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The Sandy Hook Tragedy: An Inquisitive Visit to Newtown, Connecticut

Extracts from Text and Photos by Scott DeLarm - Global Research News - January 29, 2013.

We spent January 21 in Newtown visiting the Sandy Hook School and Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire House, Gene Rosen’s residence...

Inside the tent was a chaplain who asked that I not take any photos. There were hundreds of stuffed animals and candles as well as children’s art ....

I asked the chaplain if she had seen any children whom had been impacted. She did not answer.,,,

The front of the school is entirely boarded up

Gene Rosen lives next door to the fire house.

Thus Ms. Victoria Soto’s students that landed on Mr. Rosen’s yard had to come down Dickenson Drive and turn right, passing the fire house, to get to Mr. Rosen’s.

A lady at the Rosen house would not answer the door when I knocked.

We sat at the 100 Church Hill Restaurant for a couple of hours.

My partner and I spoke with a couple in their early twenties for an hour or so. They were life long locals.

Eventually they asked why we were in Newtown and we told them we had heard of their tragedy. They did not comment further and we did not push the issue.

We then went to the offices of The Newtown Bee, the community’s weekly newspaper, where we spoke with the editor, Mr. Curtis Clark.

Mr. Clark did not offer a warm reception.

I told him I was there to follow up on The Bee’s report that stated, in part, “A man with a gun who was spotted in the woods near the school on the day of the incident was an off-duty tactical squad police officer from another town, according to the source.”

I asked who this officer was, and why he was in the woods.

Mr. Clark told me that "Snopes.com debunks many of these conspiracy theories"...

Clark would not address this report and became very agitated with me "interrogating" him.

"I don’t intend to discuss this any further with you," he said...

Sandy Hook Truth tells us about the Interesting Property Records for 36 Yogananda Street where Nancy Lanza lived.

Peter Lanza owned two properties on Yogananda Street, apparently.

On the above document, Adam Lanza is not listed as a family member. 

link to 4.bp.blogspot.com

"The images appear to be of the same person (see the small rectangular mole on the right cheek just in front of the ear, which is evident in both pictures (for a larger image follow the link above). But then the pictures could be of the same person taken taken several years apart.

"But if this story is a hoax, what is the reason for it? To incite those pursuing the truth to propagate theories that will in due course be debunked? That would make sense. After 9/11, the perpetrators of any psyop would know that the evidence concerning the event will receive close critical scrutiny. Almost certainly, therefore, one objective of the operation would be to confuse, mislead and ultimately discredit skeptics."

Continued here: Adam Lanza, Ryan Lanza? Curious Image....

If Adam Lanza had Ryan Lanza's ID on him...

"A number of media outlets wrongly identified Ryan Lanza as 'the shooter' because Adam had been carrying his identification during his killing spree."


Anonymous said...

Yogananda Street?

Highly ironic, considering that of all the charlatans posing as gurus, Yogananda may have been the genuine article.

Anonymous said...

In 2009 Ryan would have been 19 or 20 years of age?
figures don´t add up

Anonymous said...




Charles Edward Frith said...

To understand the kinds of unreal consensus realities that exist around populations that experienced mass shootings I highly urge researchers to listen to these seminal interviews with a Columbine researcher. They are first class and reveal many dynamics that have not been touched upon in any of the Sandy Hook coverage. I've listened to both interviews multiple times and come away with new information and ways of looking at the narrative each time. You wont be disappointed.


Anonymous said...

It is easy enough to verify. Does anyone have time? I would do it but I am buried in research of other topics already.

Here is how to verify this: According to the SSDI death certificate on Adam Lanza (which also lists death one day PRIORto Sandy Hook shooting), Adam Lanza was born on April 22, 1992 in Exeter, New Hampshire. Birth certificates are PUBLIC RECORD - contact the city and ask how to get a copy - for a fee, they will send it. Let's see if it exists.

Anonymous said...

Adam Lanza was born April 22, 1992 at Exeter Hospital in Exeter, New Hampshire per SSDI death record. The date of death is already suspicious - does anyone have time to send for his birth certificate? Contact Exeter, NH and ask how to get it - this is PUBLIC RECORD nd should be available for a small fee. Let's see if he was ever born.

CanSpeccy said...

Hey, thanks for the link. Prompted by a bunch of hits, I made a few changes to my own story, which hardly made sense -- though I think it does now.

Anonymous said...

is the source of the Adam/Ryan photograph.

Anonymous said...


meanwhile an extra in a yellow top wanders around aimlessly from 00:03 to 01:47


Anonymous said...

"time to send for a birth certificate?"

Good luck to you. One can only try.

One other thing, a talkshow host, mentioned that: Adam Lanza (if he was just Adam) had been born in a jewish holiday, and was killed on another holiday. A coincidence?

Anonymous said...

Gene Rosen: FEMA rep

Aangirfan what do you make of Gordon Duff calling Sandy Hook a terror attack applying game and chaos theory to destabilise the US, specifically Fed Reserve/House of Rothschild?


Anon said...

Increasingly, Gordon Duff looks like disinformation.

- Aangirfan

Heather said...

The dates/ages look perfectly fine to me.... Adam would have been 21 this year. Considering there are TWO children listed on the divorce decree, why is there a question of there ever having been two Lanza boys in the first place?

And yes, birth certificates are a matter of public record, but good luck getting one sent to you if it's not your own, or your child's. The INFORMATION is public record, but copies of the certificates are not.

Peter James Kuehlen said...

Thank you for helping with the research!

Just to clarify:
The above picture you are showing on this blog
was my creation and its still up on my facebook:


If you can help with verifying the information I would be most thankful.

I found the birth record of Adam Peter Lanza *April 22, 1992,
but I CAN NOT find a record, that verifies the birth of a
Ryan John Lanza, allegedly born on April 10, 1988.

My theory is, that Adam changed his name to Ryan
and that Ryan (formerly Adam) is the only son.

It would be easy to debunk this
with a simple reference,
that can show in public records
the birth of Ryan John Lanza
(not his mention in a divorce paper only).

If anybody can provide that information,
please post it on my facebook wall,
or send it to jesuknecht@facebook.com

Thank you again!

Peter James Kuehlen

StarKissed said...

I read a post online from a guy who says he has proof that Adam changed his name to Ryan. He listed his YouTube link to the video, but has since made it private. That was probably a good idea because his life may be in danger if he does indeed have that proof.

I can find no way to contact him or even know the name of his YT channel because when it's private, you can't even see the Channel's name.

Anonymous said...

aang. please provide newest info here:


Anonymous said...

Mr. Clark's response is interesting to me. He seems to have been told to direct people to "Snopes.com" .

I have heard this is a website owned by George Soros.

This and the connection to the color green and the Bahai faith are interesting.

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