


Michael Adebolajo, from a well-off Christian family.

The alleged 'Woolwich terrorist', Michael Adebolajo, was under the influence of MI5.

Speaking on the BBC Newsnight programme, a friend of Michael Adebolajo "said that Michael was tortured and harassed by MI5 - who asked him to spy for them."

Woolwich suspect's friend arrested after appearing on Newsnight / Woolwich attack: MI5 'offered job to suspect'

(OSAMA BIN LADEN, while living in Wembley, was reportedly a guest of MI6 in 1996.)

Samantha Lewthwaite, another brainwashed spook.

Michael's friend, Abu Nusaybah, was arrested under terrorism legislation minutes after acting as a 'whistleblower' on the BBC.

Abu Nusaybah says that Michael, while studying in a village in Kenya in 2012, was arrested and then sexually assaulted.

According to The Guardian, in 2012 Michael went to a lawyer to complain of harassment by MI5.

Feltham young offender institution 

Michael Adebowale, the second Woolwich  'terrorist', is suspected of having been brainwashed by MI5 while in Feltham young offender institution.

Other people mind-controlled by MI5 in the Feltham young offender institution are thought to include Richard Reid and Jermaine Grant.

Richard Reid pretended to try to blow up a plane with a 'shoe bomb' and Jermaine Grant is currently being held in Kenya charged with terrorist offences.

Adebowale's mother Juliet worked as a probation officer.

Adebowale had briefly appeared on TV as part of Jamie Oliver’s School Dinners series.

Do MI5 and MI6 torture children?

MI5 and MI6 are said to have been involved in organising child abuse at the Kincora and Bryn Estyn children's homes in the UK. 

Reportedly, the former head of Britain's MI6, Sir Maurice Oldfield, was observed by his Special Branch guards making use of boys from the Kincora children's home. (The troubles: Google Books Result)

Allegedly, Oldfield shared boys with Sir Anthony Blunt, several bishops, and an archbishop. (Cached)


Sir Jimmy Savile, suspected of being a spy, near the Kincora home.

Michael Adebolajo was born into a wealthy Christian family.

Samantha Lewthwaite is the daughter of a soldier.

Many of the children who are mind-controlled are the children of military families.

Samantha Lewthwaite

On 3rd March 2012, the Daily Mail told us about Samantha Lewthwaite from Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, in the UK.

http://www.dailymail. girl terrorist working for the spooks

Samantha is linked to the London Tube Bombings of 2005, and, to terror in Mombassa in Kenya.

Her father was a soldier in the UK military.

Her parents separated when she was 11.

There is a suspicion that Samantha works for military intelligence (MI5 or MI6).

She may have been brainwashed.

As a teenager, she wore make-up and dresses, and went to parties with her friends; she allegedly converted to Islam.

Samantha and Germaine Lindsay

While studying for a degree in religion and politics at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London she met Jamaican-born Germaine Lindsay, a fellow Moslem convert.

Germaine Maurice Lindsay had links to drugs crime.

There is a suspicion that he was protected by the police and thesecurity services.

The police failed to follow up an armed incident at a flat involving a car used by Lindsay. (7/7 inquests: police failed.)

‎Lindsay had a conviction for importing drugs.

CCTV of the car could not be used "because it was obscured by a Bedfordshire police poster."

The investigating officer went on holiday and then went on a residential training course.

Eventually Lindsay's car was found at Luton railway station as part of the investigation into the July 7 bombings.

Allegedly, Germaine Lindsay was one of the 2005 London Tube Bombers and died at King's Cross in London.

After the 7 July bombings, Samantha was placed by the authorities in a ‘safe house’.

Samantha's villa in Mombassa, reportedly.

Police in Kenya say they have found Samantha Lewthwaite's luxury villa in the holiday resort of Mombassa in Kenya.

They suggest she was involved in a plot to blow up hotels and shopping centres in Mombassa.

She has a South African passport under the name of Natalie Faye Webb.

Police believe that the people living at the Mombassa villa were Samantha Lewthwaite and Habib Ghani, who is originally from Hounslow, in the UK.

The Landlord, Nelson Korir, said the man called himself Mark and spoke with an English accent.

He said three children were with the couple.

He said the woman wore western clothing and didn't cover her head.

Have the Kenyan police stumpled upon an MI6 or Mossad cell?



aangirfan: The torture of American children, by the US military?.





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Anonymous said...

The Mirror article has already been censored and deleted.

Woolwich attacker was 'radicalized' in Britain's youth jail at 17
By ANI | ANI – 3 hours ago

"London, May 25 (ANI): One of the two suspected terrorists, who hacked a British soldier to death on a busy London street, was radicalized in Britain's most notorious youth jail.

Michael Adebowale is believed to have developed his sick views while he was serving a sentence for drug-dealing in Feltham young offender institution."

"One, who spent five years in the same class from 2003, told how they had been best friends."

"I didn't recognise him in the photos published in the newspapers."

Anonymous said...

Why Disinformation Works. In America “Truth has no Relevance. Only Agendas are Important”

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Again some amazing sleuthage Aan.

We cannot forget the lady in the blue dress or the obvious lack of authenticity at the crime scene but this clinches it and is hardly surprising to anyone who knows of these things. Thanks for doing the leg work!

The real insult is... how stupid do they think people are to think they would not see through the whole farcical mess? The saddest truth of all is... in most cases they have been right so far.

However, men fall under spells in masses but regain consciousness one by one...

Anonymous said...

one of the many German correspondents/analysts working for our Swiss radio was stating his morning, that the internet publication of the statements of the murderer would be a big hinderance for the ongoing police investigation and furthermore intice other extremist to repeat the murder. He was basically insinuating, that publications of "firsters" on a crime scene should be impeded, the public should accept censorship of the internet for the sake of security..
This is the very same Swiss Radio, which parrots 95% of the time the hasbara stories concerning Syria as coming out of AIPAC and TelAviv..

Jody Paulson said...

Yeah, you know I really do think that a lot of these false flag "terrorists" and "actors" are actually victims themselves ... of brainwashing, hypnosis, etc., and many of them probably thought they were participating in a drill. As I've commented before, I've actually met the cowboy hat guy from the Boston bombing (Carlos Arredondo) at a peace event about 5 years ago, and he struck me as a compulsively driven person and it wouldn't surprise me in the least if he were a victim of mind-control. He was so intense ... I got a very uncomfortable vibe around him.

shirlz007 said...

well well well! :D British security services radicalising impressionable young men serving sentences in young offender institutes! Hate to say it, but I told ya'll so! Thankyou very much Aangirfan! ;D (note, brainwashing doesn't work on all young men!)

Anonymous said...

Have some hope. Not many years ago authorities just laughed when confronted about their lies and staged events. The many would buy the lie and defend it. Chaos and confusion are their weakness an not their strength. The many are clearly being disassociated from their processes and thinking rebellion. Just the thought should eat at the elite and force such incidents of pure made up tomfoolery?

Anonymous said...

Aangirfan, please read the comments you post :-)

Anonymous 9:34 is obviously satanist dating spam
and I alerted you to Woolwich doubles days ago.

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