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Andrea Davison. (Former spy and daughter of John Biggs-Davison reportedly.)

1. Anonymous left this comment on the post "THE BBC'S JIMMY SAVILE AND CHILD ABUSE COVER-UP":

Andrea Davison, Jimmy Savile... Child Abuse... Arms Shipments... 


"Andrea Davison worked tirelessly to expose pedophiles in the the Police and in the Government such as Lord M.... and Tory D.... L....

"Both were close friends of ... Margaret Thatcher, who was a close friend of Jimmy Savile...

"Andrea Davison started to work with the then shadow Home Secretary Tony Blair who tried to get the then Home Secretary Kenneth Clarke to take action against the Police.

Website for this image

"But Clarke, who years later as Justice Secretary would make sure Andrea was prevented from having a fair trial,  refused to help and instead protected the paedophiles in his Government and in the Police.

"Andrea and journalist Pete Sawyer continued the exposure through a magazine called Scallywag whose editor died mysteriously in Cyprus in 1995.

"Scallywag also exposed that MI5 took foreign diplomats to the North Wales homes and secretly filmed them abusing and torturing boys to use the tapes for blackmail.

"This is a classic Intelligence modus operandi with regard to child abuse by the famous and influential – especially politicians that they want to control.

The Arms-to-Iraq affair concerned the uncovering of the government-endorsed sale of arms by British companies to Iraq, then under the rule of Saddam Hussein. The scandal contributed to the growing dissatisfaction with the Conservative government of John Major. Website for this image

"This all linked covert arms deals and child abuse.

"In interviews the child abuse victims named many police officers including S..... W........  and senior figures including Jimmy Saville and Lord M....... and all these interviews were kept by Andrea.

"In 1991 the story broke into the main stream when the Independent HTV and Private Eye publicised the abuse.

Bryn Estyn, Wrexham, North Wales, scene of many years of child rape, reportedly organised and protected  by UK government officials.

"Between 1991 and 1993, North Wales Police mounted a huge investigation and subsequently referred some 800 allegations to the Crown Prosecutions Service.

"Fewer than 3% of these referrals proceeded to trial, much to the dismay and mystification of many of the alleged victims and of the adults who knew the extent and nature of the alleged abuse.

"The North Wales Child Abuse Tribunal of Inquiry was announced in summer 1996 by William Hague, then Secretary of State for Wales.

"The announcement followed more than a decade of abuse allegations...

"The Waterhouse Tribunal of Inquiry was commissioned but the judge gave immunity from prosecution to all the paedophiles who gave evidence and so was a total whitewash.

"The Judge also made it contempt of court for anyone to publish the names of the paedophiles and so the names could never be spoken and lay gathering dust in Andrea Davison's home until .... DC Stephen Winnard Seized them.

"Then followed years of persecution of Andrea Davison by the Derby Police and the State culminating in a trial in her absence over two and a half years later allegedly about documents the police had seized in January 2010.

"There was no mention of SERCO (Serco Group) or the thousands of documents on Arms to Iraq.

"Fortunately Andrea Davison was not without friends and although DC Stephen Winnard gloated to stalker Gorden Bowden 'we have seized her passport' she easily managed to escape from the United Kingdom and fly to the safety of Argentina.

"Andrea is now known to be writing a very revealing book and script together with a well know author. The Movie should be a thriller."

2. The BBC is investigating “serious allegations” that up to 10 of its employees were involved in sexual abuse over the several decades that Jimmy Savile worked at the broadcaster.

The revelation – made as George Entwistle, the BBC’s new director-general, was appearing before the Commons culture committee – may indicate that incidents of abuse and other misconduct were more widespread across the organisation than previously feared.

Sex abuse probes involve 10 BBC staff

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3. kevinfield left this comment on the post "KEN CLARKE, ESTHER RANTZEN, KRAY TWINS, JEWISH UND...":

"Some time back a close friend who was a postman discovered that loads of plain brown envelopes he was delivering contained awful child porn pics.

"He told his line manager who said 'you are not paid to think just deliver mail'.

"So he went and complained to the Childline and police giving a long list of adresses of people receiving this -  including 2 of his own managers, social workers and a teacher.

"The police informed his manager he was whistleblowing.

"His manager sacked him under pretence of something else.

"He went to the top of the mail system and they said "The mail needs to make a profit and we turn no financial assets away " and the cover up continued."

4. Dave Prentiss left this comment on the post "APRIL JONES; MARK BRIDGER; WALES":

"The St Marys orphanage in Walthamstow (Krays territory) in the 50s and 60s had a f...g lot of kids go missing.

"The nuns there were f....g wicked torturers.

"There was a male teacher there called Mr F...

"There were so many complaints about him being a f...g pedo and child beater.

"In revenge for the abused kids the St Georges church was burnt down."

Kiszko - 'framed' by the police.

5. Anonymous left this comment on the post "APRIL JONES; MARK BRIDGER; WALES":

"I just read an article on thetruthnews about Stephan Kiszko - a loner with the mental age of a kid whom the police framed for the murder and rape of a little girl.

"He served 16 years, before they found him innocent.

"The police were Savile's local bobbies and also involved in the Peter Sutcliffe fiasco and the Hillsborough business."

The Rabbi Was Making Movies. Website for this image

6. Avrohom Mondrowitz, New York’s most notorious child molester - living scot-free in Israel.

"Called the 'Bin Laden of pedophiles' by one victim, the bogus rabbi and self-proclaimed psychologist fled the United States in 1984 just before cops broke into his Borough Park, Brooklyn,home with a search warrant.

"They found a cache of kiddie porn and lists of hundreds of names of local boys, most referred to Mondrowitz by Jewish families and child-service agencies for counseling and his yeshiva-style program."

Brooklyn child-molest monster 'got away with it' after fleeing to Israel

David Icke and former wife. Website for this image

7. "The trouble with Icke is that he's been listed as a member of the Isle of Wight Freemasonic club; his ex-wife is a total fruitcake with neon MK-Ultra programming written all over her blog profile and Icke get's his information via his psychiatrist to the stars, who is also his handler.

"Worryingly, his ex also has a kind of ministry 'outreach' to vulnerable children in Far East!

"As he was a BBC employee before his 'road to Damascus' experience, it follows that he fits the profile of a disinformation agent by pointing the finger away from himself and handlers whilst also 'exposing' truths (or at least some truths)."

What's the real agenda? Tapestry at the tap

A well nourished man steals maize from a starving child. Photo by Tom Stoddart.

8. Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "KEN CLARKE, ESTHER RANTZEN, KRAY TWINS, JEWISH UND...":

Daily Mail questions why police were soft on Savile:

"Were the police in awe of Jimmy Savile?

"One of the most disturbing aspects of the Jimmy Savile scandal – and there is strong competition for that dubious distinction – is why police didn’t arrest him over child abuse allegations five years ago.

"Detectives spent months investigating claims the BBC star molested an under-age girl at a children’s home in the 1970s.

"But for reasons which have not been fully explained, officers from Surrey Police decided not to detain him and instead interviewed him by appointment.

"The importance of that decision in the wider scandal cannot be exaggerated because had police arrested Savile, they would have had the right to search his home.

"I just wonder what they would have found at the home of a serial child sex predator who for decades clearly felt he was above the law. Child porn videos, pictures of under-age girls on computer equipment or even pictures of his young victims?

"I suspect that had he been arrested, news of his detention would have leaked and dozens of his other victims would belatedly have felt strong enough to make further allegations of abuse against him. He would have faced justice.

"As it was, the Crown Prosecution Service ruled there was insufficient evidence to charge him and it was only after his death that the truth came out."

Were the police in awe of Jimmy Savile? - Stephen Wright's blog ...


Anonymous said...

Why is the mainstream media so reluctant to include claims that Jimmy Savile sexually abused boys as well as girls??? There are plenty of statements from solicitors and children's charities about Jimmy Savile abusing boys. Many blogs are saying it, with details.

Some media outlets have not mentioned boys even once.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant research and starting to ask serious questions about Mr Icke??

Zoompad said...

Zoompad said...

"Mr Hamilton said that he had eight independent witnesses who could say that he was in Claridge's, London, at around 6.30pm on the night of the alleged incident, including the American entrepreneur Lorie Karnath."

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that someone would trust anything that Icke writes. It is pure bs to sell books, nothing else. This Saville is one ugly disgusting Jew. There is no words to describe this creature. Sad that he was able to get away with all this filth. This Judeo Masonic world is so filled with lies and corruption.

Anonymous said...

@HonkBonkwhatever - dude, how about believing in imaginary friends as u do? Is this rite? Icke is not perfect, he has his faults, but many of the things he said proved to be true and woke countless up, including me. Ever bothered to read him?

Anonymous said...

You don't even know in what I believe. Icke can say some truth but when he come up with these lizards estories, he discredit himself and everything apparent true that he says. This kind of crap coming out of his mouth is only distraction from the real issues...Talking about imaginary friends?

su said...

Anonymous at 3.14
I agree with you.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous asks why the media is reluctant to include boys in the JS investigation?, could it be that the establishment are trying to keep the dots from being joined that homosexuality and paedopholia are entwined?. Another interesting connection is the number of Common Purpose "graduates" that have been accused of both, in particular a certain Mr Rennie who was part of a ring up in Scotland, head of a child/teen social work department and a high ranking Common Purpose "man"

Anonymous said...

HB man

"I can't believe that someone would trust anything that Icke writes"


"Icke can say some truth but when he come up with these lizards estories, he discredit himself and everything apparent true that he says"

Which is it?
Stupid hate filled comments do discredit a person, true. Replacing meaningful analysis of some countries crimes (such as the UK, Israel and the USA) with mindless bashing of every person of one particular religious faith would qualify too.

Icke is a disinfo agent IMO whether willing or duped, I have no clue. His early brave talk about Saville and other high level British child abusers is surely commendable regardless of his Lizard fixation tho???

Unknown said...

The references to Common Purpose are telling.

Helena Kennedy QC is a senior barrister and Labour member of the House of Lords.

Her title is Baroness Kennedy of The Shaws.

Wikipedia informs us that

"Lady Kennedy rebels against her party whip in the House of Lords more frequently than any other Labour Peer, having a dissent rate of 33.3%" [yes that's 33..]

"She was Chair of Charter 88 (1992–97) and is closely affiliated to the educational charity Common Purpose."

Since my last comment relating to the Kennedy bloodline readers will be interested to hear that my access to the personal webpage of Baroness Kennedy has been blocked.

By some powerful friends maybe?

Anonymous said...

Icke is making big bucks spreading his lunatic ideas. I just wonder how many Jewish hippies he has in his crew. The son of God once worked for the BBC. Maybe he was a good friend of Saville and got into some disagreement over a little boy or girl? So he decided to depart and start his own fantasy channel of bs. There is no bashing, I am just expressing my opinion. Are you in his payroll? And I am not contradicting myself. I can say that 2 + 2= 4 and then tell everybody that the lizards thought me how to add because I am the Son of God.

Anonymous said...

In 1992 my mother had a visit from a woman claiming to be from the DoE & a uniformed senior police officer. She was told that if I ever claimed that I was abused at Witherslack Hall School or during the years before I was sent there when I would disappear for days or weeks between the ages of 9 & 13 that she was not to believe me. The police officer then made it clear that if I ever did speak out that she & I would be die in an accident.
I got the message. Keep quiet or the police will kill me & my mother.

Anonymous said...

Rent boys in Blackpool as young as 11 got a lot of trade during conference season. I know I was 11 & popular. I even got a holiday in Spain no parents. Just me a close protection officer, rich business man, an old foreign guy & a nice lady who said she was my foster mother & had a passport for me.
I was so excited.. we made a film.
It was a secret, a surprise for the foreign guy.
I knew what was happening & I loved the leather straps because I was experienced.
Now all I want is revenge.. but I am learning the truth of what they were doing & I'm no longer a naive child.
It's a shame I can't stand to be touched & I don't feel anything!

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