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Cynthia Owen.

Cynthia Owen (born Cynthia Murphy) claims that she and her siblings was subjected to Satanic ritual abuse - by her parents and at least nine other people.

Her account has been supported by her psychologist.

Bono in Dalkey

The Cynthia Owen case involves the Dalkey "house of horrors" near Dublin, in Ireland.

"Owen attempted to bring the case against her parents to the prosecuting authorities seven times, but each time it came back citing lack of evidence."

Cynthia Owen: 'My mother was evil' | The Guardian

The late Peter Murphy who was allegedly part of satanic child abuse group led by a policeman.

The police in Ireland are now, in May 2013, re-examining the Dalkey "house of horrors".

There are claims that a paedophile ring led by a policeman was involved in the rape and abuse of children.

"ABUSERS: Peter Murphy Junior; his brother Joe Murphy and (right) the man who is alleged to have been the organiser of the paedophile ring." Sunday World.

In the Dalkey case, no one was held to account over the murder of a baby, called Noleen, stabbed to death in 1973.

In 1973, the police's murder investigation looked like a cover-up of a satanic child-abuse ring.

In 2005, senior counsel Patrick Gageby found that "most of the surrounding documents and exhibits... were lost or mislaid." 

Noleen had been stabbed to death with a knitting needle.

Three of the men identified by Cynthia Owens as being members of the Dalkey paedophile ring which abused her and other children. Sunday World.

The case was re-examined in 1995 after the mother of the baby, Cynthia Owen, who was 11 when the baby was born, returned to Ireland seeking information. 

She says she was repeatedly raped by her father, Peter Murphy, and that she was sold for sex to a group of  men which included three policemen.

Cynthia Owen named 12 men.

2010: Cynthia Owens' solicitor Gerry Dunne said his request to meet with the then Justice Minister Dermot Ahern, about his concerns over the investigation, had been repeatedly turned down.

Cynthia has a number of siblings.

One brother, Martin,[12][13]committed suicide in 1995 after revealing he had been sodomised in his family home,[14].

Another brother, Michael, disappeared in 2002.

Sister Theresa committed suicide shortly after the discovery of his body in 2005.

Theresa's detailed 37-paged suicide note corroborated Cynthia's account.[12]

A friend of Theresa's testified at the trial, stating that Theresa had spoken to him at length about her sexual abuse in childhood. 

Theresa Murphy committed suicide on February 24, 2005 as a result of childhood sexual abuse, this finding was supported by police evidence.[15] 

Theresa was the child of her older sister, Margaret Murphy.[12]

Who are the Dalkey child abusers?

"Of the six we photographed ... one is working directly with children...

"A further member of the 'ring' is a taxi driver who regularly ferries children in his car and the last is a former council worker and avid church goer."


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Noor al Haqiqa said...

The taped interview is very telling. Were it not for her accent and a few minor details the victim speaks of a life similar to that of Kathy O"Brien or Bryce Taylor. The trauma of MK Ultra is not apparent.

When she spoke of separating from her body whilst under assault every satanic victim I have ever known was in her voice. I have known quite a few of such individuals on a familial basis.

This is off topic but I had one such person in my life years ago. He had escaped that life while young although he paid the ultimate price eventually. (I still wear his wedding ring.)

One day I asked him how he could remain out of his body for days at a time. I have never forgotten his response. He said, "When a small child is being tortured, he knows it is better to stay away from his body as long as possible." At the risk of sounding rather mad myself, for he was highly skilled in these matters, suddenly I was that 3 year old child on an altar surrounded by evil. He was sharing and I was experiencing his memory and will never forget it. (He did that many times with me but this was the only time for such grim purposes)

Mercifully, in sharing that memory, he managed to block his own childhood terror so that, to me, it was more a visual experience ~ one that I can clearly recall 15 years after the sharing.

Aang, I don't comment on your child sex exposes all the time but I must compliment you on your vigilance and constant work on the matter. I am sure at times you feel like a lone voice calling out in the wilderness but it all helps in the long run.

Thanks for your work.

BTW that old feller in the photo up there, omgosh that is truly the face of nightmares. Kruger has nothing on him!

Anonymous said...

Rumour has it the Irish girl in the Ward ring, who ran a high-class brothel for him, had been sexually abused by her family and relatives as a kid, in possible religious sex-rites, fled to UK at 15, worked in brothel, took over, Ward came along and they were getting blackmail on top elite people in order to expose them (also making some cash when at it).

She apparently had 4 kids, but it seems 3 of them were her sisters, who she grabbed and took to safety in UK when she was able.

they threatened the kids to make her lie in court during Ward's trial, but once she'd managed to spirit them away again to safety she changed her statement in court, to Ward's advantage.

Last heard of in Portabello Road about 20 years ago, she drank at same winebar/pub as Bianca Jagger.

Not sure which part of Ireland she was from, Cork, possibly.

So this stuff has been going-on for years, centuries. For it do so and not be stopped means it is organised and run by people in a position to cover it up.

Newspaceman said...

Children in care being lured into prostitution :

Boy Scout leader and the "chocolate baths" :


Anon said...

Many thanks for all the comments.

- Aangirfan

Anonymous said...

Keep up this brave work exposing the evil. A true hero you are, we need more like you.

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