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Hanslope Park

Milton Keynes is a spooky town in Buckinhamshire in the UK.

Hanslope Park, on the outskirts of Milton Keynes, houses Her Majesty's Government Communications Centre.

It is one of MI6's main spy bases.

Milton Keynes is home to Bletchley Park, the UK spy base where, during World war II, cryptographers broke German codes.

Former MI6 spy Richard Tomlinson once had a job, that MI6 had found for him, with Jackie Stewart’s Formula One team in Milton Keynes.

(The Truthseeker)

Errol Barnett

Spooky Errol Barnett, an anchor and correspondent for spooky CNN, is from spooky Milton Keynes.

Hillary Clinton after donating $2,000,000,000 to World Vision.

The 'CIA front' organisation World Vision UK has its HQ in Milton Keynes.


Challenge House

The Toybox charity is based at Challenge House in Milton Keynes.

1. The new boss of Toybox is Lynne Morris.

Lynne worked for World Vision for over 12 years

2. Jeni York is now a Toybox Trustee.

Jeni was Human Resources Director at World Vision for 21 years.

3. Ian Gray is now Toybox's International Programmes Director.

Ian was Associate Director, Policy and Programme Innovation at World Vision.



SG said...

I have mountains of dirt on big intel-run NGOs for you because I worked in this field in war zones for years but I see no email address on this site how to contact you. How do I reach you?

Anon said...

Many thanks. You can leave a comment on this page.

wiggins said...

Very interesting. We hear of Rhodes Scholars and USAID, but, this is something new for me.

Anonymous said...


If you are for real you should head over to It is designed precisely for this purpose. When the documents are loaded, pop back in here with the address.

Anonymous said...

May 13, 2013
The thorny question of how to calculate restitution to victims of child pornography came back before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit last week . . .
Friday's arguments marked the second time the court considered the case of Michael Monzel. Monzel pleaded guilty to one count each of distribution and possession of child pornography.
A trial judge ordered Monzel to pay $5,000 to a victim known by the pseudonym "Amy," but on remand from the D.C. Circuit reduced the award to zero, finding the government didn't produce evidence on how much of Amy's losses he caused . . .

Last week[oct,2011], the Solicitor General filed this brief with the United States Supreme Court which effectively denies child victims the ability to obtain criminal restitution from the thousands of
child molesters and pedophiles who collect and share child pornography.
The defendant in the case currently pending before the Supreme Court, Amy v. Monzel, admitted to law enforcement that he sexually abused his granddaughter and traded images of girls being sexually abused. A search of his home uncovered more than 800 child sex abuse images including pictures of Amy, the victim in this case. The defendant pleaded guilty to distributing child pornography and was sentenced to 10 years in prison.
The District court ordered the defendant to pay just $5000 in criminal restitution to Amy, a girl whose rape and sexual abuse images were found in his collection. That award was overturned on appeal.

+4comments . . . heartbreaking

Anonymous said...

Milton Keynes is crammed full of occult symbolism, even within the name that is often abbreviated to MK.

The town was developed by Milton Keynes Development Corporation who's assistant director was none other than Evelyn De Rothschild.

The obvious question would be why would he be involved in the towns development.

Anonymous said...

Milton = Milton Firedman
Keynes = John Maynard Keynes

A 70s experiment in Economic self-sufficiency was how my rconomics teacher sold it to us in 1973.

Twitch said...

MK is also the place where the Japanese Buddhist monks sited their Peace Pagoda. Whats spooky is that every year, the Sunday closest to Midsummers Day they host an event where various speakers from the peace and environment movement trot their scripts.. It is a controlled, scripted, dialogue-free sounding-off for world government, a disarmed populace, the UN, the 'need' to control global warming and other unconnected-dots false issues.. Worth gate-crashing and putting another point of view ??


Anonymous said...

Milton Keynes is featured in the last movie Stanley Kubrick made, EYES WIDE SHUT. The mask that the orgy master on top of the balcony wears, is replicas of two snake like statues in Milton Keynes (M.K... Ultra). Google it! The place is another Illuminati HQ.

Anonymous said...

Hanslope Park is where the Foreign Office Rudolf Hess files are kept.

It's also supposed to be where MI6 have their archives.

Anon said...

Dear SG,

Many thanks for all that information.

I am studying it now.

- Aangirfan

Anonymous said...

The whole of Milton Keynes is built on Rothschild land,the whole place is full of signs if you only open your eyes,in the middle of the shopping centre where the water feature used to be, contained a very large pentagram which covered the whole square,now covered up.

I live opposite Hanslope park,and can verify twice a day a chinook helicopter flies from RAF(USAF Croughton top secret listening base, carrying top secrets from RAF(USAF Menwith hill Yorkshire,also the top listening base in UK,both bases have the large Golf balls listening devices.

Also strange things still go on at Bletchly park,not seen by visitors.

There are underground tunnels under the park which connect to Buckingham ,and during WW2 Churchill arrived in secret at Bletchly through the tunnels,which I have heard connect to USAF Third Airforce headquarters High Wycombe

Anonymous said...

You should check out the book "mysterious Milton Keynes" it gives the full low down on all this stuff, even has a website at:-

Anonymous said...

I grew up on the street that was the old entrance to Bletchley Park. It was disused for a while, at least after British Telecom moved their premises to another part of town or somewhere. There wasn't even a guard on the entrance in those days. My brothers and I used the place as a playground. A security guard would go around all the buildings, and would be the only person you'd ever see. He was a bit of a secretive character but I knew when a car passed my house to go there, and that was only ever a neighbor passing, so he was the person, apart from us at the damn place. We'd been in every building before it became a museum, trust me, no hidden stuff going on there since the war. Before that though, I'd say definitely there was hidden stuff going on. The mansion is a bit suspicious looking. Gothic, statues of gargoyles outside, and you should see the ball room. The history of Bletchley Park may be interesting to research. Not the present. I think the old tunnel just goes from the train station or pub to bletchley park. Although I did hear once about underground tunnels all over the city. Just once though. Buildings and their layouts, especially on Midsummer Boulevard, one end is an ancient burial mount, the other, a train station, huge building made of mirrors to reflect the sun on a Midsummer morning, I hear that's very pagan like. Good old Brother Rothschild.

Anonymous said...

(cont. from 4:06am)

I did do some research about Bletchley Park last night. At one point, the same person owned both Bletchley Park, called Water Hall at the time, and Hanslope Park. Residing at both properties. But someone said how difficult it is to find out information about these and other people who lived there, who are known from 1711 onwards. Not sure if anyone lived there before then, although it is in the Doomsday Book Records. Away from the lake, there's an ancient looking walkway with steps, starts and ends in the same place, demolished remains of something older than anything else there. Always wondered about that area. Something else I found, there are 2 masonic lodges linked to it, at least since the early 90's when I thought no one was going there during the week. A mason has written an interesting book about Bletchley and it's Park, but this is only for masons to read and can't be found anywhere but they're library somewhere. A Master Mason is the manager of the park. Others volunteer as guides. Some parts of M.K do have great energy, and that place is unique to anywhere you'd of been before, shame it's only about half the size it was 10 years ago or so.

Anonymous said...

And when I say away from the lake, I don't mean those steps in the middle of the field, I mean hidden in he trees. It's more of a bridge than a walkway. Romantic. People may even call it ceremonious looking. That's how we'd play there, walking and falling of a cliff type of thing ha. We'd show our friends and even adults the walkway, they were never able to explain w.t.f it was either.

Anon said...

Very many thanks for the comments and research.

- Aangirfan

Anonymous said...

I get talking to a group of Mossad agents at Milton Keynes' x-Scape around about 2005. They were selling Dead Sea Cosmetics at a mall stall as a front.

I later learned from the internet that they used this tactic in the US around military bases, and sometimes selling toy helicopters.

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