Friday, April 26, 2013


Anna-Marie Crampton, a local election candidate in the UK, has been suspended from her party.

She reportedly posted "extreme views" on a conspiracy site called Secrets of the Fed.

Secrets of the Fed

It is the very pro-Israel United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) which has suspended Anna-Marie Crampton.

Anna-Marie is alleged to have said that World War II was engineered by Zionists and bankers to create the state of Israel.

Anna-Marie, 57, is allegedly quoted as saying: "Holocaust means a sacrifice by fire. Only the Zionists could sacrifice their own in the gas chambers."

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Queues at Malawi’s state-run maize traders are never-ending as thousands of people wait for days to purchase the staple crop. At the Lilongwe Admarc people sleep overnight in the queue as they wait for a chance to buy maize.  Credit: Mabvuto Banda/IPS

Thousands of people wait for days to buy maize. Credit: Mabvuto Banda/IPS

Malawi's Maize Shortage 


Le Gallinacé said...

and she was right !!! Merci Anne-Marie !

Anonymous said...

Venezuela arrests US citizen for post-vote violence

UK govt. starts scaremongering campaign to intervene in Syria militarily

Qatar faces backlash among Syrian opposition groups and rebels for outsized role in Syria

Anonymous said...

Boston Truth: Both FBI & CIA Watched Boston Bombing Suspects for Years

Dance on Thatcher’s Grave, But Remember There Has Been a Coup in Britain

Fabricated Intelligence and the WMD Pretext: Obama Heads Closer Closer to War on Syria

Everyone’s Talking about “False Flags … Isn’t that Another Bogus Historical Conspiracy Theory?

Greg Bacon said...

Anyone that hasn't read Eustance Mullins, "Secrets of the Federal Reserve" should.

It's an eye-opener that has many citations to back up his story.

Anonymous said...

how can they justify the harassment of this woman for telling the truth ?
even many jews are now admitting the holocause was largely fictional.
BTW earlier in the week my son can no longer aford his lodgings and left to move home, i went to the green grocers shop to ask for some boxes to pack his stuff, i know the jewish shopkeeper well and hes OK, when i got the boxes i noticed a pic of Jimmy Savile but could not read the Hebrew writing, i walked it back to the shop and asked the man to read it for me, he said Jimmy was a good freind to Israel and encouraged many people to support us, he wa sa good jew and we should remember that.
what the hell ? this man was a total perv !!

Josh Boyaner said...

was this a setup to get Farage to shut up...he was so vocal about the EU disasters

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