Thursday, May 16, 2013


Samuel Katz (above) was a leader of the Jewish terrorist gang that bombed Jerusalem's King David Hotel in 1946

Ian Katz

A Jew, Ian Katz, is to be the new chief of the BBC Newsnight programme.

Ian Katz's son Jake, with Patrick Moore

"I heard other rumours too, about all sorts of people, about the Queen Mother and Michael Portillo ... and Patrick Moore..." cultural snow

Rita Katz

In 2007, Rita Katz gave the Bush administration a copy of an Osama bin Laden video which had yet to be released by al-Qaeda.

Ian Katz

Wikileaks is a tool of Mossad and its friends.

In London, WikiLeaks releases have been overseen by the Guardian's Deputy Editor Ian Katz.


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Anonymous said...

UK Column Live - 15th May 2013 - OCVC Bullfinch Paedophiles

Anonymous said...

Hardly surprising, the BBC has been Jewish controlled for decades.

The British people are being forced to pay for propaganda produced by a tribe who wish to destroy them, their race, their culture and their nation.

Dublinmick said...

That cultural snow piece is more like how to brush over a horror show with as little damage as possible and that is how is all held together and just keeps on rolling .,... ya know some bad things happen but we can't be sure about, you can get sued yada yada.

Anonymous said...

Haha! You beauty I always knew wiki was suspect, wales and co. Their definition of anti-semite always rubbed me up the wrong fucking way.

Newspaceman said...

I found the wikileaks symbol - the hourglass/egg timer merging one planet Earth into another - highly suggestive in terms of a New World Order.


Anonymous said...

Jimmy Wales is a Jew, as was the other "founder" of Wikipedia.

And as with so many internet sites which become very popular, there were generally many other sites which offered exactly the same service. The reason certain ones - Facebook, Google, Wikipedia etc - become dominant is because they are the ones selected by the rest of the - JEW - media for promotion into the mainstream.

Wikipedia also suffers from large numbers of highly co-ordinated and paid Jewish editors who work together to ensure that articles on topics such as September 11, the Boston bombing, Sandy Hook, the "Holocaust", the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, "anti semitism" etc reflect THEIR lies. They also get editors who consistently support views which THEY don't like banned from the site.

However Wikipedia is very big, and most of its articles are not on controversial subject matter, so generally it still is a good resource. However any article on a topic of controversy will be tainted and warped by the JEWS.

Anonymous said...

"The reason certain ones - Facebook, Google, Wikipedia etc - become dominant is because they are the ones selected by the rest of the - JEW - media for promotion into the mainstream."

I'm a researcher and everything leads to zionist Faux-Jews (and faux christian satanist-elite families)

If you want to know where 'MEDIA' was in the ancient world it was basically GERMANY-Germans.
That's the symbolic meaning and why the zionist-ashkenazi Jews run most of it,(Rothschild place of birth) rest are satanist 'elite' families)

The false GREENY RELIGION being forced on us by
DR MENGELE was DR GREEN in the USA MK ULTRA-MONARCH (child-Adult abuse) brainwashing trials which link back to roots in LONDON Tavistock (Brainwashing research centre started after first World War.
(remember Tavistock Square BMA, bus bombing)

Splitting TAVI-Stock (as all things are revealed-Biblical)
Tavi of course turns out to be Hebrew-Yiddish.

It's a pet name for David and in Yiddish means "GOOD"

So the Satanists-Zionist Ashkenazim ("jews who say they are Jews but are NOT" - the Biblical occupants of "Synagogue of Satan"(occultly reverse everything esp against Biblical teachings) are the 'Goodies' doing BAD stuff under the name of DAVID, torturing, ripping off all wealth and blowing up citizens for their own perverse pleasures!

Anonymous said...

Cultural Snows is written by Tim Footman. He's a Jew.

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