Thursday, November 01, 2012


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Yahoo's 'Signal' predicts Obama win.

The blog 'The Signal', using statistical analysis, has predicted that Obama will beat Romney by a vote of 303 to 235 in the electoral college.

The Signal reckons that what is most important is:

(A) the economy 

(B) individual states' political leanings.

The Signal looks at such factors as current economic indicators, presidential approval ratings, and past election data.

Obama is ahead in '10-Point Favorability Measure', 62% to 55%

Upbeat US economic indicators have given the markets a further boost.

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The Signal predicts Obama will win Virginia and Ohio by 50.22% and 50.32% of the popular vote respectively.

The Signal predicts that Obama will lose in Missouri and Florida, respectively with 47.9% and 48.39% of the vote.

Opinion: Stocks predict Obama win.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

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Genie said...

I've always believed dipshit Romney was set up to make Obama look appealing again (instead of a savior he looks this time like the lessor evil)and I am not voting any evil more or lessor.

Anonymous said...

I live on the east coast of the USA
and i dont know anyone who want either candidate, the people are afraid of who will come in, theres no difference between romney or obama, they are two sides of the same coin.
dont vote stay home
colin dougal

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