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Peter Righton

Peter Righton, Charles Napier, David Cameron & John Whittingdale

Peter Righton, Charles Napier, David Cameron & John Whittingdale

"Another two comments were left on this blog by Tom Watson’s source for his PMQ about “a powerful paedophile network linked to parliament and No. 10″. Here are the comments:

"...Peter Righton and his partner disappeared after Righton’s convictions and were subsequently traced to Lord Henniker’s ancestral home in Eye in Suffolk.

"The Chief Constable of Suffolk took it upon himself to visit and warn Henniker that he had 2 paedophiles with very significant national links on his property. 

"Henniker ... ran the Islington /Suffolk Project - a scheme for disadvantaged children from Islington to have country holidays in rural Suffolk.

"If you google the late Lord Henniker you will see how influential a role he played in The British Council – Righton’s very close friend/fellow PIE member Charles Napier was employed as a teacher by the British Council in Cairo even though he was already on List 99 as a banned teacher after his early conviction.

Charles Napier

"Righton and Napier groomed and abused numerous children in tandem.

"Liz Davies never lost hope and now we all need to get behind her and champion her determination to get the Islington story out once and for all and then lots more dots will join up..."

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James Williams

"During the alleged victim's first year in nursery school, staff catalogued 'concerning' and 'sexualised' behaviour towards other children."

Police Rapes 3-Year-Old Girl, Infects Her With STD

James Williams "admitted that when he first heard the allegations he did not deny them."

Bristol policeman James Williams takes stand to deny abusing girl, 3 ...

"During cross examination of her mother by Williams' barrister David Hughes, it was revealed that about a year before the allegations, the girl had told family members that her dad had 'tickled her down below'.

(The father cannot be named for legal reasons)

"He was not confronted about it.

"However, the girl's grandmother told social workers last year that the youngster had been crying and 'very upset' about sleeping at her dad's.

"The jury heard on one occasion after coming home from his house she 'wiggled' her body in front of her mum and said 'this is what daddy calls sexing'.

"She also told her mother and grandmother that she would get in bed with her dad and his partner and they would all be naked together."

Bristol policeman James Williams accused of abusing child | This is ...


On 14 February 2013, we read that a Bristol policeman, James Williams, has been cleared of sexually abusing a three-year-old girl

"PC James Williams, 28, denied sexual assault by penetration and, after more than four hours of deliberation, a jury unanimously found him not guilty.

"The jury heard the girl complained of soreness when going to the toilet and had told her mum that Williams had 'hurt' her private parts and exposed himself to her.

"She was examined at Bristol Children's Hospital and found to have chlamydia – a disease usually transmitted sexually. 

"Williams was arrested and informed of the girl's positive test. He agreed to be tested and was found to have the same type E strain of the disease.

"Williams told Bournemouth Crown Court the only explanation he had for the allegations was that he remembered on one occasion adjusting the girl's underwear after she had difficulty getting her knickers on properly.

"Matters were confused further by the fact that, 11 months before the girl tested positive, her father had been diagnosed with chlamydia of the eye. 

"She had stayed with him around that time and also had a 'weepy eye' but was never diagnosed with the infection by a doctor, or tested for it.

"Almost two years after accusing Williams, and having been treated with antibiotics, the girl had chlamydia symptoms again and tested positive for it once more, having not had any contact with him in the intervening time."

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Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Charles Napier and another man named here whom i did not know
were both investigated by social services after complaints by several boys of abuse, the doctor examining agreed the boys aged from 10 to i think 14 had been abused but could not say by whom, police could not establish it was definately napier and the other man and everything was dropped.
as i remember complaints were still coming in some time after.

Anonymous said...

Margaret Hodge was only a well paid figurehead she did nothing and i mean nothing, Tony Blair took funding from the oppenhiemer family to set up New Labour, his is why Blair was so blatently pro -isreal, Tesco and sainsburies through Lord Levy made sure that Jews gota grip on the countries infrastructure, bliars did very well from this, the bottom line is that Margaret hodge knew all about the abuse and some is much worse than has come out

Anonymous said...

Charles Napier: as a British Council education officer in Cairo, Napier must have had a UK-based British Council accomplice to handle sending and receiving pornographic items. He wrote letters about Egyptian boys to a UK frind. Who were they?

Charles Napier: ran a ELT college in Turkey, but did he abuse students or deal in pornography?

Charles Napier: erased from all the ELT colleges that he was working with until last year. Were there any allegations of impropriety in those colleges, or in Sherborne?

Charles Napier: was an active PIE treasurer. Did he continue that activity post-PIE?

Charles Napier: where else has he taught or abused?

Anonymous said...

By Keir Mudie: VIP child abuse ring: Cops probe paedo teacher Charles Napier
16 Feb 2013 21:00

Now officers from Operation Fairbank are re-opening files on the 68-year-old and have already interviewed "at least one" of his victims

- here's hoping his members, contacts etc get properly cross-referenced with other complaints and allegations.

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