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The following is a short extract from: ABOUT THE PAEDOTRIAL | The Paedo Trial

A man gave evidence that he had been raped or abused by Denham Gilbart-Smith in the following locations:

Green Field House children's hostel in Maidenhead.

Burnham Beeches Buckinghamshire

Gilbart-Smith’s riverside home in Maidenhead.

Five complaints of rape took place at Gilbart-Smiths holiday home in Sussex.

Abuse took place in Gilbart-Smiths green MG convertible registration: KMO 124B

The caravan and camping park Perranporth Cornwall.

The Tudor House on Wimbledon Common London.

Sir Percy Flannigan pub nr Maidenhead Bridge.

St Mary’s Bay Holiday Centre Kent.

Unnamed other locations.


Some irrelevant photographs of himself on the Queen Mary’s last voyage.

Gilbart-Smith told the court that he was a committed Christian and leader of a church and had associations with David Pawson and Billy Graham. 

He was also a missionary and went to Africa, Portugal and Jamaica where he taught the Bible to disadvantaged people who had problems with their home life.


Gilbart-Smith agreed that he now understood that all of the other men that visited Green Field House were career paedophiles.

Gilbart-Smith agreed that; he met with the career paedophiles and the boys that were being raped, in Maidenhead, London, Kent, Sussex and Cornwall.

Gilbart-Smith agreed that he slept over with the career paedophiles and the boys that were being raped, numerous times in Kent, Sussex and Cornwall.

In John Affleck's book are:

Jimmy Tarbuck, Bruce Forsyth, Sean Connery, Bing Crosby and others.

(The above celebrities are not connected to Gilbart-Smith or GFH.)


David Hamilton Grant

The following material on David Hamilton Grant is taken from theneedleblog

"The name that appears at the centre of the ‘family tree’ has been transcribed as ‘Hamilton-Grant’....

"This is very likely to be David Hamilton Grant, a porn producer who died in 1991 under somewhat mysterious circumstances.

"David Hamilton Grant was born in 1937. As a pornographer he revelled in the titles ‘King of Porn’, or the ‘King of Sexploitation.

Nightmares in a Damaged Brain

"In 1984 he was convicted and imprisoned for 'possession of over 200 copies of an obscene article for publication for gain' this was in connection with the film ‘Nightmares in a Damaged Brain’ a violent ‘video nastie’ which featured children in sex scenes.

"Upon being released from prison, David Hamilton Grant fled to Cyprus and lived there until he was deported in 1988.

"An article in The Sun around that time described Grant as a “drug dealer” who had “corrupted thousands of children”, during his time in Cyprus.

"It would seem from Mr Grant’s central position in the schematic below that it was not just the children of Cyprus that he corrupted.

"David Hamilton Grant is thought to have died as a result of a contract killing in 1991.

"The ‘family tree’ document appears to show the commercial chain involved in the trafficking and sexual exploitation of children from Richmond care homes.

"Above David Hamilton Grant we can see the ‘Care Home’ part of the chain.

aangirfan: CHILD MODELS. Patrick Amery reportedly sold his pictures in sets for £20 per disc to a large customer base.

"To the right we can see the name ‘Puddles’, an underworld figure who is often referred to as ‘Patrick’ in other documents, the Irish name a possible indication of this persons identity.

"‘Mr Puddles’ involvement might help to explain the apparent high levels of police corruption.

"Below David Hamilton Grant we can see Peter Glencross, the ‘business manager’ of Spartacus magazine which masqueraded as a travel guide for homosexuals but was in reality a front for paedophiles.

"And finally, we can see the extent of the distribution network for the child pornography. Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Germany, and on to Turkey."

Video: A teenager suffers sexual abuse while living in a council-run children's home.

UN says human trafficking found in 118 countries - Yahoo! News


Anonymous said...

A Movie Correspondent said...

Nightmares In A Damaged Brain (a.k.a. Nightmare) is NOT a film a that features children having sex. It's a rather dreary 1981 Italian slasher film directed by Romano Scavolini with extra gore that got into trouble with the BBFC when he refused to remove 1 second of footage from it. Whatever Grant's past please let's not reignite the "video nastie (sic) " debate

Anonymous said...


Just to clarify,

I did not say that the film 'Nightmare in a Damaged Brain' feature children having sex. I wrote that the film featured children in sex scenes.

" Accompanied by an outrageous marketing ploy involving pretty girls with brains in jars, the film had done moderately well and thanks to its vaguely controversial subject matter (it involved kids in scenes of sex and violence) attracted the attentions of the censorious."

And I can assure you that I would not have written this story unless I had other sources close to the Elm Guest House situation which identified David Hamilton Grant as being involved.

Take care, and keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

Aa social worker i met ata kinky poarty some years back said that the astors mansion was said to have boys buried in the grounds,
i know that svilles scottish home had heat seeking cameras and body dogs all over it loking for several boys, after police went through his paperwork to remove anything to do with mossad and sir anthony blunt in particular

Anon said...

Many celebs refuse to perform in israel....
.... knew it would be career suicde with his fans who are in the main elderly ladies...
.... was told if he did not go and play israel.... photos of him dressed as a woman at a party with drugged naked boys could somehow be released.... .... has a dodgy past as a krays rent boy...

Anonymous said...

You mean Puddles is still alive and not currently in prison - a well-known 'heretic' blogger?

Anonymous said...

Someone asked me about Jimmy Tarbuck in connection to this - links to Gordon Anglesea (bent cop) and Derek Haslam (bent cop and free mason)

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