Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Children who complain about being raped by pedophile rings are up against the Freemasons.

The security services and the criminal justice system are infested with Freemasons.

Masonic cover-up

Freemasonry unites Nazis, Zionists and Mafias.

Reportedly, Freemasonry is based on the rites and rituals of the Jewish religion and the mysticism of the Jewish Cabala

In the UK, children can be taken from parents and given to strangers.

"Furthermore, it has become politically correct for homosexual couples to adopt children.

"The motivation of Social Services tends to be money in a multi-billion industry that leaves broken hearts and damaged lives behind: parents, often falsely imprisoned, and children who will later use Facebook to find their roots and heal their feelings of abandonment."

Lets stop child stealing in the UK


"I am a witness for the 2013 Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Abuse. 

"Royal commission staff have told me that a lot of witnesses have already been threatened.

"So have I.

"Consequently, I am going public."

"I would like to summarise my memories of being ritually abused by an elite Sydney pedo/Satanic Ritual Abuse ring. 

"My memories emerged spontaneously after my pedophile step-grandfather, Peter Holowczak, was found hanged. 

"My grandmother, Helen Holowczak (deceased), said some men arrived on a weekday morning, sent her shopping, and when she returned she found Peter hanging dead in their chook pen at 14 McAlister Ave, Engadine, Sydney.

"I was born Holowczak in Sydney in the late 60s. 

"Helena and Peter introduced me to the pedophile ring. 

"They were Polish immigrants, part of the great wave of Nazi war criminals who were granted asylum in Australia. 

"I was raised in their Nazi flavoured religion of Mithra worship... 

"Rituals mainly took place in numerous locations including: the chapel at Australia's first Boystown in Engadine, St John Bosco Catholic church Engadine, Regina Coeli Catholic church in Beverly Hills, Bathurst City Hall, Sydney University chapel, Waterfall consumptive cemetery, Caltex oil refinery at Kurnell.

"The crimes took place in the 1970-80s. 

"Perpetrators included a local GP, a local policeman, numerous police and a police commissioner, an Australian sporting legend, a famous stage actor, a most famous movie actress, a B-Grade movie actor, a Sydney Uni lecturer, a biochemist/psychologist/uni lecturer, Kim Beazley Snr (deceased) Labour politician in Prime Minister Whitlam’s cabinet, a Serbian Sydney Uni psychology student who later anglicised her name.

"I witnessed these people commit crimes of murder, rape, abduction, unethical hypnosis, unethical medical experiments, torture.

"I saw two child kidnappings. 

"At age 15 I saw them lure a 15 year old boy with sandy hair dressed in a blue billabong t-shirt into a car at Cronulla Beach. 

"When I was 6, I saw them kidnap a 12 year old girl with dark hair in a side ponytail, dressed in a red t-shirt and white shorts from a main road in Engadine. Both victims were murdered. 

"The Engadine policeman and the GP covered for both deaths.

"I recall a ritual that took place under the guise of the Bathurst 2000 car race. 

"I reported this incident to the NSW Police in 2008.

Unbeknownst to me, fellow victim Tor Neilsen reported similar Bathurst crimes to the NSW Police. 

"As a result of his reporting these crimes, Tor was harassed by the NSW police, Sydney health workers, Sydney psychologists and psychiatrists. 

"WA test results reveal these people poisoned Tor with a drug that induced psychosis. 

"NSW police dropped Tor's case against Bathurst Catholic priests who abused him at St Stanislaus College. 

"Consequently Tor did a letter box drop that resulted in these same priests being charged with hundreds of counts. 

"Some were jailed, some committed suicide, some were let off because they were old.

"Sydney newspapers told numerous victims' stories, including Tor's, of chanting, late night orgies, and hypnosis. 

"Tor himself was raped in Bathurst City Hall, where I also was raped. 

"Tor's lawyer pretended to run a civil case for him, but mysteriously fell out of a high rise building after Tor blew the whistle on St Stanislaus.

"Tor did manage a popular website called 'Catholic Cover-up,' but he had to close it after the St Stanislaus pedophile priests' lawyers demanded the personal details of the victims and others who joined the site, including me. 

"That is how I made contact with Tor directly. 

"Our contact has been limited, to prevent evidence contamination. 

"But it is a miracle that Tor and I are alive, and found each other.

"Coincidentally, a former St Stanislaus student, a lawyer whose son still attended the school, was to be a witness at the St Stanislaus hearings.

"He was found kneeling, hanging by his necktie from a bookcase in the basement library of Frederick Jordan Chambers Sydney. 

"My highschool friend found him dead. 

"His death was initially treated as suspicious. The man had half an hour earlier been seen happily working on a case.

"Like Tor Nielsen, I too have been harassed by police, health workers, psychologists, university lecturers, and other government officials. 

"I have had numerous pets killed, received death threats, police held three loaded weapons to my accountant husband's head for no reason, dead chopped up animals have been left on my doorstep. 

"On one occasion my family and I witnessed three men dressed in dark robes, standing outside my mother's house at 2am...

"The contents of Fritz Springmeier's writings regarding the post-Nazi projects is consistent with my memories of similar practises in Sydney. 

"I recall being assessed at age 5 by the notorious John Gottinger. 

"I recall being assessed on the SB-LM.

"I recall being sleep deprived. I recall being drugged. I recall being subjected to unethical hypnosis. 

"I recall being subjected to brainwashing involving a synthesiser that continuously played the words "Know this spirit" up and down the keyboard. I recall people chanting nursery rhymes. I recall a man chanting a Batman, Catwoman, and Joker themed chant; one section involved 9 levels represented by '9 cat lives'; he stopped at the 6th level and sang: "Number six, number six, what do we have at number six? Number six has lots of tricks...there are SIX spirits at number six!"

"Tor Neilsen has also given his information to the Royal Commission into Child Abuse.

"I recently sent it to the Police Integrity Commission who dismissed it to the state Ombudsman.

"I gave it to the Police Minister who told me to show him evidence.

"The local Police basically criticised me in their latest letter, calling my claims vexatious and having no evidence.

"Apparently the two independent witness testimonies of similar crimes in the same place at a similar time does not constitute evidence.

"I am due to testify as a witness to 1-2 Commissioners next month. My Royal commission case manager said my testimony obviously falls within the Royal Commission terms of reference.

"I have had enough! I would appreciate some support from people who believe this happens, who give a stuff, and who would like it to cease."


  - -by Peter Levenda

The USA is not really a Christian country.

The American Revolution of 1776 put the Satanists into power.

Sinister Forces, by Peter Levenda, covers such matters as the Salem witch trials, the birth of Mormonism during a ritual of ceremonial magic by Joseph Smith, Jr., and Operations Paperclip and Bluebird.

"Fascinating details are revealed, including the bizarre world of 'wandering bishops' who appear throughout the Kennedy assassinations; a CIA mind control program run amok in the United States and Canada; a famous American spiritual leader who had ties to Lee Harvey Oswald in the weeks and months leading up to the assassination of President Kennedy; and the 'Manson secret.'"

According to Norman Mailer's review of Book One—The Nine:

"This book lives with the premise that there is a Satanic undercurrent to American affairs."

Video - Kincora, spies...

Discussion Participants:

Rt Hon Merlyn Rees MP Former Home Secretary and Secretary of State for Northern Ireland

H. Montgomery Hyde Writer and former MI6 Officer

Robert Harbinson Writer, composer and lecturer

Air Commodore Alastair Mackie Former Cabinet Secretary on the Joint Intelligence Committee and Vice President of CND

Robin Ramsay Radical Journalist and co-editor of Lobster Magazine

Jock Kane Former GCHQ Radio Operator

Gary Murray Journalist and former Private Investigator

Note: This version includes the discussion between presenter and guests before transmission and throughout the commercial breaks.

Many thanks to A13 and all the others who supplied links.


Anonymous said...

What this woman has done is not just a smart move, it's the only move.

I'm prepared to bet everything I own that this Royal Commission is designed to cover up as much as it reveals. Permissable discussions will consist almost solely of individual sadsack pervies, small and unconnected gangs of sadsack pervies, and clergy of various demoninations who will of course not be connected to each other or anyone else. Scout leaders and such are also a possibility but only as long as they are likewise unconnected.

All talk of connections between paedophiles and the various estates will be verboten. Any connections between paedophiles and the police will only ever be 'a posteriori' ie. they might cover it up but they weren't in on it beforehand (and that limited to a few rotten -and probably Catholic- apples). But above and beyond both of these will be the complete and utter pitch black silence on the topic of multi-generational organised satanism.

This Royal Commission as it stands is a complete impossibility. The only way it was allowed to come into existence was if its unstated remit was to ensure that all talk of satanism is disappeared, or at the very least utterly ridiculed, discredited, and dismissed.

Given this, the best any victims of such abuse can expect is disappointment. The worst of course, is to be disappeared or suicided.

With that as your choice the only sensible thing to do is to publish on the net. And in no small way either - overkill is your best bet. I recommend making your own blog. This is easy and free. Your own blog or no, you should also post your details on forums and every blog you can find that's devoted to the topic. As many as possible. Having done that you should then email your story to everyone you can think of in the media: radio, television, the press.

They'll ignore you of course but then... you front the Royal Commission. It might just tip the scales for the media. But just to be safe (in case they fail to put you on record) record the date, time, place and names of whichever commission representatives you speak to. Record or take notes of what you say. Photograph yourself out the front. If they acknowledge you you've doubled your bets. If they ignore you, that fact along with your testimony will be in the public domain and accessible to all.

The only way to defeat creatures of the dark (this includes stymieing counter-attacks) is to generate as much light as possible.

Thanks Aang, and thanks to all those people with a story to tell. We look forward to hearing from you.

Anonymous said...

BTW Aang, may I say of the following:

"Freemasonry unites Nazis, Zionists and Mafias"

You pithy genius!

That's fantastic. Talk about doing the most with the least words. I think you may just have nailed it. Either way, it's a thing to take away and ponder.

best etc. etc.

PS May I recommend to punters that they read the discussion following Holowczak's post at godlikeproductions? A very interesting read with lots of people piling in to tell their stories. And Bruce Spence! Who knew? And Tom Cruise's ex gets a mention as well. Disinfo spooks turned up of course but only two. Perhaps they don't care to be outnumbered?

A13 said...

Did you see this??

But anyway..
I was a child of the forced adoption era in you post above..such a sinister era in Oz history.I was taken off my mother at 6 weeks of age.
I have much to say on the subject.
maybe not here tho..
the locale is significant cause it's around where i grew up..
Cheers A

Anon said...

Many thanks to all.

- Aangirfan

Unknown said...

Nobby, A13, my regards.

Aang - thanks for the thanks.

A13 said...

Hi Aang and Anobody,
Bruce spence, toms x and the whole lot of them..i dare say many "entertainers" theatre elites and "personalities" are all part of the nazi zionist mafia death cult...There is a definite undercurrent in certain circles in Sydney (where i'm from) of the so called elite and well off "creative" set.
ditto melboure..etc etc.
movies like bliss, don's party, the emerald city....all have this undercurrent..
High class/ low class doesn't matter the level where it occurs
it exists and prospers and MK is multi generational tool for keeping the "show" going.
A satanic gravy train of punishment and reward.
cheers A

LOL word verification =
rottenness rubmed couldn't make that one up!!

A13 said...

hello Carol :)
regards back

cheers a

Anonymous said...

Isn't Queen Beatrix part of the conspiracy?

Anonymous said...

The Holy Roman Empire rules.
Creatures of the dark have at all times done their darndest to extinguish the Light.

Problem is: the Lights just get Brighter, but the people on Planet Earth tend to get brainwashed by the creatures of the dark, and that is how the story goes

in our world without end.

A lovely quote from D.H Lawrence in Etruscan Places:
Before Buddha or Jesus spoke, the nightingale sand, and long after the words of Buddha and Jesus are gone into oblivion, the nightingale still will sing. Because it is neither preaching nor teaching nor commanding nor urging. It is just singing. And in the beginning was not a Word but a chirrup."

I do not mean to be disrespectful, but the Etruscans were 'vicious' because those sweet souled, clean living Romans said so.

What has changed in 3 thousand years?
Keep brandishing that sword of truth Aangirfan.
Along with Kevin Annett and so many others, you are leading the way of the peaceful warriors.xx

A13 said...

I must say Aang, that, that video triggered my nostalgia gland..
the one of Australian summers past...late 60's early 70's..
My Christmas holidays were spent at the beach, and those images just flashed me back to those times...and of course the blessed cricket :)
interesting kodachrome times and memories....
seems like a past life now.
even though MK is/ was rife...
I remember those days, and society and people were just so different.
we are becoming manufactured and sadly by consent..whether accidental or contrived?
it's the free will thing being used with subliminal coercion...if you dig it as somebody says.. ;)

anyway gotta run

Stephen Gash said...

A veritable cabal of Celts on "After Dark"

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am the author of the article regarding the elite Australian pedo/SRA ring. I have detailed my story at

Someone mentioned actor Bruce Spence (mad max, dimboola). He raped me during the ritual at Bathurst.

I submitted an article to editor of a popular Australian news journal, regarding a paedophile ring in northern New South Wales, involving NSW education department, police, child protection DoCS. Witness told me every police officer transfer to local are is a Catholic if they can help it. What a coincidence. If this story breaks, it is bigger than Newcastle or Victoria.

i will post updates on twitter @KateGardiner666

My email


Dublinmick said...

You know there are some juvenile judges here in central Florida who court order juvenile offenders to do a day or two of community service at the catholic church. WOW

I guess it provides a time period for evaluation.

Anonymous said...

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