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Jimmy Savile in Belfast in Northern Ireland.

Jimmy Savile boasted that he had friends in the IRA who could beat up anyone who got in his way.

Jimmy Savile and the IRA: Predator boasted terrorist friends could ... -

It has been reported that many of the killers in the IRA (Irish Republican Army terrorist organisation) worked for the UK security services.

aangirfan: IRA RUN BY THE SPOOKS / PRISON MI5/MI6 TERROR ARCHIVEHalf of all top IRA men 'worked for security services' .

The Petrol Bomber 
Northern Ireland by niknkimnollie 

The Sunday People reveals how Savile once told one of their journalists that he could fix anyone with just one phone call – to the IRA terrorists.

Savile said: "All I have to do is call my friends in the IRA. They’ll have someone waking up in hospital the next morning eating their breakfast through a f***ing straw.

"I know the IRA, men from the IRA, and you don’t need to ask these guys twice. 

"I'm serious. Don't f***ing think I’m not serious. I can get them done - just with a phone call. That’s all it takes, young man."

Jimmy Savile and the IRA: Predator boasted terrorist friends could ... 

When Savile talked of IRA terrorists, he presumably meant those working for MI5 or MI6.

Burning buses New Lodge
Northern Ireland by Slainte 

Savile was a regular visitor to Belfast, the location of the KINCORA children's home, reportedly used by the UK security services as a boy brothel.

aangirfan: Child abuse at the Kincora boys' home

The Kray Twins - gangsters linked to Savile and top people such as Lord Boothby.

Savile boasted of his use of ­violence and links to gangsters when filmed for a BBC Louis Theroux documentary.

Savile hinted about his gangster links in a 1983 newspaper interview: "I never get physical personally. Let’s just say that while I’m in Edinburgh very dodgy things happen in London."

Manchester and Salford Police's Chief Constable, W J Richards (centre), with Jimmy Savile.

Savile appears to have been working for the spooks and the police.

"In 1974 - the year Savile is said to have molested Karin Ward, 14, and other schoolgirls - Leicestershire police gave him a truncheon, badge and handcuffs on a mahogany base."


"Evidence uncovered by the Daily Star Sunday shows ... the Fraud Squad, considered him a pal.

"An expensive onyx table lighter was inscribed: 'To Jimmy Savile from his friends at the Fraud Squad.'"

In 1979 the Metropolitan Police (London) presented Savile with a 150th anniversary medal.

The police gave Savile, one of the most prolific sex offenders, "a wall plaque and his very own inscribed Met police helmet."

West Yorkshire police, which allegedly investigated Savile in 1958 for 'interfering with young girls', presented Savile with at least one plaque.

"Tayside police, which has been contacted recently by an alleged victim, also gave Savile an award in 1996."

At least 14 police forces received allegations against Savile.

Savile got at least 14 gifts and awards from the police.

In 1971, the police launched an investigation after a 15-year-old dancer on Savile's BBC programme committed suicide.

The girl left a diary mentioning abuse, and a relative claims Savile's name was in the diary.

In the late 1970s, a police officer reportedly told superiors about child sex abuse by Savile at Stoke Mandeville Hospital but was allegedly ordered to drop the investigation.

Duncroft school.

In 2007 Surrey police questioned Savile about allegations of child sex abuse in the 1970s at Duncroft school.

Jimmy Savile was a frequent guest at Duncroft Approved School for Girls.

Former pupils recall that other visitors included the actor James Robertson Justice and the top Conservative politician Rab Butler.

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There have been allegations that the BBC reporter leading the BBC 'Panorama' programme on Savile  covered up sexual abuse by Savile.

Top BBC journalist Meirion Jones has denied that he had concealed the potential involvement of one of his aunts in the scandal.

Mr Jones’s aunt, Margaret Jones, was headmistress of the Duncroft school where Savile preyed on young girls.

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I did not know about savile and the IRA but he gave a beautiful gift to my synagogue, it was a hand made wall tapestry with a star of david, this silk wall hanging had real gold and silver threads, this would not have been a cheap gift, he was nota regular visitor but his close freind lord goodman was
moshe solomons

Anonymous said...

Avile had a hideaway home in scotland now 25 years back savile apperaed at the school sports day to give out trophies,
it later transpired he abused two children one a girl aged 13 and my cousin who was a boy aged 11.
the school denied both kids out of hand and said they would sue if it was said again, my uncle phoned childline several times and was given the runaround, my uncle went to the local paper and was turned away, the wednnesday after he was coming home from work when two men beat him badly and told him keep his mouth shut. this man was my uncle jack

MaryC said...

I bet the media won't talk about Savile's links with Israel.

Anonymous said...

See how easy it is to manipulate the dependent and willfully blind and money- and power-following masses:
First a history of top-down mind control of society through religion, school, literature, military and media in the UK:

The end of the stiff upper lip?

Italian visitors in the Elizabethan period remarked upon how emotional everyone was and how we lacked self control. And it was the French who had words like "sang-froid" and "insouciance" to describe qualities that the British did not yet appear to possess.

In the 18th Century the word "sentimental" was not pejorative in this country. It was a term of praise for a person of taste and refinement who displayed their emotions openly. The nation which would become known for its ability to "keep calm and carry on" had yet to appear.

The evolution of the stiff upper lip is unexpectedly complex - emerging out of the French revolution and the Napoleonic wars as a reaction to what Britain's rulers felt was a dangerous unleashing of unrestrained passion on the continent.

Taking the lead from the prototypical Duke of Wellington, this model of stoic self-control was then rolled out from top to bottom of society. It then flourished in the imperial heyday with a parade of unflappable Victorian soldiers, explorers, and administrators who were supported by an equally tough cast of long-suffering women and doughty memsahibs.

The story turns tragic in World War I as a whole uncomplaining generation seemed to walk straight into the enemy guns before struggling on for four hellish years.
Milkman The Blitz: Keep calm and deliver an extra pint

In the aftermath of the carnage it seemed as though the stiff upper lip was finished for good. But it was consciously revived in the Great Depression as a unifying national identity and then reinvented with a smile in the legendary cheery spirit of the Blitz.

After WWII came austerity but the arrival of prosperity in the 1950s, and then the rapid social change of the 1960s, left the stiff upper lip looking old-fashioned and even more so when the "me generation" embraced therapy and "letting it all hang out".

The nadir came in the events surrounding the death of Diana when the entire nation seemed to decide that dated notions of reserve, decorum and restraint were to be abandoned in favour of emotional release.
Continue reading the main story
Previously in the Magazine

Colin Firth's portrayal of King George conforms to the stereotype that Hollywood has of the British: emotionally cool and reticent, unruffled by the ordinary floods of emotions that roil lesser mortals.

The problem is the cliche no longer matches reality. In Britain's Age of Austerity, stiff upper lips are becoming flaccid, suddenly everyone on this island is passionate. People are dripping and weeping with "passion".

The writer and historian AN Wilson says "the greatest factors in the development of the stiff upper lip were English public schools and Scottish Presbyterianism". That more or less covers my education and background.

Having sat through Latin lessons studying Aeneas as a model of stoical leadership, and having a grandfather who was a member of Glasgow Boys Brigade, fought in Flanders, and was a stern lay-preacher, you could argue that I am no great expert on emotional literacy.

Anonymous said...

Then SS-MSM ambush smearing the government and most readers falling for it unquestioningly:

Move Mr Osborne? But he can't possibly sit in standard class: Chancellor has to stump up £189 for ticket upgrade

I'm amazed that virtually nobody commenting has bothered to find out the truth. George Osborne had a second class ticket for a train, but it was crowded, and he wanted space to work. His PA went and founf the ticket inspector, who sold them upgrades there and then. It's just scandalmaking by grubby newspapers designed to wind people up, and it has been spectacularly successful in it's work. Everybody is wound up. But George Osborne did nothing wrong, except originally think about travelling second class to save taxpayers money. But the truth will be lost in 1350 comments by people who want to hate, are driven by envy and greed, and are on the path to self destruction............

- Hillbilly , Dorset, United Kingdom, 21/10/2012 10:57

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comment from Moshe Solomons-
My family knew the Krays through the Jewish underground, my family were influental in fact my uncle was the first man to expose the Ann Frank fraud, because he felt it was an insult to Jewry.
Rose Finesilver was a powerful voice in world Jewry who was the Krays early handlers, but the reason for the krays downfall was they upset powerful figures in the Jewish community by claiming the Holocaust did not happen as claimed.
Most of their money was earnt by prostitution protection rackets
fixing boxing matches and gambling clubs, not just from renting out boys to gays , this was just a small part of their operation.

Anonymous said...

Moshe Solomons, what happened to David Cole and his family ?

Anonymous said...

It is Interesting the Andrea Davison who exposed paedophiles in the Police and had evidence on Jimmy Savile was set-up by the Fraud Squad! Friends of Jimmy indeed

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