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CIA asset Kim

According to Tom Heneghan's Intelligence Briefing's Blog, Kim Jong-un has just received a load of money from the USA.

"It can now be reported that a P140 U.S. aircraft cargo plane left Langley, Virginia at 3:30 p.m. EST destination North Korea.

"The aircraft contains $3 BILLION that was made available by the Dallas branch of the German Commerz Bank.

"The $3 BILLION will be delivered directly to North Korea dictator Kim Jong-un by U.S. officials."

Bill Richardson. photo AP

"The U.S. team is headed by former Clinton Administration official, North Korean bag man Bill Richardson.

"Kim is receiving these bribe funds in exchange for his playing a role in a scripted 'black op' that is designed to effect worldwide financial markets."

Continued here: Tom Heneghan's EXPLOSIVE Intelligence Briefing's Blog - Myspace

"U.S. military planes flew from an air base in Guam to Pyongyang and back on April 7, 2012, and again on a longer visit lasting from Aug. 18-20, the sources said.

"It is believed that those aboard included Sydney Seiler, director for Korea at the U.S. National Security Council, and Joseph DeTrani, who headed the North Korea desk at the U.S. Office of the Director of National Intelligence. DeTrani left the post in May.

"They met with North Korean officials and discussed policies....

"The third visit that The Asahi Shimbun has confirmed is one that took place in November 2011."

A second Jacintha Saldanha ...

Once you are afraid, you are more likely to obey...


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dognamedblue said...

just as switzerland takes over too ;)

PropagandistHacker said...

the $ was probably paid in order to get Kim to play the boogeyman that would scare americans enough that the government would be able to not cut the military during the ongoing budget negotiations, but instead cut SS and medicare. N Korea was paid off to manufacture consent to not cutting the military

Greg Bacon said...

Be afraid, be very afraid or we'll make mushroom clouds appear over your broken banks, GOY.

mafiaPPSOE said...

EXCELENT!!! Kim jong un its a MKULTRA illuminati for a New world order greetins from spain


Anonymous said...

Kettler debunks Tom Heneghan's story

"For starters, I’ve never heard of a P140. Some digging revealed a Piaggio P.140 from back in the 1950s. Not built, as best I can tell. The only other candidate for the handle is a CP-140 Aurora, which is a Canadian version of the U.S. P-3 Orion maritime patrol/ antisubwarine warfare aircraft. It’s wildly unsuited for moving gold in quantity, being stuffed to the gills with work stations, electronics and lots of people, as many as 20! It can carry only a couple of torpedoes. Let’s say its specs are roughly the same as a P-3′s.

True, it can carry a considerable load, but you can’t just stack pallets of gold in the weapon bay. The doors would fail instantly under such a load. Whatever goes into the weapon bay must fit the racks , which can take only so much weight per rack, and there’s only so much cube available. Also, said gold containing object must have the requisite lugs to fit the racks. And so on.

The guy can scream until the heavens fall, but I’m not going to lose any sleep over his story. If he starts with an outright series of technical impossibilities and improbabilities, why should I believe the rest? Could there be a setup? Sure? do I buy his story? No, I don’t."

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