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German soldier.

1.  Roosevelt was bound to win the war.

The USA easily beat Japan, because Japan is a little country, and because the USA had far more aircraft carriers than the Japanese.

Germany was easy to beat because Germany was relatively small and weak compared to the combined size and might of the USA, Russia and the British Empire.

German soldier (left)

2. Churchill was bound to defeat Hitler.

Germany found France easy to defeat because many members of the French government were working for the Germans.

Hitler did not really want to invade Britain.

Hitler had said he would "guarantee the British Empire" in return for a dominant role on the European continent. 

Germans under attack in World War II

"Operation Sealion, the projected Nazi invasion of Britain, was never going to happen.

"1. The German Navy (Kriegsmarine) didn’t have any amphibious capabilities, and would have had to use Rhine river barges to transport tanks across the Channel.

"2. The Luftwaffe's fighters lacked the range to stay and fight over British territory for longer than a few minutes."

Did Hitler Deliberately Lose the War? - Subversify Magazine

German equipment

Nazi propaganda made the German military look good.

It was just propaganda.

The Germans were poorly equipped and poorly led.

Rommel, who was forced to kill himself.

Hitler sacked many of his generals.

German equipment in World War II

Over half of the vehicles lost by the Germans in the war were lost due to mechanical failure.

Britain may have looked weak, but it had the support of soldiers from India, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Once Russia was invaded, it was clear that Germany was in a mess.

The German invasion of Russia used Citroen and Morris vans.

Russia and Britain easily out-produced Germany in tanks and guns.

Victims of the US and UK troops, who acted just like the Nazis.

3. Churchill WAS an appeaser.

Churchill, in 1932, considered forming an alliance with Hitler.

Churchill was in Munich in 1932 and there he met Ernst Hanfstaengl, who worked for Hitler.

Churchill said to Hanfstaengl, "How does your chief feel about an alliance between your country, France and England?"

Churchill and an alliance with Hitler

Polish child starved by the Russians.

In 1939, Hitler and Stalin grabbed Poland.

In 1943, at the Tehran Conference, Churchill decided to appease Stalin and let him keep Eastern Poland when the war ended.

Yalta 1945


Dublinmick said...

What about this? Anybody know?

Hitler was a British Agent exposes for the first time Operation WINNIE THE POOH - Ian Fleming's removal of Adolf Hitler out of Berlin 2 May 1945.

Hitler was a British Agent exposes the training of top level double agents, the repeated faking of their deaths and their very real escapes ... making this something of an illusion-buster.

Everything that happens now, happens because of 1945.

Former MI-6 Chief: "This book was written by a genius".

Meanwhile, Alois Hitler (27), Adolf’s half-brother, became a
waiter in the Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin where he met Brigid Elisabeth
Dowling (17, b. 3 July 1891)

Anonymous said...

Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin and Hitler: all Jews or crypto-Jews working for Bnai Brith.

All dedicated their lives to killing as many Goy as possible.

Anonymous said...

churchill is a juden agent

Anonymous said...

As a kid who built model aeroplanes but didn't have much spending money I remember once having to choose between a lancaster or a B-17. German planes were never in the offing because they were all ugly and small. Why did they have nothing as grand as the English or American bombers?

Much later I found out that it wasn't the Germans who introduced the bombing of civilians it was the English. Well, of course! The Lancaster and the B-17 were built for no other purpose. Clearly the allies had the mass destruction of cities in mind long before the war even started.

Between the attacks on London and Coventry and the complete and utter annihilation of German and Japanese cities beyond counting there was really no contest.

This piece covers it pretty well.

It's curious you know, but as a chap given to discussing all sorts of things with all sorts of people I've found that nothing makes whomever-it-is angrier than me declaring that we were the bad guys.

But that's the beauty of the big lie for you. In order to dismiss it you have to tear down your own understanding of yourself. And who wants to do that? Nobody.

Ha ha ha, good joke.

best etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

Hullo Aang,

Off topic sorry, but you might find this interesting. The details of the piece are entirely specious but the topic as a whole, particularly in light of its constant repetition, is very telling. For mine I view it as evidence of a far earlier corruption. No doubt you've been tracking Beiber's ongoing slo-mo crash and burn.

Anyway, the lesson for children is: this is how to behave.

best etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

I ama very old man and i can remember in the sixties all the wartime documents could still be signed out by MI5 and MI6 insiders, but these began to disappear slowly the last being shreded under the jewish run Tony Bliars New Labour.
Nevile Chamberlain had in despth discussions for 4 years with the German higher archy on the Soviet threat, the Germans built very few battleships because Britian was supposed to take the sea initiative, the Germnans shared intel with us on Soviet intentions and espionage on the UK.
Churchill betrayed the British people and the Germans, because he was paid to, Chamberlains agreement
we to either covertly assist hitler
or keep out of the war, which was the wish of the British nation
BTW greg hallet like Ben Fulford is a disinfo agent, and talks bollox

Anonymous said...

"On May 8, 1945 the shooting ended in Europe. But, shockingly, the war against Germany went on. Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill had decreed that the German people must suffer - and suffer they did. Driven from their homes, looted of their property, decimated by famine and disease, raped, robbed, and enslaved, millions of Germans - most of them women and children - bore the brunt of what Time magazine called "history's most terrifying piece"."

Anonymous said...

@dublinmick. Most of Hallett's stuff is correct, for want of a better word, but nothing anyone doing real research couldn't have figured out, and, here's a friendly warning - Rosicrucians. Long games in play.

Newspaceman said...

Churchill is to feature on the new £5 banknote, along with "his" slogan : I have nothing to offer but blood, sweat and tears.

George Galloway also appeared on the BBC website yesterday, in his Churchill pose :


wefewf said...

You can just tell how the War was rigged by the way Hitler messed everything up and lost major battles on purpose against the better will of his best Generals etc. It was not because he was a mad man. He was supposed to lose that war. Then the UN was formed.

Anonymous said...

A must read is the book, "Truth for Germany" by Udo Walendy.
The book documents How Churchill, Lord Halifax and Roosevelt were determined to destroy Germany and how they forced the circumstances of Hitlers invasion of Poland by their encouragement of Polands agression against Prussia and Danzig, Hitler tried repeatedly to avoid war it is reported, but the Allies were just looking for an excuse to start WW2

When we look at how the West operates today in its wars against the Islamic countries, such as Iraq with its non-existant weapons of mass destruction, from which the UN weapons inspectors had to be withdrawn before they exposed the lack of a reason for war, we can look retrospectively on the past to get a truer insight on History.

Anonymous said...

The Germans had superior tanks to the "Allies" for most of the War. The Russian Joseph Stalin tank was the only one really superior to the Tiger tanks.

The Germans had "buzz bomb" missiles before the UK etc had. They very nearly had a stealth bomber.

Breaking of the enigma code was the thing that really defeated the Germans I think.

Ok, the globalists / zionists did fund Hitler. See Anthony Sutton's books for info on that.

It's not country v country. It's normal humans v manipulative elite, with the elite being international in nature.

Anonymous said...

The Germans were ahead in almost every scientific endeavour, including weapons technology. Theirs was the first truly mechanised armed forces. They also had fighting units that continue to command respect today.To suggest that they were either badly-equipped or badly led is to ignore the facts. Its more likely they were betrayed from within, and my money is on Himmler

Anonymous said...

Here's a good book about Hitler's and the NSDAP's Jewish roots:

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