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A damaged generation waits for justice 30 years on

Walesonline's chief reporter Martin Shipton covered the Waterhouse Inquiry into child abuse at North Wales care homes.

North Wales child abuse scandal: the long road to justice

Martin Shipton points out that "when powerful people are involved", the child rapists are unlikely to be named until after they are dead.

Alison Taylor

Martin Shipton reports:

1. Alison Taylor managed a children's home in North Wales.

She noted that children transferred to her home said that they had been abused at their previous North Wales children's home.

2. Alison told the Waterhouse Inquiry in 1997: "By the autumn of 1985 Gwynedd County Council would not admit to the existence of a problem, the problem of mistreatment of children.

"I reported on an assault.."

Asked what happened Alison said: "Nothing as far as the assault was concerned... The pattern seemed to be that if I made a complaint then something would happen to me – it was like having a sniper behind the wall."

3. Alison told the Inquiry that a girl had complained of being sexually abused by a member of staff.

"She became suicidal at times... the next I heard she had been transferred to a secure unit in a hospital.

"I think she was shifted to keep her quiet. As far as I know, there was no investigation."

4. In 1986, Alison made a statement to police about six children who had "been assaulted."

Alison was told to stay away from work and was then suspended in January 1987.

5. In 1991, Alison compiled a dossier of 75 allegations which she gave to the police.

Many related to the Bryn Estyn care home in Wrexham, which had been run by Clwyd County Council.

A police inquiry was launched in August 1991.

All 46 children's homes in Clwyd were examined.

300 cases were sent to the Crown Prosecution Service.

Peter Howarth was jailed for 10 years in July 1994 for indecently assaulting seven boys between 1974 and 1984 at Bryn Estyn, where he was deputy head. He died in prison in 1997.

John Allen, head of the Bryn Alyn home, was jailed for six years in February 1995 for six indecent assaults on boys in his care.

6. There were reports that powerful people who did not work in children’s homes had also been involved in the abuse.

There were reports that boys had been taken out of the homes to be abused in hotels.

7. In March 1994 Clwyd County Council commissioned a report on abuse in its homes from three leading experts in child care, including John Jillings, the former social services director for Derbyshire.

The 300-page report has never been officially published. Most copies were pulped.

The report said: "Public figures may have been involved in the abuse of young people in Clwyd."

The report condemned Welsh Office social services inspectors for failing to visit a single children’s home in the 10 years during which most of the abuse took place.

And it said: “At least 12 young people are dead ...We consider that a public judicial inquiry ... should be initiated.”

8. Welsh Secretary William Hague decided to set up of a Tribunal of Inquiry under retired judge Sir Ronald Waterhouse.

It was decided before any evidence was gathered by Waterhouse that the names of alleged abusers would not be published.

One of the victims, Steve Messham, told BBC's Newsnight programme that he was banned from mentioning abuse that took place outside the care system by the Tribunal's terms of reference.

Read more: Wales Online

Steve Messham

The Independent on Sunday reports that the Jillings Report outlined the widespread abuse of children in care, some as young as 10.

The Jillings report.

According to the Independent on Sunday

1. The North Wales chief constable refused to meet the Jilllings panel or help with access to the police major-incident database. 

2. 130 boxes of material handed over by the council to the police were not made available to the panel.

3. The council did not allow the inquiry to place a notice in the local press seeking information.

4. Jillings says: "What we found was horrific and on a significant scale."

5. Jillings and his team were so frustrated  by attempts at a cover-up that they almost quit.

6. The insurers - Municipal Mutual - suggested that the chair of the council's social services committee, Malcolm King, be sacked if he spoke out.

7. Some staff linked to child rape may have been allowed to resign or retire early.

8. One internal Clwyd council report from the time, unpublished, said: "There could be operating a league or ring of paedophiles...

"There were numerous claims and suggestions that senior public figures including the police and political figures might have been involved in the abuse of young people.''

Savile reportedly visited Bryn Estyn children's home in Wales.

Keith and Tony Gregory were residents in the Bryn Estyn children's home.

Keith, 55, now a town councillor, says his problems began because he suffered deafness and was an undiagnosed dyslexic who struggled to keep up in his infants and junior schools.

On the day he arrived at Bryn Estyn, Keith says he was beaten by a teacher and was left with cane marks from his neck down to his legs.

Tony says: "I cottoned on that I was seen as a bit of a threat to the ring. I tried to get education in school and it was denied...

He said the police were often contemptuously dismissive of boys in care who complained about abuse.

"There were people who were sent there who had lost their parents and they had no choice.

"A lot of them were in a really, really sad state and it was easy prey for them (the paedophiles). If you were vulnerable, young and little, there wasn’t much you could do about it."

Keith has backed fellow former Bryn Estyn resident Steve Messham's claims that children were taken out of Bryn Estyn to be abused in Wrexham’s Crest Hotel.

Keith has said two MPs were involved in the abuse, plus judges and serving police officers.

Channel 4 News reported an eye witness account that former Chester MP Sir Peter Morrison, who died in 1995, visited the home five times.

Sir Peter was former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s parliamentary private secretary.

Earlier at a care home in Liverpool, Keith recalls being electrocuted, stripped naked and having his genitalia fondled by staff.

Read more: Wales Online

Daily Mail

Revealed: The double life of the law man who led the fight against child abuse...


Anonymous said...

our litle groop knew Steve Messham
and what he says is true, there were at tinmes 3 of us and at times 5. us bys were taken given drinks which were drugged we were stripped and abused then taken back to the home, the man in charge
would take naked photos of us in positions to say us kids were homosexual, and if we said anything they would publish the fotos of us, we were terrified.
But one day we stole the camera with al our pics on it and two of us went to the police.
nothink happened at all except two wekes later we were pulled up in fron of the homes 2 gay heads who beat us black and blew for telling.

Anonymous said...

The rats are deserting - and plenty of people have said that "Operation Yewtree" has been set up to let them run away before too many uncomfortable questions are asked. The police will only arrest some known "weirdos" who already have convictions, not the "ordinary upright citizens" that most child abusers are.

SOME of Jimmy Savile’s closest cronies – who police want to quiz over child abuse allegations – have fled Britain, the Sunday Mirror can reveal.

At least two friends, who both worked at the BBC and were part of Savile’s inner circle in the late 1950s and early 60s, have gone abroad. They are of “great interest” to police, say investigators.

A source said: “Their names have come up. They face some ­uncomfortable ­questions. They may have been key ­players in what he was up to.” Neither were at their homes ­yesterday.

A neighbour of one said: “I haven’t seen him for a while now. I did have a phone call from him just after this kerfuffle started, ­apologising for any trouble I may be ­receiving by people calling for him. He didn’t volunteer where he was phoning from and I didn’t ask.”

Anonymous said...

The police should be checking all the names on the Paedophile Information Exchange list against living suspects, all Savile's pals and school teachers. (Charles Napier is still involved with kids -

In the picturesque Dorset town of Sherborne, Charles Napier is an upstanding member of the community. He is known as a respected retired languages teacher, a playwright and theatre director.

Evidence now being examined by Metropolitan Police detectives links Napier to Peter Righton, one of Britain's most high-profile paedophiles. Righton is now long dead. But Napier is not. Now 68 and living with his mother in the West Country, he could prove a vital witness to the unfolding police inquiry into child abuse on a massive scale in this country. Both men were linked to a shadowy organisation called the Paedophile Information Exchange which campaigned in the 70s and 80s for what they called the age of "child love" to be reduced to four.

Righton was a founder of PIE, Napier its one-time treasurer. Righton, incredibly, was also one of Britain's leading child protection specialists. But when police raided his house in Evesham, Worcs, in 1992 they found not only hard-core child abuse images from Amsterdam but a "quarter-century of correspondence" between paedophiles in Britain and around the world.

Anonymous said...

The brun Estyn home was notorious,
the only people who would work at these places were gay.
After i had left i moved away down south and became a postman, i saw just as much abuse there as in the home, sexual racial every kind of abuse by managers, and there were suicides, this and the gay sexual element to the deep cut barracks murders need to be investigated.
the superb website " bully on line " run by Tim Field looked into horrific cases of abuse by managers at royal mail and at deepcut, Tim died 2 weeks later.

Anonymous said...

Anon (1st comment)

Can you say who specifically was involved. We are left wondering if the Lord was involved or whether it was his relative or Morrison or all 3.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

IMO this child actor was abused too.... Look at him, read, u get the picture....

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Please read the above it explains how all the savile abuse was gay in origin in method and deliverance.
The BBC has been promoting gay lifestyles gay days and gay parades for sso long, perhaps now it will see the error of its perverted ways.
Karen Cummings

Anonymous said...

One visitor to our care home in Oslington who took out boys to bugger was a very well known TV actor, not Peter Arne and not Stephen Fry or Jimmy savile who were named by other boys, Savile wa snever generous with sweets etc he was known as very mean and miserly, why Savile is being named with girls is beyond us as we all knew him as a gayboy ?
Paul Leake

Anonymous said...

We don't know if Meesham was paid off, threatened or a combination of the two, but we do know that one of these must have happened.

And that would only have happened if McAlpine was in fact guilty.

Anonymous said...

John Whittingdale, the Conservative MP who chairs the culture, media and sports committee, said Mr Entwistle had no choice but to go as the BBC management appears to have “lost their grip” on the organisation.
(BBC names wrong abuser, today)

Charles Napier, 48, a former teacher and half-brother of John Whittingdale, MP, who was a private secretary to Margaret Thatcher, was a treasurer of the Paedophile Information Exchange and had convictions for child abuse going back as far as 1972, Kingston Crown Court was told.
(Former teacher jailed for sex abuse of boys, The Times, 2 September 1995)

Anonymous said...

Latest Yewtree arrest is Wilfred De'ath, a sexual predator and "England's best-loved reprobate".

His own memoir (

Born in 1937, Wilfred De'Ath's outwardly conventional early life in suburban London was dominated by the overpowering puritanism and fanatical patriotism of his mother, the daughter of a German pastor. In the De'Ath household Hitler was idolised and every German victory heartily celebrated. On shopping expeditions with his mother during the Blitz, young Wilfred had to endure the spectacle of his mother giving Nazi salutes and shouting 'Heil Hitler!' to her friend and compatriot, Mrs Maybury.This singular upbringing may account for De'Ath's subsequent ill treatment of his own family and the abandonment of a charmed career in journalism which brought him much acclaim for his interviews with figures as diverse as Mick Jagger, Margaret Thatcher, John Lennon, PG Wodehouse and the Archbishop of Canterbury and as a ground-breaking radio and television producer (one of his discoveries was Kenny Everett). Instead he chose a life of vagrancy and petty crime - totting up ten years behind bars in the process - not to mention his lifelong twin obsessions with sex and religion. A self-confessed voyeur who was recruited by MI5 to befriend a Russian spy at an orgy, De'Ath was a sexual predator whose victims included Susanna York, Sarah Miles, Julie Christie, Julia Foster and Charlotte Rampling. A godless but enthusiastic churchgoer, he made a career out of exposing the peccadilloes of Anglican clergymen in Private Eye, whose editor, his Oxford contemporary Richard Ingrams, later commissioned a long-running column in the Oldie retailing his experiences at the hands of plodding policemen, mad magistrates, crazy criminals and sadistic screws. In "Uncommon Criminal", an unrepentant sinner looks back at his deplorable but colourful life with a candour bordering on relish which will disgust and delight in equal measure.

Anonymous said...

At our home it was very f....g diferent,
we were told to strip and bindfolded with our hand tied behind our f....g backs, we knew it was so we we would not f...g recognise the bast...ds who were doing this. saviles voice was very f...g recognisable, but the others i did not know we could only f....g guess, but it still affects me and its ruined all my relationships because i cant f....g trust no one and i get moody
and have been on antidepressants for 15 f...g years

Anonymous said...

MaryC said...

Oh, I could hide, beneath the bling
Of Madonna as she tries to sing
The parliamentary pedos would agree
But when they call, I arise
Wipe the sex out of my eyes
The MP's razor's cold, and it stings...
As it wipes away the lies.

Cheer up, creepy Jim
Oh what can it mean
To a gaydream believer
And a phone-cumming queen?

You once thought of me
As a sex doll on your knee
Now I know how twisted you can be
Oh, and your good times start and end
When you steal from a play pen
But how many kids do you really need...

Cheer up, creepy Jim
Oh what can it mean
To a gaydream believer
And a phone-cumming queen?

Cheer up, creepy Jim
Oh what can it mean
To a gaydream believer
And a phone-cumming queen?

Anonymous said...

This Law Commission Report page 19 para 1.23 makes interesting reading about the insurance company pressure to supress Jillings

The insurers’ representative to the Waterhouse inquiry did, however, accept that
the insurers went too far: “in hindsight, they accept that, at times, the tone of the
correspondence on their behalf was intemperate and went too far in the demands
made of the Council. They accept also that their approach to the dilemma of
striking a balance between the duty of a council to seek the truth and identify
reforms on one hand and its duty to protect its financial interests on the other
may be open to criticism.”

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