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Triple Canopy, founded in Chicago in 2003 by U.S. Army Special Forces veterans.

Before Boston, there was Mumbai.

US trained mercenaries may have been used in both attacks.

Some of the Mumbai gunmen appear to have been beer-drinking white men, according to a BBC report.

According to the BBC, 27 November 2008: 

(BBC NEWS Mumbai attackers create 'killing zone'):

"The 'fair skinned' men, as Mr Mishra remembers them, simply carried on killing..."

Triple Canopy have recent experience managing cases in India, Nigeria and Somalia.

(Experience Triple Canopy )

In the Mumbai attacks of 2008, eyewitnesses said some of the attackers "included Nigerian or Somali mercenaries."

"It appears that the Obama administration has decided on its hired guns of choice: Triple Canopy, a Chicago company...

"Triple Canopy has ... a record of hiring mercenaries from countries with atrocious human rights records..."

(Triple Canopy, 'Obama's Blackwater' / ISN Triple Canopy Takes Over ...)

Wayne Madsen reports that a 'mercenary firm' working for the US government has been carrying out 'false flag' terrorist attacks in Asia, with the assistance of Mossad and India's spy service RAW. 

Not Kasab

David Headley, from Chicago, has admitted to planning the Mumbai attacks.

Headley worked for the US Drugs Enforcement Administration which is closely linked to the CIA.

According to The Hindu, 16 January 2010, (Headley attended Lashkar training camps in Pakistan):

Headley claimed to have done a stint with the US army.

Headley told his friend Rahul Bhatt about the US military's Delta Force and the CIA's top-secret force called Special Activities Division which carries out covert political action and paramilitary operations. 

Mumbai attacks.

Headley was operating from a Training Gym extremely close to the US Consulate at Bridge Candy. 

(Mahesh Bhatt & the Headley affair )

"He was also very friendly with the personnel at the US consulate and was on a first name basis with a number of US Consulate officials that he met at the gym." 

Headley of the CIA?

According to Wayne Madsen: 

There is a secret Blackwater-XE/CIA/Joint Special Operations Command forward operating base in Karachi.

"There are also reports that Blackwater/XE personnel are in Somalia and have carried out terrorist bombings in Mogadishu...


"A number of terrorist bombings in Pakistan have been blamed by Pakistani Islamic leaders on Blackwater, Mossad, and RAW. 

"Blackwater has been accused of hiring young Pakistanis in Peshawar to carry out false flag bombings that are later blamed on the Pakistani Taliban...

"The terrorist attacks allegedly are carried out by a secret Blackwater-XE/CIA/Joint Special Operations Command forward operating base in Karachi. 

"The XE Services component was formerly known as Blackwater Select, yet another subsidiary in a byzantine network of shell and linked companies run by Blackwater/Xe on behalf of the CIA and the Pentagon.


"On December 3, 2009, the Pakistani newspaper Nawa-i-Waqt reported: “Vast land near the Tarbela dam has also been given to the Americans where they have established bases for their army and air forces. 

"There, the Indian RAW [Research and Analysis Wing] and Israeli Mosad are working in collaboration with the CIA to carry out extremist activities in Pakistan.”

"Blackwater/XE is also thought to be carrying out terrorist roadside bombings in Algeria, once the exclusive domain of the mercenary French Foreign Legion, to justify a greater American security presence in Algeria, ostensibly to protect natural gas pipelines in the country."



Anonymous said...

Hi those are CST-WMD protection personnel. A federaly funded state controlled National Guard unit.

Anonymous said...

Some unit/group for sure, as they have indentical outfits.

Anonymous said...
What I don't understand is that a pressure cooker bomb sounds makeshift amateurish, yet the perp has evaded discovery in an area crawling with police, seals, national guard and bomb sniffing dogs...hmmmm.

Anonymous said...

Barack Obama's connection with Dick Cheney:

Ty Aangirfan for this post especially the link to Triple Canopy'Obama's Blackwater
A paragraph in it has:The Associated Press later reported that the commission explained that “at Base Delta [a Multi-National Force base in Iraq], Triple Canopy has not provided guards with enough vehicles to cover the facility's perimeter [and] as a result, the guards frequently rely on the military for transportation […] Houston-based KBR Inc., which has a separate contract to provide food, transportation and housing for US forces, has had to assist both Sabre [another PSC] and Triple Canopy.

Kellogg,Brown and Root

Well George Rufus Brown the Brown in the company

In 1962 after his older brother Herman's Death merged the Company with Halliburton
Whose CEO from 1995 to 2000 was one Dick Cheney who has received stock options from Halliburton.

Ohhh Sheeple this is absolute proof that Barack Obama and Dick Cheney are tied at the hip.

It's time to stop the stupid High School Games and wake up!!!

Anonymous said...

‘Terror Returns’– but When Did It Go Away?

Post-Election Sabotage: Washington Seeks to Destabilize Venezuela

Silencing the British People: The Legacy of Thatcherism and the Iraq War

How Obama Sold the Presidency to Wall Street

Anonymous said...

Post-Boston Bombings Fear-Mongering: The Alleged Ricin and Anthrax Terrorist Attacks

Margaret Thatcher and Augusto Pinochet: “Dictators willing to serve the West are sent Tanks, Guns and Christmas Cards”

Surreal: US Troops Stage in Jordan to Defend and Protect Al Qaeda in Syria
Massive US arms/aid deliveries prop up Al Qaeda in Syria, while US troops stage in Jordan to defend terrorists they spent last decade fighting.

Anonymous said...

I turned off the set a year ago except some sports. I am out raged about this Tv culture! I happened to turn on cnbc (speaking of horseshiat) when BM first came on (happened?) The blood sidewalk had a empty lot and sidewalk NO STOREFRONT. The first views were distant wide angles and showed the sidewalk and surrounding area barren? That sidewalk first fronted empty lot!

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