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Peaches Geldof and Jonny Makeup

Peaches Geldof is the daughter of Sir Bob Geldof and Paula Yates.

Bob Geldof's paternal grandmother, Amelia Falk, was Jewish [13] 

Bob Geldof's Live 8 was a string of benefit concerts supposed to help the poor of the Third World.

The money raised by Gelof's Live 8 "was instead used to pay off the corporate creditors of indebted countries.

"In effect, the ENTIRE focus of the money generated by Live 8 was to provide direct assistance to corporations owed money by these impoverished nations." 

Blair and Geldof.

In 2008, Bob Geldof made a speech, in Melbourne, about the tragedy of Third World poverty.

He was paid A$100,000 for his one-off speech which included a luxury hotel room and first-class airfares.[28]

Bob Geldof is a friend of George Bush and Tony Blair.

Paula Yates in 1999 and daughter Peaches Geldof in 2008. iaincarstairs.wordpress.com...

Peaches is the granddaughter of Hughie Green.

Her sisters are Fifi Geldof and Pixie Geldof. She also has a younger half-sister, Tiger Lily Hutchence Geldof.[4]

Peaches is married to Thomas Cohen

Agent Provocateur's Occult Campaign - 'featuring Peaches Geldof.'

See the Agent Provocateur official site "for some interesting symbolism."

According to an article at Mail Online, a Satanic sex cult is ensnaring a growing number of celebrities, such as Peaches Geldof, Jimmy Page and Jay-Z.

Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page "has taken part in occult magical rituals" and bought Satanist Aleister Crowley's former home.


The Mail does not mention that the CIA and its friends have long used Satanic sex cults to mind-control top people.

Maxwell-Knight, a friend of Aleister Crowley. From: 'One Girl's War, by Joan Miller (1986) we learn about Charles Henry Maxwell-Knight, formerly head of Britain's MI5 spy agency. "His first wife Gladys, I learnt, died in the Overseas Club after some sort of occult misadventure in which the notorious Aleister Crowley was involved." (http://www.bilderberg.org/sis.htm

Peaches Geldof has shown an interest in Scientology and Judaism.

Now, reportedly, Peaches Geldof has told her Twitter fans that she is a devotee of Ordo Templi Orientis, known as OTO.

OTO originated in Germany or Austria between 1895 and 1906.[4]

OTO, in the UK, was founded by  Aleister Crowley.

Crowley's form of worship "involved sadomasochistic sex rituals" with young males and females, spells, and the use of hard drugs...


Crowley and Peaches. DailyMail

THE ORDO TEMPLI ORIENTIS (OTO) is today's best-known of the hard-core, British-based Satanist cults. 

Like the Lucis Trust, the OTO is a direct off-shoot of the work of Britain's leading twentieth-century Satanist, Theosophy leader Aliester Crowley. 

OTO enthusiasts claim this organization is an offshoot of Templar freemasonry, and hint at very influential protection from among Templars very high in British freemasonry. 

Nazism and occultism...

Reportedly, there are now OTO lodges around the UK.

John Bonner, 62, from East Sussex, is the head of OTO in the UK.

Former FBI agent Ted Gundersen investigated Satanic circles in LA.

He found that Crowley’s teachings suggested human sacrifice, preferably of 'an intelligent young boy'.

"POLICE are probing claims that disgraced DJ Jimmy Savile was filmed cavorting naked in a Satanic sex club.

"Operation Yewtree detectives investigating the shamed star’s sordid antics are hunting for the footage which is said to have been preserved on DVD.

"The sleazy film is said to show other celebrities and civic bigwigs taking part in naked Satanic rituals at a secret club called The Chamber.

"The meeting place in Whitby, North Yorks, had a ceremonial whipping post in the centre of the room. Occult symbols including pentagrams and goat’s heads adorned the walls."

Jimmy Savile 'naked in satanic sex club' - Daily Star


The CIA's Monarch Programming takes its name from the Monarch butterfly. "They begin as worms (underdeveloped and new) and after the cocoon stage (programming) it is transformed into a completely different creature—a high-flying butterfly (aka the Monarch slave). Also, when someone is given electroshock therapy, a feeling of light-headedness occurs and the person feels like they are floating, like a butterfly."  memoirsfrommorocco.blogspot.com



Walter Wit Man said...

Here's a modern day iteration of a Crowley type sex cult: OneTaste.


This cult is actually a continuation of a male led sex cult from the 60s and 70s, as profiled in the 1972 book "Mindfuckers" (lengthened from Rolling Stones articles which also discusses the Mel Lyman cult in Boston and the Mason family in So. California). But OneTaste has created a wrinkle where the guru is a woman and the cult has neoliberal, feminist, and entrepreneur (i.e. Ponzi scheme) tendencies. Nicole loves saying the Dali Lama says "Western women will change the world" or something, which she plans to do via orgasm.

Nicole Daedone, the leader, was also into theosophy before she got into orgasmic meditation (or maybe it was concurrent--her story is very sketchy).

Anyway, there is a lot more research on the OneTaste sex cult here: http://forum.rickross.com/read.php?12,62400

Anonymous said...

The bodyguard of Bob geldof who was appointed by MI5 for the mass concerts, said Bob was filthy, he stunk, his hair was mated and dirty and he was unshaven, he was wearing sandals and his feet were black with dirt, geldof is an NWO man through and through.
The head of MI5 s wife died ina bizarre occult operation against Hitler organised by Churchill, his driver spoke about this several times.
During the blitz jewish gangs would set light to london shops to make it look like they had been bombed before robbing them, Churchiiols part time driver was killed ina shop explosion, it looked like he was tied up inside

Anonymous said...

theosophy or Theosophy? As I recall, HPB and the Beast didn't get on too well.

Crowley had mastered disinformation. He's not the only one - reads like someone's got an agenda: same guy who was pushing Larouche?

Anonymous said...

Anyone understands the 8:26 PM comment ?

Anonymous said...

I remember a club in Hollywood called Spartacus which makes me think could be related and many clues to its elite clientele could be investigated. It was a Hollywood hotspot at the time but according to the valet man was a gay club for Hollywood elite.

Anonymous said...


Noor al Haqiqa said...

“We entered the synagogue, which was packed with the greatest stinking bunch of humanity I have ever seen. When we got about halfway up, the head rabbi, who was dressed in a fur hat similar to that worn by Henry VIII of England and in a surplice heavily embroidered and very filthy, came down and met the General (Eisenhower)...The smell was so terrible that I almost fainted and actually about three hours later lost my lunch as the result remembering it." ~ General Patton in Germany, diary entry Sept 17, 1945

That quote came to mind when I read the comment about Geldof's hygiene. That is one very lost family.... makes you also wonder what really went down with INXS Michael Hutchence that he suicided.

And then there is Bono....

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Geldof concieved of the Live Aid Single the day he was told his record contract was not being renewed. Fancy that !

dognamedblue said...

ah can we ever forget geldofs early "hit" promoting child suicide?

I seem to recall OTO on some fringe tv show asking for members a few years ago?

that live8 gig took every one's attention from 1 in 10 of the population in scotland [equivilant as some not from scotland] protesting the war, nicely timed
even for a floyd fan [they are more part of it than even I want to admit]

wasn't page another "star" that liked his wife young?

Anonymous said...

Re anon at 8.26

The fact that there are factions in the death cult is meaningless. Of course there are factions. The death cult doesn't symbolise itself with twin pillars (and two snakes on the trickster's staff) for no reason. They understand the power of an Hegelian thesis/antithesis perfectly well and use it at all levels of their own structure except for the top, the all-seeing eye. This eye, this council does this to protect themselves from all who are beneath them because were they united they could easily depose a mere dozen families.

It's all about control. Occult = hidden = priests = control. That's everything worth knowing about 'occult'.

And as some chap said, 'a pox on both their houses', which I'm thinking Aangirfan understands well enough.

best etc. etc.

A13 said...

Never forget the suspicious deaths of Michael Hutchence and Paula Yates...

Anonymous said...

I can tell you geldof started off right but was turned by high ranking jews, those that wont like Brian Jones of the stones and Jimmi Hendrix get bumped off,
The russian jews who were given the homes of ethnic Germans after W W II were said by General Wavell to have turned them into stinking pissholes of filth

Anonymous said...

Re: re Anon at 8.26

Thanks for lucid reply. No doubts on aang but not inclined to argue the rest - best to have no beliefs - BUT it's that very dialectic will topple 'em. WATCH THIS SPACE.

Anonymous said...

The smelly, unkempt bit sounds like The Goat, a symbol of the occult, the Devil's Messenger. The Goat is used in sex-rites, deflowering virgins on the alter. So Geldorf and co., would seem to be High Priests.

Note how popular tattoos are. And not arty and decorative ones, but weird shit in weird places. I can't believe the girls think their tattoos are sexy, nor these studs they screw-in all over. Ordinary girls are so stupid they simply copy their favourite star, but if the tattoos the stars have have some occult meaning the famous ones are probably used in occult rituals.

Jimmy Page went to Baker's, a private school on the South coast for intelligent kids from poorer families, sponsored by ...whom?

I had a mate who went there, lived in a room with another lad, across from Page's room. Simple furniture, clean, disciplined, the boys trained to keep their 'barracks' tidy.

I would visit occasionally with his cousin (he had a car) and we would sit in Billy's room and chat to Page in his room, from across the corridor, not a chore as doors were required to be kept open all the time except when 'lights-out'. Wondered why he didn't come and sit with us but he preferred it that way, Nice lad, spoke posh, was going to be a scientist. Billy took a degree in biology down in Devon later, lost contact.

Can't recall Page talking of The Dark Arts (of which I was aware via others) nor any of the other boys I met there, so I don't know if that was part of the curriculum. Bowie is the only one who seems to have been into that, but I'm sure many other pop-stars probably were, too, why they made it big, powerful sponsors helping them.

Wonder if these lads shared DNA with the same powerful people...

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