Wednesday, November 14, 2012


One way to protest against the corrupt elite is to refuse to vote in elections.

It would appear that this sort of protest is already happening in the USA.

Voter turnout in the recent US presidential election was very low.

"In Arizona, almost 19% fewer people cast ballots than in 2008...

"Alaska saw a drop-off of nearly 25% over four years ago."

Preliminary data point to US voter's turnout drop

"The lowest turnout rate in the nation was in Hawaii, where 43.6% of voters cast ballots."

Election results 2012: Voter turnout lower than 2008 and 2004 ...

We live in a Feudal System.

"Latest figures show that less than 50 percent of the eligible voters took part in the presidential polls.

"This is a reduction of about 9 percent compared to the 2008 election."

Election turnout 9% lower than 2008

"The Associated Press figures showed more than 117 million people had voted in the White House race.

"In 2008, 131 million people voted."

Low Turnout in 2012 Election | WKRG

We should all try to avoid CIA-run 'people-power' revolutions.

The CIA coup in Tunisia has been a disaster for the poor of Tunisia.

The American Revolution was not a 'good thing'.


Revolutions lead to dictatorships.

Think of Cromwell, Napoleon, Stalin, Mao...

But, Americans who dislike their evil political system can refuse to vote.

They can also withdraw support from evil institutions, such as the Pentagon, Hollywood... 


"ITALIANS in their millions are abstaining from democracy. 

"The turnout in last month’s Sicilian regional election was below 50%."

Corruption in northern Italy: A plague on all their houses | The Economist.


Zoompad said...

I use my vote as an opportunity to speak my mind. It's not "wasting" a vote, doing that. Someone has got to read all those little voting slips

I will be doing the same thing tomorrow.

subrosa said...

I've often wondered what would happen if the UK electorate were brave enough not to vote.

It's a dream that won't come true though. Too many people have vested interests in politics and their parties.

Anonymous said...

real patriots dont vote anyway....

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

And I do believe Jane Harman and harriet harman are related.... its blatant....

greencrow said...

I haven't voted for any politician since 9/11. I will not vote for warmongers and that's what both parties are now.

What I do is spoil my ballot by writing "Investigate 9/11" on it and "No Warmongers!" and other slogans on the ballot. Yes, somebody must read it.

In some countries there is a spot on the ballot to mark "None of the above." I think that should be an option. If it were, we could topple these puppets in no time!

Anonymous said...

Elections are rigged, if you dont vote some say they can use your vote by proxy,
remember that Democrat or Republican, New labour or conservative, whchever- the same faces hide behind both.
The best thing to do as we did in the UK is to go vote but put something like The birthday party, Tupperware party or Jedi knight

kerdasi amaq said...

If you really want to record a protest vote; vote for a candidate who has no chance of winning.

Anonymous said...

dognamedblue said...

I don't advise anyone do this, unless you know millions of others are going to do it
but last election I walked out with my ballot, told them I was making a protest
the little woman looked like she was actually going to attack me lol

now technically it goes like this:
the ballot is your property
until you sign for it with your wet signature it's just a piece of paper
but your signature makes it a "live document"
you create the ballot
they even print your name & address on it for you
the law is simple on this
"the creator owns what he creates"
so you are not stealing anything, as you can't steal from yourself
the police are actually only interested in voter fraud, but I only found this out after I refused them entry to my house & they dragged me from it into their car
I was taken to the police station but was out in less than an hour,kept me in cups of tea & cigarettes, even got a lift home :)
was never charged with anything obviously

I wanted to make a piece of art out of it but the police kept it which was a bit of a disappointment
once I convinced them I wasn't political, some kind of marxist, they kind of got it too, never got to tell them "they will be next" as their money is stolen from them but criminal politicians

even made it on to ceefax

Anon said...

Dear dognamedblue,

You are very brave.

If we all did this, the police would need a lot of cups of tea and cigarettes.

dognamedblue said...

I found out only one other person did it that election, charlie veitch, there's a blast from the past ;)
2 people out of over 60 million, very disappointing
[there was no connection with CV, I just made my mind up to do it]

Expose Revolutions said...

"We should all try to avoid CIA-run 'people-power' revolutions."

Thank you aangirfan.

Anonymous said...

We have the Police elections here in the UK tomorrow ??? So im going out to vote for Officer Dibble ?

Cathy Palmer said...

I stopped voting several years ago when my eyes were opened to all the fraud and deception:

Franz said...

"Don't vote, it only encourages them. " - Old anarchist proverb...

...which Gore Vidal spread around the USA after Reagan's "election".

The old boy did his work well, it seems.

RIP, Gore Vidal!

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