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The BBC's Terry Nutkins.

"Terry Nutkins did not just pinch my bottom, he subjected me to a period of sexual harassment culminating in a serious sexual assault, all of this while I was a school kid working in the summer holidays."

Terry Nutkins dead

Terry Nutkins was born in London.

TV star Terry Nutkins, at the age of 11, went to live with Gavin Maxwell, author of Ring of Bright Water.

Gavin Maxwell became his legal guardian in order that Nutkins could stay with him."

Maxwell left everything he owned to Nutkins.

Site of Ring of Bright Water.

Maxwell was the grandson of the Duke of Northumberland.

At one time, Maxwell served as an instructor with the Special Operations Executive.

(Left) Colonel Sir Archibald David Stirling who founded the SAS - special forces). (Right) Stirling's cousin Gavin Maxwell. The Stirlings, the Frasers (Lovat) and the Maxwells are all related. Website for this image

Gavin Maxwell was a spy and liked young boys, a lot.

According to the article on Maxwell in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, several young men derived much benefit from relationships with him.[5]

Maxwell loved Morocco.

According to Maxwell, "Homosexuality between man and boy was never considered in any way abnormal or shameful until the infiltration of European opinion with the French occupation."

Islam and Homosexuality: Volume 1 - Page 65 - Google Books Result

According to Douglas Botting, Maxwell suffered from bipolar disorder throughout his life.[7]

Maxwell married Lavinia Renton (née Lascelles) on 1 February 1962. 

The marriage lasted little more than a year and they divorced in 1964.[4]

Kathleen Raine fell in love with Gavin Maxwell.

Maxwell, as a homosexual, was driven to despair by her advances.

Maxwell's home, Sandaig, burnt down.

Maxwell wrote: "Whether or not your curse has been responsible for this terrible disaster I don't know or should never know." 

Raine later became a spiritual adviser to the Prince of Wales.

"I met Nutkins when I was 14 or 15 years old and was working at what was then called Woburn Wild Animal Kingdom during the school holidays...

"He had a long cane or stick that he used to hit the dolphins with while swearing at them for being "cunts"...

"Nutkins tried to force himself on me sexually...

"Something that he told me indicated that I was not the only young girl to have endured his predatory advances."

Terry Nutkins dead.


Anonymous said...

A Message from Leah McGrath Goodman:

It is very uplifting to see people speaking out around the world in defense of children and the free press. I read all of your comments and they do help me a great deal on this journey.

So far, this petition has done more than I ever expected in exerting pressure on the Powers That Be, letting them know that wealth and privilege should never trump the principles of a true democracy.

You are the ones who will not sit by in silence – and if I am allowed back into the UK, it will be because of you. As for the latest twist in this labyrinth: the last you heard from me, I had just submitted (again) for a UK visa to investigate longstanding allegations of violence against children in the UK – in some cases, involving accusations of murder, particularly at an orphanage on the island of Jersey called Haut de la Garenne.

I submitted for the visa 30 November. I still await a response from the UK.

This will be the third time I have applied to enter the UK since the date of my banning in September 2011. (The other two visas were denied, despite my clean record and former Tier-1 visa status as a UK resident.)

Based on the fact that 90% of UK visa applications are cleared within 21 days, according to the UK’s own statistics, it appears as though someone does not want my application to go through.

So far, we have only heard that my application has been received by the UK, but not processed. Last week, I received a form letter from the British Consulate in New York stating that my application had been delayed. The reason: it required “further processing.” No additional information was given.

We have inquired with Jersey Immigration as to what the reason for this could be. They have said there is no cause for concern.

In light of the resistance I have faced for the past year in my efforts to complete my research in the UK, it is clear I may only be allowed to return by harnessing strength in numbers. You are those numbers.

Seeing as this is a numbers game, please urge at least one other person (or many others) to sign this petition before the New Year. It will make all the difference. So long as the UK bars me from entering the country, its free press is not guaranteed and the safety of its children remains in question. But as long as this group grows, it shows it cannot and will not be silenced.

With your help, I will see my visa restored in 2013.

All the best – and happy holidays.


Anonymous said...

Morocco, yes this was the place for kiddie-buggering a great sport in some quarters, the cambridge apostles all homosexuals were advised by Rothschild to holiday in Morocco, and churchill secretary patrick Kinna said Churchill used to go there regularly to bum off the young boys.Incidentally the call song of the cambridge apostles
" little boys are cheap today, cheaper than yesterday "
was reported by severeal boys in care homes in recent reports, so its still going strong

felix said...

"After [Animal Magic presenter Johnny] Morris's death in 1999, Nutkins inherited the bulk of his estate, including a country house in Berkshire. The will was contested both by Morris's family, who had been cut out, and by the RSPCA, who claimed they had been promised a large legacy."

Curious related thread here:

Newspaceman said...

Curious about Raine's "curse", given that the crash involving Jennifer happened only a few miles from "Crowley's" Boleskin House, albeit on the other side of Loch Ness.

Raine wrote about Crowley in her work on Yeats :

Wonder if Jennifer had just passed the place.


Newspaceman said...

Hiya Aangirfan, just re the abuse at Fort Augustus @ Loch Ness (Savile O Brien etc.) I was doing some "research" and Nutkins apparently bought the Abbey in 1998.


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