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Nancy Lanza.

Marsha Lanza has revealed that Nancy Lanza had fairly recently traveled to nine cities in three countries.

One of Nancy's friends said that Nancy trusted Adam and thought it was OK to leave him home alone. 

Marsha Lanza, Nancy's ex-sister-in-law, and source of many newspaper stories about Adam.

The controversial Tom Heneghan has alleged that Nancy Lanza, the mother Adam Lanza, "was a CIA P2 analyst working for the Defense Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and also for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)."

The Shining Light: Tom Heneghan - Psyops, Black Ops and Rip Offs

Soros and friends at the Omni Mount Washington Resort.

The Sandy Hook shootings took place on 14 December 2012.

On 11 December 2012 Nancy Lanza checked into the Omni Mount Washington Resort, Bretton Woods in New Hampshire, and checked out on 13 December 2012.

The friend said that when she spoke with Nancy during her getaway she was in 'good spirits'.

According to Headline News, Nancy Lanza often took mini-breaks to Bretton Woods.

It's worth repeating: One of Nancy's friends said that Nancy trusted Adam and thought it was OK to leave him home alone. 

It is thought that Nancy wanted to find a place for Adam to go to college.

Anonymous comments:

Opinion From

"It is possible since no bodies have been seen, not even children to their parents, the children are not dead, but kidnapped and taken away (into sex slavery?).

"Fake parents interviewed. Real parents under guard so they can't talk. They are only to see closed caskets." 


Anonymous said...

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The members of the public create in their minds a situation which
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whole strategy of manipulation for domination.

Anonymous said...

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Penny said...

Hey Aang!

Something is up for sure.
I don't buy the lone shooter theory.

It is also possible that Adam was kidnapped at the house, his mother was killed and guns taken during the kidnapping.

Off to the school, where we have reports of multiple shooters
The young Lanza is killed and left to be framed up
It is most convenient that both him and his mother he resided with are dead

Dead men tell no tales

The narrative can then be created.

Playing into two agendas
gun control and ..... mental health 'care' ie: testing and drugging the populace

Penny said...

if anyone else is interested in the audio I have posted

also the fact that Adam Lanza was on antipsychotics????


Anonymous said...

Sandy Hook, The Actor Getting Into Character

Anonymous said...

The information given in the first news stories and videos have been swept out of sight. Were both Adam and Ryan to be patsies?
Sandy Hook massacre: Official story spins out of control
Thursday, December 20th, 2012 | Posted by Niall Bradley

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