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Miley Cyrus, who played the part of Hannah Montana

Billy Ray Cyrus is the father of Miley Cyrus.

Billy Ray Cyrus was once asked if he thinks his family is under attack by Satan.

Billy Ray Cyrus says, "no doubt. There's no doubt about it."

Hannah Montana is a victim of Satanic Mind Control

Reportedly, Miley Cyrus is a victim of CIA mind control.

CIA mind-control programmes make use of Satanism.

LIST OF SATANIC HAND SIGNS. Occultism, used for mind control, can be found in the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

Billy Ray refers to a You Tube video showing Miley using the the drug Salvia.

Billy Ray tells of his inability to get past Miley's "handlers."

"They told me it was none of my business... Some of these handlers are perhaps more interested in handling Miley's money than her safety and her career...

"She's got a lot of people around her that's putting her in a great deal of danger."

Hannah Montana is a victim of Satanic Mind Control

The CIA's Monarch Programming takes its name from the Monarch butterfly. "They begin as worms (underdeveloped and new) and after the cocoon stage (programming) it is transformed into a completely different creature—a high-flying butterfly (aka the Monarch slave). Also, when someone is given electroshock therapy, a feeling of light-headedness occurs and the person feels like they are floating, like a butterfly."

Billy Ray was friends with Kurt Cobain and Michael Jackson, who reportedly were victims of CIA mind control.

The TV series Hannah Montana stars Miley Cyrus as a girl who lives a secret double life - "an average schoolgirl by day, and the titular, pretty-in-pink (and occult purple) pop star by night."

Hannah Montana is a victim of Satanic Mind Control

Miley/Hannah wears butterfly symbols on her clothes.

"She is literally (in terms of her MK programming) some form of corporate global Lolita robot" being used to socially engineer teenage girls for their role as Illuminati sex slaves and ... breeding stock.

Mind Control 101: POP'S ILLUMINATI TOP 10

Satanism is a broad term referring to a group of diverse beliefs.


The controversial Lyndon LaRouche has written a Real History Of Satanism.

The following is from Real History Of Satanism

Anglo-American Satanists

The best-organized Satanist forces operating presently inside the United States include the following prominent organizations: 

THE LUCIS TRUST (founded by Alice Bailey)

This is the leading, putatively respectable Britain-based Satan cult (it worships Lucifer). 

The Lucis Trust, which runs the only religious chapel at the New York United Nations headquarters, The Temple of Understanding, was originaly founded as the Lucifer Trust, in London, in 1923. 

The Lucis Trust associated with the UNO is the New York affiliate of the British organization. 

The name was changed from Lucifer Trust, to Lucis Trust, to make the nature of the organization less conspicuous. 


The Lucis Trust's leading sponsors include the following prominent figures: 

John D. Rockefeller IV The Rockefeller Foundation... 

Robert McNamara.. 

The United Lodge of Theosophists of New York City U.... 

Rabbi Marc Tannenbaum, American Jewish Committee 

"Hitler carried out blood sacrifices to open his mind up to high level demonic spiritual control."

Prominent front-organizations sponsored by the Lucis Trust, include the following:

The Theosophical Society (founded by Helena P. Blavatsky in 1875), The United Nations Association, The World Wildlife Fund UK 

The Findhorn Foundation, Greenpeace International, Greenpeace USA, Amnesty International... 


Maxwell-Knight, a friend of Aleister Crowley. From: 'One Girl's War, by Joan Miller (1986) we learn about Charles Henry Maxwell-Knight, formerly head of Britain's MI5 spy agency. "His first wife Gladys, I learnt, died in the Overseas Club after some sort of occult misadventure in which the notorious Aleister Crowley was involved." (


This is today's best-known of the hard-core, British-based Satanist cults. 

Like the Lucis Trust, the OTO is a direct off-shoot of the work of Britain's leading twentieth-century Satanist, Theosophy leader Aliester Crowley. 

OTO enthusiasts claim this organization is an offshoot of Templar freemasonry, and hint at very influential protection from among Templars very high in British freemasonry. 

Witch Doctor. Hans Hillewaert


The WICCA cult came to the surface early during the post-war period, as a legalized association for the promotion of witchcraft. 

It is the leading publicly known international association of witches in the world today. 

In the United States, WICCA's outstanding sponsor is the New York Anglican (Episcopal) diocese, under Bishop Paul Moore. 

"The presiding bishop of the cathedral, Bishop Paul Moore, whose family is heir to the Nabisco company fortune, has been in the forefront of creating this Satanic "new world order," since at least the late 1950s, when, as a priest in Indianapolis, Indiana, he gave the "People's Temple" cult of Jim Jones its start." The Lucis Trust - Satanism and the New World Order

Officially, New York's Anglican Cathedral of St. John the Divine has promoted the spread of WICCA witchery through its Lindisfarne center. 

The late Gregory Bateson conducted such an operation out of the Lindisfarne center during the 1970s. 

No later than the 1970s, and perhaps still today, the crypt of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, is the headquarters for solemn ceremonies of the British (Venerable) Order of Malta.

Gregory Bateson and Margaret Mead. "In Hawaii, lurking behind the scenes during Obama's most impressionistic years was the infamous MK ULTRA British Godfather and Mind Control Expert, Dr. Gregory Bateson." aangirfan: THE CIA BRAINWASHING OF OBAMA

Key figures, such as Gregory Bateson's former spouse, Dame Margaret Mead, associated with that British order, have been associated with projects in support of the Satanist "Age of Aquarius" cause. 

For obvious reasons, U.S. witches have chosen Salem, Massachusetts, as their national center. 

One of the most important operations of these witches is their coordination of the hardcore of U.S. astrology rackets. 


The "Age of Aquarius," or "New Age," is the generic name adopted by the modern Satanist movement. 

The best-publicized among the founders of the Age of Aquarius movement include Fyodor Dostoevsky, Friedrich Nietzsche, Axel Munthe (of Capri notoriety), and Aleister Crowley. 

Most Aquarians trace the origins of modern Satanism to Nietzsche and Crowley... 

Nietzsche prophesied that the New Age would be the Age of Aquarius, which he identified with the Satanic figure Dionysos. 

Crowley announced himself publicly a devotee of Nietzsche's New Age cult in his Vienna Theosophy magazine, near the beginning of this century, and indicated as his preferred choice of name for Satan. 

Among hard-core insiders, the New Age models its dogma on the Magis' cult of Mithras, as Nietzsche did. 

The cult has notable affinities to the Bulgarian-Cathar Bogomil cult (from which the slang term "buggery" is derived). 

The New Age's most celebrated historical figure, its choice for the original "incarnation" of the Anti-Christ, is the Roman Emperor Tiberius who ordered the execution of Christ. 

[Some Roman emperors, most notably Caligula, became possessed by being initiated without being suitably prepared.] 

Adolf Hitler and Hermann Goering were among the notable figures who followed this cult. 

"Christ taught that God is Immanent and His Plan is to manifest Himself through His Creation. We must do His will rather than pursue our own selfish desires. Kings derived their authority from God and were answerable to Him. The Jewish Pharisees rejected Christ. They practised a naturalistic religion that turned Christ's message on its head. Man is God, rules the universe, and defines reality. We can indulge our desires. Dating back to Zoroastrianism, the Jewish Cabala reverses the roles of God and Lucifer and embraces occult symbols, rituals and blood sacrifices. This is the Cosmic Struggle between Spirit and Matter: God will be Immanent; Matter will resist. This is the conflict between God (the view that man is unfinished, and dependent on Divine revelation) and Lucifer (man is already god.)" Does A Satanic Cult Rule The World?

The best-known coordinating-center for the Age of Aquarius project in the U.S.A. today is Palo Alto, California's Stanford Research Institute, whose Willis Harman is the relevant leading personality. 

See Harman disciple Marilyn Feruguson's 1980 Aquarian Conspiracy for a popular exposition of Harman's views and program for subversion of the United States. 

Ferguson is accurate when she reports that the Fabian Society's H.G. Wells (World War I boss of British intelligence) is a key figure of the Aquarian Conspiracy. 

Also key are Wells' ally, Bertrand Russell, and such Russell cronies as Robert M. Hutchins (Chicago University, Ford Foundation, Fund for the Republic, Aspen Institute, and the project). 

H G Wells

Both Margaret Mead and her husband Gregory Bateson were close collaborators of Russell and Hutchins from no later than 1938. 

The brothers, Aldous (Hollywood) and Julian (UNO) Huxley were collaborators of H. G. Wells, and were recruited to Crowley's Satanist cult during the late 1920s. 


Since the launching of the Beatles as an international project via TV in 1963, "rock" has been the most influential recruiter to Satanism. 

Rock was created, and is still coordinated by Crowley's followers and by the OTO network, in cooperation with WICCA. 

It is, not so incidentally, also the Satanist's biggest money-maker, and believed to provide the chief logistical support for deployments and other activities of the OTO-WICCA efforts world-wide. 

There is nothing spontaneous or accidental about "rock." 

It is a product of classical studies of the ancient Phrygian terrorist cult of Satan-Dionysos, the model for the Roman Bacchic cults of similar characteristics.

Michelle Obama

Crowley's control of the "rock industry" has been documented by a team of [private] investigators, who have also noted, that in addition to the Satanist lyrics, Satanist messages embedded sublimally in rock recordings are a key feature of this subversive operation. 

The "rock rythm" itself is copied from the old Dionysian-Bacchic cults. 

Even without the drugs and sexual orgies which are characteristic features of hard-core rock affairs, repeated,frequent, hours-long exposure to constant repetition of "rock rythms" produces lasting, drug-like effects on the mind of the victim.

Reducing sexual practices to the level of bestiality, is a crucial feature of Satanism in all historical periods studied, from Phrygian Cybele-Dionysos cult-period onward. 

From western continental Europe, among the threats to the U.S. from this quarter, the two leading open centers for hard-core Satanism today, are Turin, Italy (where actress ElizabethTaylor's "Live AIDS" project attempted to sponsor an aborted Satan-rock festival), and Lausanne, Switzerland.

The Satanist Mind 

...Most of the sexual and related atrocities perpetrated upon "disappeared" infants and other children, are done as part of the rituals outlined in manuals of Satanist organizations. 

A leading police association has received expert estimate, that of all known murders, one in five is a ritual murder, like the ritual London assassination of Italy's Roberto Calvi, perpetrated by members of Satanist cults. 

The "Son of Sam" murders in New York, and the Cobb County-based cult operations in the so-called "Atlanta child-murders," fit into this pattern. 

Satanism is not "just another nutty occult fad"...

Bohemian Grove, California.

It begins like drug-addiction; the prospective recruit to Satanism "gets into something" on a playful impulse, but then finds himself or herself gripped by compulsions which he or she can no longer control... 

The key is "letting oneself go," into the depths of acting-out impulses which combine sexual impulses and rage as a unity, and expressing this form of "pleasure" in the form of an act which violates an important precept of one's own conscience.

Nietzsche's writings, especially toward the last period of life preceding his mental breakdown, address these special sorts of emotions, and refer implicitly to terrible obscene acts as the prospective fulfilment of such impulses. 

Nietzsche recognized these impulses as Satanic - dionysiac - in quality...

Nietzsche's instruction is much to the point. 

Perform some really monstrous act of blasphemy, and associate that blasphemous doing with some sort of degraded,orgiastic pleasure.

Go back to ancient Mesopotamia, whence Satanism was transmitted to western Europe. 

The relevant figure of Satanism is not a male, but a female figure. 

The male figure - Satan, Baal, Lucifer, and so on - is a subordinate figure; the female principle of evil is pre-dominant. 

Hence, Satan's mother, the "Whore of Babylon," known otherwise as the Chaldean Ishtar, the Caananite Astarte, Isis, Venus, or the Phrygian Cybele. 

The ritual of the priestesses of Ishtar was an obscene "religious service" which concluded with the priestesses' fornicating with the congregation. 

Hence, "Whore of Babylon," and the associated position of Ishtar, Athtar, Astarte, Isis, and Venus as the patron goddess of prostitution. 

This satanic cult-practice was introduced to Mesopotamia from pre-Aryan India [which was Inanna/Ishtar's assigned domain - see Sitchin's Wars of Gods and Men]. 

The so-called "Harrappan" culture, featuring the Earth-Mother and fertility goddess Shakti and her satanic male figure Siva, established a set of colonies in the Middle East.

The Sumer, established as a colony by what the local semites named "the black-headed people" (Dravidians), was a Harrapan colony. 

There, among the semites, Shakti became known as Ishtar. In the Harrapan colony of Sheba-Ethiopia, Shakti became known as Athtar.

In the Caananite ("Phoenician") offshoot of Harrapan colonizing, she became known as Astarte. 

The Hellenic cults of Isis and Osiris, were offshoots of the Harrapan cult of Shakti-Siva, by this route. 

When the same cult spread to an Indo-european people, the Phrygians, Shakti-Siva assumed the Indo-european forms of Cybele and Dionysos (day-night). 

Apollo and Lucifer are variants of the name for Satan-Osiris-Dionysos. [Ishtar was ambitious.] 

The Canaanites, and others, went in for child sacrifice.

Among the Caananites, for example, Satanism expressed itself in such forms as the worship of Moloch, with the included custom of making a human sacrifice of the first-born of each marriage. 

Notably, that Caananite tradition is featured in the modern Satanists' ritual sexual and homicidal rituals upon infants and children used as human sacrifices... 

The result of ... initiation... is... a former human being transformed into something which is not human.

Modern liberals and others frown on reports of savage witch-hunts from earlier centuries. 

Usually, the special British COINTELPRO operation, run in Salem Massachusetts as a covert operation against the independence of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, is commonly referenced.

A better comparison is the proliferating of Satanist movements during the fourteenth century; these witches were actually sub-human, Satanist beasts, who represented that sort of mass threat to the population of that period... 

The witches of the old Middle East and fourteenth-century Europe were very real, very evil witches, no longer human, but murderous beasts.

A Hell Fire Club

Modern Witchcraft 

The modern spread of witchcraft in English-speaking nations, began during the sixteenth century, in the setting of imported cabalist and rosicrucan cults built up around Oxford and Cambridge. 

Francis Bacon and his secretary Thomas Hobbes were part of this movement. 

The endemic inculcation in Satanism which this prompted in seventeenth-century England, exploded after the accession of King George I, in the form of the Hell-fire Clubs which proliferated among degenerate English nobility during the long Liberal prime ministry of Hugh Walpole. 

During the Stuart Restoration period, the pro-satanic Rosicrucean and cabalist cultism around the Stuart court siezed upon the case of Robert Bruce to reorganize the cult in a newform. 

Robert Bruce had been the leader of a group of Satan-worshipping (Baphomet) Templars, who had fled to Scotland, away from the angered justice of the Papacy and the King of France. 

What they brought with them, was the Templars' exploitation of the Cathar (Bogomil) tradition in the region of Toulouse and Albi, to build up the syncretic sort of Satanic worship the Templars had acquired in the Middle East. 

The Papacy had enough of this, and the King of France acted to shut down Templars by the means customary in those times. 

A group of Templars under Bruce fled to Scotland, and after some initial difficulties, made themselves the lords of the place. 

The character of the Stuart court is illustrated by the characterization of one Stuart government of that period as the "Cabal" ...


During this century, when the chest of Isaac Newton's laboratory papers was opened and examined, the content of Newton's acutal "scientific work" turned out to be a selection of lurid and rather insane experimetns in "black magic." 

The circles around Francis Bacon and Hobbes were, as we say today, "a prize collection of real kooks." 

So, the Templar mish-mash of Bogomil Gnosticism blended into Hashishin Satanism, caused Bruce's Templar credentials to be viewed as suitable myth-building material for the taste of the Stuart kooks of the period. 

The Liberal aristocracy of Britain became a principal concentration of this filthy stuff. 

When the Liberals came to full power, under Walpole, this Liberal stuff came out in such form as the proliferating Hell-Fire Clubs. 

That tradition was cultivated under the Second Earl of Shelbourne's puppet prime minister, William Pitt the Younger, with Satanic figures such as the powerful Jeremy Bentham in the fore.

Satanism gained new ground under the protection of Liberalism and Romanticism during the nineteenth century. 

In England,the more virulent new forms surfaced around Oxford University's John Ruskin and the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. 

Out of this came theosophy, British "guild" socialism, the Fabian Society, Bertrand Russell, H. G. Wells, and Aleister Crowley - Satanists all. 

This spilled over into the United States, notably in the circles of putative "Great Awakening" evangelist Johnathan Edwards, and his protege, Princeton Hell-Fire Club activist Aaron Burr. 

During the late nineteenth century, the sort of spoon-bending kookery associated with such figures as Oliver Lodge and A. Conan Doyle spilled generously among the wealthy anglophile liberals of the United States. 

In short, this sort of witchery has been endemic over the centuries. 

The difference is, that what was endemic has become epidemic.


Anonymous said...

Good article buta couple of errors
Winston Churchills bodyguard, body doubles, speech writers, doctor cinema projectionst,personal osteopath and cigar supplier all said churchill was heavily into the occult and used experts to
commit sacrifices both humn and animal, see work by sefton delmer and " Churchills black team of occultists"
Hitler on the other hand has not one person in his entourage who said he was into black magic,
dont get me wrong i have no time for the man but lets just stick to the truth here please

Newspaceman said...

Re Robert the Bruce and Bannockburn :

"As both sides face off, the Scots suddenly kneel in prayer. King Edward thinks they are kneeling to him for mercy while, behind him, Venus has already risen, followed by Orion and the sun. Could the widely reported event have been orchestrated to serve a double purpose—one prayer for the moment, one hidden for posterity"

Re Dionysus, we saw shades of worship last September involving the Olympic closing, a ram's headed Lady Gaga, Lady Di, Andy Murray, Sean Connery & more

Not trying to self promote, it seems most pertinent to this post.


Anonymous said...

Lyndon LaRouche clearly knows nothing about Nietzsche. If you read 'The Antichrist' (for example) you will very quickly recognise that Nietzsche is no satanist. And if you follow his life and writings, you will come to understand that he was a kind and polite man who was loved by his students and friends. His idea that morality was 'turned on its head', and that the good and bad of classical antiquity had become good and evil in modern times was based on his analysis of the master slave relationship. For him, all forms of anarchism/communism/socialism/humanitarianism etc.. were just nihilistic expressions of a slave morality which had inverted the basic valuations of good and bad. He called it the 'conspiracy of the slaves', and I am sure that he would recognise the victory of slave morality in our present times, and he would condemn many of our present day institutions as bearers of 'evil' and 'bad conscience'.

I still don't understand LaRouche whenever he talks about philosophers. He speaks like he hasn't read them.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Great blog aang, i have to say this is pretty much ALL i researched for about two years and your absolutely on the money with this. Folks, we all got to realise this isnt about the illuminati, zionists, communist/fascists, reptiles or royals, its the BIG ONE PEOPLE!!! I aint joking, im a Christian now, its the only way to be prepared for the coming darkness, accept the Lord Jesus and reject the satanic filth of a world that they have made,peace,, and God bless Aang, you do a great job bringing people the truth, no matter how distasteful it really isO:-)

Newspaceman said...

Hiya Anon @3.31.

There was an interesting article just a few days ago in the mail on line re Himmler, Nazi archaeology the Holy Grail.


Anonymous said...

An incredible hodgepodge of nonsense, some sense and purely fabricated stuff. Look, there is Satanism but I doubt it has much to do with dead Near Eastern religions (unless you count Judaism and its spinoffs as such). THe talk of Mithras and Nietzsche here is so far offbase as to render everything else laughable. But what else can one do when dealing with modern State SEcurity Services that clearly have tapped into some kind of ancient technology to subvert free will? Clearly there is no safe or trustworthy source on this stuff. As reader I guess I am forced to survey and weigh each fact and each lie and figure out which is which.

Anonymous said...

Great blog but I have to point out that there is no evidence where the Sumerians came from especially as their language is unrelated to any other known language.

Anonymous said...

Great topic as usual but, as other posters have pointed out, Larouche is absolutely not a reliable source. Neither are fundamentalist Christian websites. The article was biased from a Christian perspective. It would be better to see the usual rigour applied when reading about this fascinating topic.

Anonymous said...

Satanism is glorification of torture and murder.

Might makes right, illumination (glorification) of power, excluding loving emotions.
It is a central part of the old and new testament.
And of Islam, Hinduism and Zen Buddhism
(the perfect world of suffering duality, death of ego and body and Nirvana).
And of New Age, glorifying destruction leading to a new world NWO.

Religion of terror used as mind control tool for absolute power.
Cremation of Care cults are stepping stones of the ruling Mafia, using ritual child "sacrifice" to select the most heartless sadists and ruthless sociopaths and as proof of total obedience. Jewish rulers finance and promote it.

It's quite demented, trapped in a desire to topple higher powers, wanting to become gods ("I am become death, the destroyer of worlds" J. Robert Oppenheimer, Trinity nuke test 1945), and of course mass suicidal.

Anonymous said...

Great piece, which only confirms my best sense of things as they pertain to an individual I once knew.

I have several simple questions, perhaps not unrelated to the topic of "mind control" but certainly not related (I hope to God) to satanism, and they pertain to two general questions. If anyone has direct information, I'd appreciate an e-mail [sophiascholar at gmail dot com].

There is a book available and online entitled "Thresholds of the Mind" which addresses the topic of binaural-beat-driven brain-wave state meditation audio. It notes an old Scientific American article (and patent) which is also obliquely used by a well-known institute in virginia (USA) and thence by the CIA or its distant operatives and branches into such things as "remote viewing". But it also generates the trademarked product "HoloSync". So the question is this:" Is HoloSync nefarious?

By extension, there are works out there (books, DVD's and CD's) by Joe Dispenza on techniques by which one can "evolve" their own mind. See ....

From where I sit, based on what I've read and know, these seem to be benign and potentially powerful approaches to controlling one's own mind (and preventing its control by others).

If you or some read has information to the contrary -- that they are created, used or intended to facilitate the control of my mind by someone else -- I'd appreciate hearing about it.

Anonymous said...

Bravo Aang, spot on.

You completely nailed the second pillar. As I've always said, these worshippers of the self qualify as the anti-buddha, those at the wrong end of the continuum ie. who choose selfishness over selflessness.

And looking back it's extraordinary how I, a chap who put this continuum at the top of his page and otherwise declares himself a variety of nihilist Buddhist, have been perpetually plagued by Wiccans, Theosophists, Nietzscheans etc and all declaring themselves to be my fans. They were strange fans however given that in the comments they would invariably ignore whatever it was I'd written and instead push their barrow of self-worship in some kind of attempt to steer me.

As they are here now trying to do the same with you. Even before I clicked your comments button I knew that I would find them here. Clever me, eh?

And they never quit you know.

But never mind them, the other half of the equation is the first pillar and its involvement with this one. Clearly the two are in cahoots. Hell, sometimes it's difficult to discern where one stops and the other starts. Was it Kathleen Sullivan or Brice Taylor who mentioned Kissinger as a Lucis heavy? I can't recall but regardless it all comes together at the top.

Apologies for teaching you to suck eggs, ha ha.

Small note: I'm somewhat surprised to see Billy Ray Cyrus talking about daughter's handlers as if he wasn't one of them. To my way of thinking he clearly was. I should also add that daughter's should more correctly be written daughters' given that he had two and they both copped the same treatment. The other of course is Noah, she of the pole-dancing for eight-year-olds fame.

Whatever was done to both of these girls wasn't done in spite of their father but because of him. Any declarations from Pere Cyrus to the contrary I would merely take as evidence of him likewise being a MPD/DID subject, ie. they could torture him and he'd have no idea. And given the we've-seen-over-and-over generational nature of SRA it would stand to reason.

Otherwise, a marvellous effort and keep up the good work.

yours aye etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 6:22 PM

Well, I haven't the links, but in Sumer the languages were basically two: One more evolved and one simpler. The first was used by women and dealt with rituals of fertility and the meaning behind every day actions; while the second was used by men and was limited to building, hunting and so on.

Anonymous said...

I recommend everybody read Quran. It tells, purpose of creation and where all these cults came from and where they lead you.

Anonymous said...

„The witches of the old Middle East and fourteenth-century Europe were very real, very evil witches, no longer human, but murderous beasts“
The story of the witch hunt in the medieval times looks a bit suspicious to me. It appears, „Google n frenz“ are not really willing to reveal some convincing evidence in that aspect.
Apparently, under the auspices of clergymen, lots of attractive?? women were accused of witchcraft and consequently murdered in public. What could have been the real reason for such a strange policy. Aren't men in power quite often inclined to foregive crimes and intrigues of attractive women??
Understand, that also in those times, the tribe was pulling the strings to a large extend, even if only the church (as kind of jewish controlled media) was available to manipulate the people.
Could it be, that „these witches“ played an important role in controlling the Goyim, possibly with their manipulated sexuality and eventually with a special ability to read the minds and intentions of the Goyim???? (Ian Lungold / Mayan calendar, is making some allusions in that respect, in one of his speeches)
(can „modern witches“ read the thoughts of men they are dealing with.. I am inclined to affirm this, even if the thoughts were not „of basic instincts“...)

RKae said...

Every time I see one of these young pop stars (M. Cyrus, Katy Perry - you name it) I just see their smugness all over them. "If only you little people knew what I get up to in secret! But you're all peasants and you'd never understand it! You'd call it 'evil' because you're so dim!" Kat Perry even giggles when she talks about selling her soul to the devil. Sick.

I agree with Anon 5:26 up there. Christianity is the best defense against this darkness. I've gotten some good podcasts from Russ Dizdar recently (and some great music from Neal Morse!).

Clothcap said...

For no particular reason

Luci's Trust sponsors among others the following organizations:
Greenpeace International
Greenpeace USA
Amnesty International
The United Nations has long been one of the foremost world harbingers for the "New Spirituality" and the gathering "New World Order" based on ancient occult and freemasonic principles.

Thanks aangirfan. (Does the name have a meaning?)

Dublinmick said...

Great post, enjoyed it right up until Nietzsche became a satanist and all of mesopotamia became the cradle of Lucifer.

That is a bit like saying nature is the source of evil as it produced Lucifer, the air is satanic because the satanists breathe it. etc etc. Sure they have incorporated many of the old symbols of the past which i doubt they understand themselves and call them satanic. It doesn't necessarily make it so.

Some things simply cannot be lumped together for easy reading.

Dublinmick said...

No doubt Miley is a monarch victim and gives the appearance of a little girl that needs to be taken home and sent to her room but over and above this there are some very different views concerning Mesopotamia.

We see tales of the garden of Eden, thought by some to be Mesopotamia, guarded by such fallen angels as Michael and Gabriel. Are they satanic also?

Now is does appear the denizens of Babylon grew wicked and began to transform the heavenly symbols into something satanic and it was destroyed by the Nefilim who ascertained that man had fallen away from the creator. It is also true man was created to mine gold for the nefilim but these same nefilim brought seeds, astronomy, math and higher learning to their genetic progeny. It is also seems to be true the modern day people who call themselves Jews have decided they carry more of this Nefilim gene.

Anon said...

"Plagued by Wiccans, Theosophists, Nietzscheans" and fascists, Zionists, Islamists...

Anon said...

Aang and Irfan are part of our staff.

- Aangirfan

Tony Ryals said...

I only relate 'SATAN' OR 'THE DEVIL' OR 'LUCIFER' TO JUDEO-CHRISTIAN-MOSLEM-MORMON RELIGIONS AND ALL RELIGIONS ARE LEARNED just like the languages that pass them on.The French speaking Quebecois of Canada always amused me in the hippie days because they virtually cursed in catholic such as using the word 'tabernac' the way someone else might use the term 'fuck' although even that word began to evolve different more nebulous meanings than a act of sex.I guess it really does stand for 'For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge' and was a word created by the British navy do to homosexual acts at sea ?
So I can't really relate to placing ancient Egytpian or Babylonian or Iranian or Indian religions or gods into our simplistic 'god' and 'devil' bs.Shiva isn't the cristian devil and neither is the Iranian Aryman,etc..If right wing fascists do so it is their own perversion and ignorance and if they are evil decadent perverts scumbags,which they are,that is no more proof of the devil than a good christian or jew or moslem or hindu is proof of the existence of their god or gods or goddesses for that matter.
Although if certain high level christian leaders or UN officials are actually funding satanic churches as you mention above I was unaware of it.Has anyone ever asked or gotten an answer from them as to why they are doing so ? And of course the UN is simply an organization to push the globalization agenda of elites and has been from the beginning and they are dangerous fascists as well. Ban Ki Moon joined Susan Rice in chastising Americans for believing that 9/11 was a conspiracy and yet he knows it was.
Another example of the strange promotion of satan or lucifer or the devil by christian hierarchy is the example of the catholic church funding an observatory on land sacred to the apache in Arizona and naming it 'lucifer'.

Anonymous said...

Hmm... re the reply (was that you Aang?):

Me, I have never been plagued by Islamists. As for fascists and zionists, a bit confusing that what with the latter invariably being the former.

In my case it would be more accurate to say that I copped the most shit from white supremacists and Jewish supremacists, and in about equal measures. Mind you, they were entirely up front about it. They hated me and said so. The occultists on the other hand... even today I haven't quite figured out what the fuck they were up to. Certainly they were false but in what way and to what end is something of a mystery. Distraction? Spinning? Head fucking? Who knows.

Anon said...

White supremacists and Jewish supremacists - the latter invariably are the former.

- Aangirfan

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:35 - White is not Jewish. I mean NOT

Anonymous said...

@RKae - Russ Dizdar is a massive fraud.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Easter is the celebration of Ishtar.

Sure, Christianity will save us all, sure it will. Gag.

Anonymous said...

Hee Hee, I knew you could dig it.

BTW. I realise that my calling you Aang functions not so much as the intended dimunitive but rather as the naming of one. This is a bit unfortunate sure, but as you're aware it was done in a state of complete ignorance. At this late point I'd merely ask the indulgence of the student body and that they view it as neutrally as they might view the calling of the roll in alphabetical order, ha ha.

As for the topic du jour (27 comments - very popular) I'm inclined to agree with some of the above sentiments insofar as I find some of the case overstated. Witches as beasts in human form, I mean honestly. Hats off to hyperbole but that's just silly.

Further, I consider the idea of Christianity being the only response to satanism makes about as much sense as the oppositional logic that satanism exists as a response to Christianity. Groan. It's like two young fans of Masters Of The Universe who become deadly rivals on account of one liking He-Man and the other preferring Skeletor. Wouldn't we roll our eyes and tell these silly children that, a) there are other shows besides Masters Of The Universe, and b) there are other things to do besides watch TV? Not that they'd care to hear it of course...

best etc. etc.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Temple under the cathedral reminds me of a northern England private catholic school where a LOT of children were abused in the 60's/70's by 'name withheld'. Staff at that time were aware of it and punished/defamed the children. Underneath the school was a masonic temple. Initial investigation started then the abuser suddenly died. A hanging occurred in 1977 of a separate member of staff on the premises that maybe unconnected. One child told this member of staff shortly before he died as she had been beaten by a nun who she reported the abuse to and the member of staff who was found hanged had consoled her. Police still covering up the abuse/or can't be bothered pursuing justice for the victims to this very day as the abuser is deceased. Aangirfan, I read this blog every day and this particular article is brilliant, more than you know. Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Pillar 1 = Zionist/Edomite Kabal

Pillar 2 = Fascist/Satanic 'elite'

This is the monstrosity we face.

Carol A. Valentine

Anonymous said...

disinfo. too many shortcuts in mythology, history and thought to accept. larouche smells odd.

"A two-part article in The New York Times in 1979 by Howard Blum and Paul L. Montgomery alleged that LaRouche had turned it[who?]—at that point with 1,000 members in 37 offices in North America, and 26 in Europe and Latin America—into an extreme-right, anti-Semitic organization, despite the presence of Jewish members. LaRouche denied the newspaper's charges, and said he had filed a $100 million libel suit; his press secretary said the articles were intended to "set up a credible climate for an assassination hit."[36] The Times alleged that members had taken courses in how to use knives and rifles; that a farm in upstate New York had been used for guerrilla training; and that several members had undergone a six-day anti-terrorist training course run by Mitchell WerBell III, an arms dealer and former member of the Office of Strategic Services, who said he had ties to the CIA. Journalists and publications the party regarded as unfriendly were harassed, and it published a list of potential assassins it saw as a threat. LaRouche expected members to devote themselves entirely to the party, and place their savings and possessions at its disposal, as well as take out loans on its behalf. Party officials would decide who each member should live with, and if someone left the movement, his remaining partner was expected to live separately from him. LaRouche would question spouses about their partner's sexual habits, the Times said, and in one case reportedly ordered a member to stop having sex with his wife because it was making him "politically impotent."[37]"

never mind:

so this guy is pushing disinfo on satan? curious...

Anonymous said...

Aang ... the last airbender? Isn't that a tad satanic in itself? Or is that just a coincidence?

Anonymous said...

Lausanne a "leading open center for hard-core Satanism today". Wow. I live there. I would have expected London, Paris or another big city. Lausanne has 400 000 inhabitants. If you can elaborate I would much appreciate it.

Anon said...

Sorry I can't help on Lausanne; it was Lyndon LaRouche who mentioned that city.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking the time. Will keep an eye open!

Dublinmick said...

Looks like King Tut's curse had some help ... Crowley

Dublinmick said...

The manuscripts used to translate the book of the dead were translated after the conquest by Napoleon who by the way was a mason.

These manuscripts are instructions for weighing the soul against truth and helping it traverse the after life to find the Gods. There is nothing there that seems so satanic even though many can twist anything for their own uses.

It is nothing like the old testament and the urging of killing for yahweh.

This idea that everything from the past is satanic is very simplistic and a fairy tale foisted on many who never do any research whatsoever.

You can say the creation of the earth was due to magic and is somehow satanic but it does not make it true.

I still adhere to the old adage, throw out everything you have been told because chances are it is a lie.

Unknown said...

nice to see within the 1st three comments same things i disagreed with , abiout hitkler having no connections to this allways a dead giveaway when one throws in this powerful name and its mind screww . and nietschke after having read him I find noone of it in his writings thank you berry much.

Anonymous said...

The Sunday Express front page has an ironic advert on it, see the top line of the newspaper page.

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