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In the UK, a Channel 4 Dispatches investigation has uncovered evidence of rabbis covering up the sexual abuse of children.

 Rabbi Ephraim Padwa, who leads the Charedi community in north London's Stamford Hill, was secretly filmed speaking to an alleged victim of child sex abuse.

Dispatches secretly filmed the top rabbi telling the victim not to involve the police.

Stamford Hill dcaseyphoto

 The documentary, Britain's Hidden Child Abuse, shows how some rabbis forbid victims from reporting crimes committed against them.

 During the investigation, reporters uncovered 19 alleged cases of child sex abuse. None had been reported to the police.

Stamford Hill is right next door to Haringey.

1. According to someone who grew up in Haringey (October 2007 Cached):

"Several of Haringey's councillors are paedophiles.

"Corruption is rife across every aspect.

"Across every level.

"Through all of this Haringey has over 50 brothels, crack houses and safe areas for drug purchasing.

"And many cases of child abuse within Haringey's own children's homes by it's own staff."

Baby P was tortured to death

2. The Haringey Independent, 21st May 2004, reported:

"An investigation into an alleged paedophile ring operating in Haringey more than 20 years ago has been shut down due to lack of evidence.

"Operation Tempsford, a joint investigation launched by the police and Haringey Council, examined allegations of organised child abuse in the mid 1980s focusing on two former children's homes in Muswell Hill.

"But Lib Dem social services spokesman Ron Aitken says he is dismayed the inquiry has been closed, and is calling for an independent investigation.

"He said: 'I first became aware of allegations in the late 1980s. There were a number of people working for Haringey Council who were convicted or charged with specific offences against children.'"

3. More on Operation Tempsford (Cached) from the Liberal Democrat party

"Operation Tempsford ... was brought to an abrupt halt in Autumn 2005 on the orders of Haringey’s Chief Executive David Warwick, after he applied what the Councillor describes as 'undue pressure' in a letter to Mr Aitken...

"Mr Warwick parted company with Haringey... He moved immediately to a top job advising Deputy Prime Minister Prescott..."

Ali, ringleader of the Liquid Bomb Plot.

The supposed ringleader of the Liquid Bomb plot appears to have been protected by people in government?

In 2005, the UK security services were carrying out surveillance of Abdulla Ahmed Ali, said to be the ringleader of the 2006 Liquid Bomb transatlantic aircraft plot in the United Kingdom.

In 2006, Ali bought a flat in Walthamstow, in London.

A secret bug was used by the security services to spy on him. (Ahmed Abdullah Ali - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

London's Haringey Council placed a foster child with Ali's family.

Ali lived with relatives, who had been approved as foster carers by Haringey Council.

The child was living with Ali's family when Ali was arrested in August 2006.

Baby P.

Haringey Council was at the centre of the 2007 Baby P scandal.

Baby Peter Connelly was born to Tracey Connelly on 1 March2006. Tracey Connelly's boyfriend, Steven Barker, moved in with her.

Baby Peter died in August 2007. He had suffered more than 50 injuries over an eight-month period, during which he was repeatedly seen by social services.

The police were also aware of the case at an early stage.

(Revealed: Baby P council sent foster child to live with ringleader of Liquid Bomb Plot.)

In the house where Ali lived, extremist literature was found hidden inside a baby's cot, according to the London Evening Standard.

The council may have "supplied Ali with an element of camouflage for the plot."

(Revealed: Baby P council sent foster child to live with ringleader of Liquid Bomb Plot.)

Ali's family was approved for fostering, despite Ali having a poor employment record.

Ali was also under police surveillance.

He reportedly had a record of fundamentalist Islamic views.

Eileen Fairweather, in the Mail on Sunday, has linked Haringey to Islington and Jersey ('I have known about Jersey paedophiles for 15 years,' says award-winning journalist.)

Baby P. from Labour-run Haringey in London, was tortured to death by a satanist.

On 16 November 2008, the Mail on Sunday tells us How a close male relative of Baby P is linked to a big paedophile ring.

This child-abuse ring operated in Labour-run Islington, the part of London where Tony Blair once lived.

Reportedly, the ring supplied boys to top people.

(This child abuse ring, reportedly, has links to the child abuse in Jersey, which in turn, reportedly, has links to the Dutroux affair and the security services)

Jason Swift has links to Baby P. In 1985, 14-year-old Jason Swift was killed by a child-abuse gang. Jason is believed to have lived in Islington council's Conewood Street children's home. A close male relative of Baby P reportedly recruited boys from children'shomes in Islington for the child-abuse ring. Islington children were reportedly sent to Jersey, the island linked to child abuse.

The close male relative of Baby P reportedly recruited boys from children's homes in Islington for the child-abuse ring, according to a secret report seen by The Mail on Sunday.

In the early 1990s, the relative, as a boy, was put in a children's home, in Labour-run Islington, in London.

All 12 of the children's homes in Islington were being used by the child-abuse ring, which reportedly had links to top people.

This ring included three pimps called Alan, John and George.

Jason Owen. aangirfan: JASON OWEN; A CHILD ABUSE RING

Reportedly, the relative, then aged 13, was persuaded, by money, drugs and threats, to supply the pimps with young boys.

The relative tried to blow the whistle.

Reportedly, the relative told social workers the names of boys who were being ferried from the children's homes to various parts of London (Manor Park, Tottenham, Soho and Westminster) to ‘be buggered by old men’.

Reportedly, none of the men were put under surveillance or questioned.

Haringey Boy - Photo copyright Tim Stewart

Whistleblowing Social worker Neville Mighty, who had received death threats, named the relative in a report.

Neville Mighty contacted Islington’s then director of children’s services, Lyn Cusack, who is married to a senior policeman.

In June 1992, Mighty was sacked.

Liz Davies, the senior Islington social worker who encouraged Mighty to go public, said:

'We got too close. There were too many powerful people involved.

'Child sex, pornography and sadism are extremely lucrative industries.'

In 1994, an independent report criticised the failure of police and social workers to help the relative.


Anonymous said...

I was working in child abuse and i saw documents which were later shredded proving what this article says.
The childrens minister was margaret hodge ( oppenheimer )
she sat on many aspects of abuse in childrens homes, especially abuse on boys and kept silent.
The jews have a different view on child sex than we in britian, the jewish scriptures say its ok and we are now a jewish ruled country

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I resigned my job in child welfare over exactly this.
Peter mandelson jew- in charge at NSPCC
esther Rantzen jew- in charhe of childline
Rupert Murdoch jew- in charge of the news media, what comes out and what is supressed
Margaret hodge jew- in charge of children as minister
BBC headed by jews- know how to slant things and keep news out
Jimmy Saville jew- protected by all of the above abused boys and girls some were dead, for over 60 years.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Let me get this right, that guy was a rabbi and not a Mafia boss?

Anonymous said...
'The jews have a different view on child sex than we in britian'

Do you not think this is less about the Jewish attitude and more to do with the fact that paedophiles in high places can be bribed to do the Zionist's bidding and so must be protected? Ranzen must have uncovered a shed load of info on powerful people over the last 20 years. What does she do with that info (or who does she pass it on to)?

Anonymous said...

What do you mean by " a different view on child abuse"?

Linda Rivera said...

In response to Anonymous claiming: "The jews have a different view on child sex than we in britian, the jewish scriptures say its ok and we are now a jewish ruled country".

I am a Christian. I have read the entire Bible Old Testament and New Testament. The Old Testament-Jewish Scriptures DOES NOT SAY SUCH A WICKED THING that child sex is ok! This dreadful statement is a very vicious attack on Almighty God, the HOLY ONE.

Every rape is a kidnapping. The victim has been stolen, seized and held against their will and sexually attacked by FILTH predators. Old Testament-Jewish Scriptures gives the DEATH sentence for kidnapping!

Bible, Exodus 21:16 "He who kidnaps a man, whether he sells him or he is found in his possession, shall sure be put to death."


Anonymous said...

some very good comments here.
I know of several people who complained to esther Rantzen about child abuse cases, sold quite oldcaes admittedly, but several concerning Jimmy Savile
" Uncle jimmy" to boys and girls
and not one case occrred of her acting on these complaints

Anonymous said...

Response to Linda Rivera... For the judaics The Old Testament is superceeded by the Talmud. Google child sex and the Talmud and you will find your answers

Anonymous said...

no, it's not in the scriptures- it's in the talmud. that's where it says pedophilia is okay.

Anonymous said...

Back in the late 70's I worked with with an Austrian man who was fast coming up to retirement, and despite the generation gap got to know him reasonably well-he had been a pow and stayed here as his family had been killed during the raids on German town's (I think he came from the Hambug region).

He was reluctant to talk about the war, but as my own father had been a veteran in some of the campaigns he had fought in (albeit on the winning side), we built up some trust and eventually he told me his version of events as a former political soldier and his own justfication for fighting, that being pre war German inflation and poverty which he put at the door of the Jews as a nation (wrongly as he came to realise)

One story resonates with me still, and with the recent documentary and revelations of Savile's links, and the connections with ritualistic murder and abuse of minors, has real similarities to what is going on today.

He told me (shamefacedly) that prior to the war he had accompanied other more senior men on purges of his localities wealthy businesssmen who had even in those days locked gated mansions and were above the local law. On one such occassion they has forced their way past the guarded gatehouse and up the drive of a large residence where a very opulent party was in full swing (while the masses were fighting over stale loaves of bread, in his words). On smashing the door down they entered a hallway which was full of semi naked people wearing bestial masks, and lots of underfed looking children partly bound and being sexually used by some of the adults. I always recall his description of the hall itself, that of a grand double door opening onto a large room with a black and white checked marble floor, with a star in the centre and some sort of altar above it. What happened next was mayhem, the leader of his group started to open fire on the adult party goers, and then amid the chaos they went from room to room where adults and children were in various compromised positions, the adults being shot immediately.

He said that this was his crystalising moment where revolted and shocked by what he saw, he realised that a job had to be done, which stayed with him through the war until he was captured. He conceded that the actions his comrades did against innocent prisoners and civilians later in the war went against his morals, and ironically my own father had been in Dunkirk where he too had served and the SS had masacred a large ammount of pow's at La Pardis-my dad never did meet my new "friend" as I'm sure bloodshed would have ensued!.

Interestingly old Gunther realised that there were rich Jews with power and those who were poor and downtrodden, the ones that ended up in the camps, and likened the rich ones to our then current Conservative party!, one Leon Britten in particular. He said he had come to realise that anti semitism was wrong because the wealthy ones werent in fact Jews, and that a whole war had been fought on a lie for who he termed the "yellow men". Way above my head at that time.

mwaura kinuthia said...

People need to realise Jews are as much victims as they are perps for genetic reasons.
Ever since the last Ice Age in S.Russia some 5000 or so years ago they've been deliberately inbreeding-with catastrophic effects.

"By far,the most pernicious effect of this long inbreeding is undoubtedly the group paranoia. Their willingness to project their worst tendencies onto others to justify a latent rage against everyone else-classic paranoid behaviour."

Anonymous said...

To the Christian who takes pride in having read the OT and NT - it is very important not to ignore what is happening to our world today. The Talmud is a sacred text for the Jews and it takes precedence over the written words of Moses (Torah). The Babylonian Talmud is the more important of the two and the words in the Talmud would simply shock you. A child (girl) is mature at thee years and one day and may be wed (meaning sexual contact, abuse). A young boy is not mature until age nine and also may experience sex since he is not old enough to be affected. This "law" has been applied in many, many cases and this explains why today you see such a huge number of homosexuals and others who are confused about their gender. My husband (soon to be ex) is a Jew and it is clear to me as I look at the situation that he was sexually abused and has suffered daily since then. When his evil new or hidden personality showed up, he began hating me and showed irrational thoughts. IT is very shocking and very painful. When a small child is sexually abused, not only do they tend to prefer that type of sex but they also develop Dissociative Personality Disorder. (split personality). This happened to my husband of 32 years and to my shock and horror my best friend turned on me, did and said horrible things to me and began swearing his allegiance to a transsexual. (MTF) I cannot get over the hurt and our children are greatly damaged. It will take years to recover. This happened because the Jews indeed have a different take on what is acceptable and by sexually abusing a young child, that child is forever under the control of the person(s) who did the abuse. Today you can google the word trannies and then put in a city and you will find a vast number of people who have decided that in their hearts they feel they are a sex they were not born with - but they do not change their gender - they only have surgery and take hormones. They remain what they were born as - so this means the MTF transsexual is actually a man and has the aggressive behavior of a male - not female. We have allowed these evil people to destroy our world and anyone who disagrees is just not well informed. Of interest also is the fact that so many heterosexual men prefer transsexuals (MTF) and this matter really requires further study. If we have fewer men than women and the men prefer MTF transsexuals over females, then we better get serious about test tube babies,etc for the population will greatly decline. This is a very serious matter. IT is time to stop acting stupid for our entire future is going down the tubes.

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