Monday, April 15, 2013


South Koreans

From NPR:

"International TV broadcasters have been repeatedly showing tanks trundling through Pyongyang’s Kim Il Sung Square in a demonstration of North Korean national power.

"But when Patrick Thornquist, a Chicago teacher visiting the North Korean capital at the end of last week, arrived in the square, he was surprised by what he saw.

"This iconic square was full of children rollerblading and shouting with joy.

"One of leader Kim Jong Un’s contributions to the nation has been building roller-skating parks and promoting entertainment facilities.

No tanks!

"And Thornquist was struck by the fact that, on watching the news later that day, it was still featuring footage of tanks.

"'It was definitely interesting to see tanks on BBC in the hotel, as if that was that day, when we’d been in that square a couple of hours earlier and nothing like that was happening,' he says."

The BBC are shitty liars.

Inside the evil US Empire: shock photo-shopped photos show true horror of Obama's evil regime

A photo-shopped child of around 10 sits by the side of the road while just yards away soldiers load enough rice on to trucks to feed families for weeks.

Wretched: a photo-shopped child on the street is ignored

The images, manufactured by the CIA, were handed to the Daily Slime.

Sir Jimmy Savile has warned that unless Britain renews Trident, and, that unless more money is given to the Pentagon, more children will die.

Inside the US Empire: shock photo-shopped photos show true horror of Obama's evil regime

Starving soldiers.


dognamedblue said...

came across a story that the US has slipped Kim $5billion but couldn't find it again when I wanted too

but funnier is the LSE trying to have a BBC program pulled tonight

Anonymous said...

“First Strike” Pre-emptive Nuclear War directed against Iran. The Alliance’s Nine Nuclear Weapons’ States

Thatcher’s Legacy: Requiem for a Dominatrix

Pipelineistan Geopolitics at Work: Iran, Pakistan, Syria, Qatar.

1horse said...

little korean kims, kabuki kabuki, boo! being China's very own scarecrow, boo nucleur boo! means Rothschild/china's ongoing puppetshow will continue to conceal what's in fact their actual roadshow moving, pre empt tively, outta their old globe theatre, emptied, back into that ancient chinee stronghold which's their Xanadu : already long-gilted and now Gold all over

". . .Tuesday data showed Hong Kong's net gold flow to mainland China jumped 47 percent in 2012 to a record high of 557.478 tonnes, a sign of strong Chinese demand."

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

Admitted it was 5-6 yrs ago, but a European fellow took a somewhat covert trip via train into DPRK on little used rail (since secured). Stated the population there appeared well nourished:

I think a lot of the North Korean stuff is pure nonsense

CanSpeccy said...

"The BBC are shitty liars."

Hey, you got that right!

Anonymous said...

Sir Jimmy Savile? you mean THIS one?

Anonymous said...

Another site reporting the Korean payoff is

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