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Tony Blair

Tony Blair's old school, the Chorister School at Durham Cathedral, is at the centre of child sex abuse allegations.


A former pupil claims that the late Canon John Grove, who was headmaster from 1957 to 1978, abused him, during the late 1950s and 1960s, in his private quarters and in a school bathroom.

Tony Blair, 60, attended the elite school from 1961 to 1966.

The man, now aged in his 60s, reported the alleged abuse to Durham Police.

Durham Police say that they will NOT be investigating the allegations because the suspect is dead.

The Very Reverend Michael Sadgrove, Dean of Durham, has said:

"Durham Cathedral has been made aware of allegations relating to historic abuse over 50 years ago at The Chorister School. 

"The matter was immediately ­reported to the police." 


According to T Stokes:

"In 1983 at Bow St Magistrates Court a certain Charles Lynton was fined £50 for attempted soliciting in city toilets.

"The police notes were to disappear later along with several prior verbal warnings.

"Charles Lynton was at university well known as 'Miranda' a promiscous cross dresser who played a guitar badly.

"Charles Lynton is Tony Blair's middle names...

"Peter Mandelson (who has a boyfriend) is controlling director of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children...

"When Margaret Hodge (Oppenheimer) was Children's Minister she lived next door to Tony Blair."

Barnardo's Duncroft Scool.

Cherie Blair, wife of Tony Blair, is President of Barnardo's.

There have been new child abuse allegations concerning the notorious children's charity Barnardo's:

A man has claimed he was abused at a London home run by Barnardo's.

A ­woman claims she was abused at a  home in Essex run by Barnardo's. 

Four teenagers claim they were abused by Jimmy Savile at Duncroft Scool in Surrey when it was run by Barnardo's.


Blair at Fettes (Website for this image). Scotland on Sunday revealed that the man who taught Tony Blair history, left Fettes following allegations including fondling boys while he caned them, watching children on the toilet and becoming aroused while meting out corporal punishment. 

Tony Blair, who is sometimes known as Miranda, attended a private boarding school called Fettes, in Edinburgh. 

One of the people Tony Blair had contact with at Fettes was Sir Knox Cunningham. 

According to John Rentoul's biography Tony Blair Prime Minister, Knox Cunningham would visit the school several times a year and he liked to visit the boys' quarters. 

Blair loved having discussions with Knox Cunningham. 

John Rentoul quotes one of Blair's contemporaries as saying: "Cunningham was the sort of man who liked boys." 

According to Martin Dillon's book "The Trigger Men", Knox Cunningham was homosexual and had links to people involved in a child sex abuse ring. 

According to Dillon: 

"There were several Boys’ Homes in Northern Ireland from which boys were picked up and taken to parties in Brighton, England...

 "As my source said, 'top hats and royalty', meaning the English upper classes and people connected to the Royal Family, were part of a wider homosexual ring ..." 

Ronald Selby-Wright and Princess Margaret 

At Fettes, Tony Blair was close friends with Ronald Selby Wright, a Church of Scotland minister with links to the military and to boys clubs. 

(Ronald Selby Wright - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

According to John Rentoul, Tony Blair, in his final year at Fettes, ran a summer camp for Selby Wright's boys' club. 

Reportedly, Selby Wright was 'a persistent paedophile abusing boys at Fettes and elsewhere'. 

According to The Sunday Times, 25 May 1997, "Blair’s School Mentor Was a Sex Abuser." 

(The Biggest Secret - Chapter 18). 


Police detain a youth – was he sexually abused or used for Child pornography at the Station?

Police Station used as Child Sex Brothel

Leon Brittan and the Paedophile Information Exchange

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Zoompad said...

"Blair at Fettes (Website for this image). Scotland on Sunday revealed that the man who taught Tony Blair history, left Fettes following allegations including fondling boys while he caned them, watching children on the toilet and becoming aroused while meting out corporal punishment. "

This is why I was so shocked and angry when my own MP Bill Cash, at a Parliamentary debate about children, used his time to put forward an urge to bring back corporal punishment in schools, instead of using the valuble time talking about the institutional abuse of children that is going on in this country. I wanted him to talk about the Secret Family Courts using syndromes that were invented by paedophiles, or the cover up of the Pindown child abuse investigations, but instead he talked about bringing back the cane instead, you can imagine how angry I felt listening to that!

Teachers - and I'm sorry if this sounds sexist, but it seems to be mainly male teachers who did it - were getting their kicks out of caning and slippering kids in the time I was at school - I witnessed it myself as a child - and if you look at D.C.Thompson comics of that era - the Beano was the worst one - they are full of it. Any child born in the late 50s and 60s will know exactly what I am talking about.

Zoompad said...

I remember being terrified of the cane at school. It made me feel sick inside of me to think that the teacher might expose me and shame me.

I don't know if theres something wrong or funny about me that I felt that way, all I know is the horrible way I felt as a child, shamed and embarressed.

I loved school, apart from that. School to me was full of interesting things to do, and other children to play with. I liked the Country Dancing in the playground, we had a teacher who gave up part of his lunch break to play the accordian in the playground and he organised us kids into doing traditional folk dancing. So I do have some lovely memories of school, but I remember very strongly the fear of corporal punishment, and I remember the Beano comics portayal of it as well, with the person who was doing the spanking looking like they were really enjoying doing it. That was a very confusing thing to grow up with as a child. I know how it affected me, and I strongly suspect it had a massive effect on other children of my time. It destroyed authority, how could you respect a teacher who was a bullying pervert?

Anonymous said...

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