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Sofia Miliband, the code breaker, was part of the Soviet delegation to the 1943 Tehran Conference, attended by Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt.

Ed Miliband, leader of Britain's Labour Party, may be Britain's next Prime Minister.

Ed Miliband spent two spells living in Boston, Massachusetts, one year when he was seven and one part of a year when he was twelve,[9].

Ed Miliband taught at Harvard and was friends with John Kerry. (Harvard)

So, Ed may be part of the 'Secret State'?

LGBT - Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender...Website for this image. "Ed Miliband was a very unusual student... because during his three years at Oxford he did not have a single girlfriend." Website for this

Ed Miliband's cousin Sofia was born in Moscow and still lives in Moscow.

Sofia worked as a code breaker for Stalin's Russia.

The Miliband family, Stalin and me

So, the Milibands may be part of the Kosher Nostra?

Ed Miliband's brother, David Miliband, with their cousin Sofia, who worked as a code breaker for Soviet Russia.

Ed Miliband's grandfather was Samuel Miliband, who reportedly fought with the red Army. (Ralph Miliband : Biography)

One of Samuel's brothers is thought to have joined the Russian communists' Red Army, fighting the Western powers in the Russian civil war. (dailymail.2)

David Miliband, left, Ed Miliband, and father Adolphe Ralph. 

Ed Miliband is the elder son of Marion Kozak and the late Marxist theoretician Adolphe Ralph Miliband.

Adolphe Ralph Miliband had Polish Jewish parents. 

Adolphe Ralph Miliband's father, Samuel, was born in Warsaw, Poland, in 1900.

Samuel had a cousin in Warsaw named Osip Miliband.

Osip's son, also called David Miliband, travelled to Moscow, before the Russian Revolution of 1917.

The Moscow David Miliband's daughter is Sofia, the Russian 'spooky' Russian code-breaker.

In 1940, both Adolphe Ralph and Samuel fled to London.

Marion Miliband, her sister, Hadassa, David, Ralph and Ed Miliband, Scotland, 1987. Ed Miliband has written: "When I was seven, my family went to visit my grandmother in Tel Aviv..." Website for this image

The London David Miliband says: 'My dad told me when I was a boy that 43 members of his extended family were killed by the Nazis.'

Sofia, the code breaker, was part of the Soviet delegation to the 1943 Tehran Conference,attended by Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt.

She received a birthday card from Vladimir Putin, which congratulated her on her work for Russia.

Sofia has visited Britain.

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David Miliband, brother of Ed.

In March 2010, Gilad Atzmon wrote about Ed Miliband's brother David Miliband, a former UK Foreign Secretary:

"Miliband is listed on an official Israeli Propaganda site as an Israeli Hasbara author.

"The same Miliband was until very recently investing an enormous effort into changing British Universal Jurisdiction just to make it easy for Israeli war criminals to make it to Oxford Street early on Boxing Day.

"Just a few weeks before the IDF launched its genocidal attempt against the people of Gaza, the same Miliband visited Sderot to ‘show solidarity’ with the Israeli people.

"Here is what he had to say 'It's very important that countries like mine and others show their solidarity with the people of Sderot.'

"This idiotic statement made by a senior loyal minister was obviously interpreted by the Israelis as a green light to reduce Gaza into a pile of rubble...

"Miliband is still loyal to the darkest ideology around namely Zionism.

"Britons better grasp that Israel was using no less than 15 forged British passports.

"The Israelis were obviously confident that they could get away with it. With a listed Hasbara author running the foreign office and half of the shadow ministers being members of the ‘Conservative Friends of Israel’, the Mossad had a good reason to believe that Britain’s politics is in its pockets..."


Anonymous said...

is it to much to ask that Britian has a British poitical leader who puts Britian first, how and why are situations like this allowed to happen ?

Anonymous said...

God bless Aangirfan, for telling this Family Story as it is.

We are One

Loving our neighbour as self and doing good to those who hate us, might save our Planet; this will take all good persons of Faith/Principle/Truth/Justice/Life.

Peace and Good Will xx

Anonymous said...

Had heard about this before,,had also heard that one family member was actually one of stalins generals,,,ethnic cleansing so on and so on,,,
Also that Cameron's family had something to do with heroin sold in china before and after the take over of hong kong.....
Think we can definately say their is no political party in England that could ever be trusted and never has been,,
All they ever were were slave whips and propaganda agents working for the corporations,banks and criminal zionist elite,,subverting everyone,keeping the people in a state of confusion,so they are easily manipulated into supporting the criminals dastardly deeds,,,,


Anonymous said...

Anon 8.53
The whole systems rigged,always has been,,,,
Any politician showing signs of humanity or the will to serve the people,,,is outed,,,cut back in their tracks,,
Deliberately made to look a fool,,,,
The upper echelons of the political elite,are compulsive liars,,Psychopaths with only one thing in their mind,,to do their corporate evil masters bidding,,,
Thats my take on it anyway,,,,,,


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

charles has got his own site

Anonymous said...

asskissing the royals....

felix said... from Norfolk:
usual warning bells associated with the words " at this stage, we are not looking for anyone else in connection with it."

Anonymous said...

Cameron Moses lineage (but more likely to be mark of Cain Kenite descendant)

David Cameron 'may be directly descended from Moses'

Read more:
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Anonymous said...

Today we are told that there is a new 'royal' on the way.
Already the msm is slavering with pathetic details on every aspect of this 'event'.

While I wish Kate and William health and happiness, I want to stand up for every single child/woman/man who suffers/dies at the hands of the evil/psychopathic empire builders/protectors.

Parading obscene wealth, fashion and whatever else, while doling out lies and charity is simply not good enough these days.

Who really cares about the inner trappings of so-called 'royals'?

There is nothing, but nothing, remarkable or unique about these people.

Peace xx

Anonymous said...

At anon above.

I agree with your comments above.

Just like to add that the royal family have done nothing for my family. They've not helped me keep the house warm. They've not helped me feed my family.

In fact, in the 37 years I've spent on this planet the royal family have done nothing for me.

And these people supposedly RULE over us.

They then take the urine at Christmas and get the head of their family to patronize us with the 'Queen's Speech' broadcast on TV. And people tune in to watch her rambling on because it's 'tradition'... give me a break.

What strange times we live in.

Always keep your chin up xx

mwaura kinuthia said...

Wow! Sophia has the true Jewish look.

What a surprise!

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