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The Rothschilds are said to have a powerful spy service, which has infiltrated, or is in alliance with, a number of other spy services.

The art critic Brian Sewell claims that the Queen, while she was employing Sir Anthony Blunt as surveyor of the Queen's pictures, knew that he was a spy working for Britain's enemies.

Sir Alan Lascelles, private secretary to the Queen's father, reportedly knew in the 1940s that Blunt was 'Russian spy.'

In 1940 Rothschild (above) suggested that Anthony Blunt should be invited to join the secret service. He also rented a house to his friend Guy Burgess. Rothschild worked with Kim Philby at theMI6 offices established at the Rothschild family mansion in Paris. (

Blunt was a member of the 'Cambridge spy ring' which is believed to have been run by Lord Victor Rothschild.

Blunt confessed in 1964 that he was part of the spy ring and eventually, in 1979, Margaret thatcher was forced to disclose this to the public.

In 1966, Lord Annan, 'provost' of King's College, Cambridge, held a dinner party at his home.

This was attended by Lord Victor Rothschild, 'Home Secretary' Roy Jenkins (responsible for MI5) and Anthony Blunt.

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King Edward VIII, said to be the half brother of Sir Anthony Blunt.

Blunt was a cousin of the Queen's mother.

Last secrets of the Queen Mother's favourite traitor: Memoirs of ...

Blunt was also reportedly the half brother of the Queen's father.

EPHRAIM HARDCASTLE: Soviet spy and courtier told colleagues ...

Prince George, Duke of Kent.

Allegedly, Sir Anthony Blunt shared boys with Maurice Oldfield, the boss of MI6. (Cached)

Reportedly, during World war II, "Maurice Oldfield was arrested with the King’s brother, the Duke of Kent, Prince George, a boyfriend to Sir Anthony Blunt."

"A policeman rounded up what he thought were 3 drunken street whores, only to find they were ... the HIGHEST in the land...

"Maurice Oldfield and the Duke of Kent ... had links to Victor Rothschild. 

"Rothschild was Churchill’s mentor; he made Churchill’s decisions."

Lord Victor Rothschild also worked for MI5 and MI6, and he was a top adviser to prime ministers Thatcher and Heath.

Blunt with the Queen

Members of the 'Cambridge spy ring' included Kim Philby, Guy Burgess and Donald MacLean.

Sewell and Blunt became close friends in the 1950s when Sewell studied under Blunt at the Courtauld Institute of Art in London.

Reportedly Anthony Blunt ran a paedophile ring which included included a lot of top people. (aangirfan: Sexpionage)

Reportedly, Sir Anthony Blunt believed the murder of actor Peter Arne was connected to top people.

Reportedly, Peter Arne supplied rent boys to the film and aristocratic world. (Cached)

Reportedly Arne shared boys with the head of MI6 Maurice Oldfield, Noel Coward, several bishops, and an archbishop. (Cached)

Lord Victor Rothschild, who was extremely influential within MI5 and MI6, was a close friend of Anthony Blunt.

Reportedly, Steven Ward and prostitute Ronna Ricardo came upon a paedophile ring run by Anthony Blunt, and included ... a lot of top people including polititians... Profumo survived because he had evidence and powerful friends, Ward was killed.

"It was long rumoured that the unusual resemblance between Blunt and Edward VIII was because they were half brothers.

"Reportedly, Anthony Blunt claimed Nazi party funding came from the same Jewish banks that supported the allies." (Cached)

Anonymous writes:

"I was a close neighbour of actor Peter Arne and was privy to local gossip.

"Arne had connections through the RAF to some big players on the world scene, and hired out boys for sex to them.

"Arne through pillow talk knew details of 'bomber' Harris war crimes and Rothschilds' power over him and Churchill."

Anonymous writes:

"I spent my working life in British intel, and like others of my colleagues we don't like the way the path is leading.

"When Gary Glitter was caught he cried out to Jimmy Savile for help, but Jim said its gone way too far mate.

"The phone call was taped.

"Jimmy Then made a series of calls on his behalf, to some surprising people actually.

"The advice from the Stamford Hill synagogue was to quote- 'Stay still and batten down all hatches Jimmy and it will blow over for you, but for Gary wash your hands of him'"

Peter Wilson writes:

"I was told by an old pal in the intelligence services that when the King of Jordan visited the royals at Sandringham, one of the security men shouted 'here come hear this'.

"It was from Jimmy Savile asking if he could come along as he needed a favour.

"It is known that Sir Anthony Blunt knew Savile and the Queen was close to Blunt."

Anonymous writes:

"I was abused by my father who worked for the BBC in the props department.

"I don't remember a lot of my abuse as I was plied with alcohol and I think drugged.

"He used to take me to the BBC centre.

The BBC held parties every Xmas for the children of people that worked there.

"I remember being about 10 and going in a car with my father and other employees that worked there and they all gave me money.

"He thought it was great that they said I looked like his girlfriend. I wish I could remember more."



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The daily mail article quoted onsite made me angry, it is totally disengenous.
Nicholoas Elliot was philbys case officer and went several times to see Blunt, he also said the Royals would have to be told about his treachury and the many deaths caused by blunt and the other traitors put into the intelligence world by Rothschild.
The royal family knew about all of it, even his pedophilia as Blunt took young boys to tea with the queen mother, one boy said her filthy brown teeth stank of awful bad breath, worse than my dog at home who licks his arse.
Blunt was rothschilds gopher, Rothschild entrapped all the cambridge traitors not the other way round, what needs to come out is the rothschild cell at oxford

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ALL IT TAKES FOR EVEIL TO TRUIMPH IS FOR GOOD MEN TO DO NOTHING.and there area lot of good men right now still doing nothing.
Lets get something straight, this Daily Mail article is wildy innacurate, when Hitler began to re organise germainy his biggest admirers were right here in Britain and the USA, watch contemporary film, of the adulation of the people, Hitler took the peoples money from the banks and invested it in Germany
and the country prospered, it was the only time the country ever knew no umenployment, jews were given the option, join with germany and its people, or leave.
His popularity was amazing, but the jews wanted revenge and brought churchill Stalin and roosevelt to bring war to germany, Hitler was nota warmonger, see and read contemporary speeches, you are being lied to again and BTW anyone who was cruel to children or animals was put in the camps.
Paul Conway

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Years back i used to do a morning post round and knew all the people on the route, one old lady was quite frail and i used to put out her dustbin each week for her, one day i could get no answer at her door so went round to the back, let myself in and called out to her,
she had been taken ill and was wrapped in a blanket in her armchair, i put on the gas fire and made her a cup of tea and waiting for the ambulance with her she told me about the photos on her wall, she was a rothschild secretary during the war, one of very few non jews, but her typing was incredbly fast and she spoke several languages, one faded photo was of whats now called the apostles pervert traitors with rothchild at the forefront with his arms out, one was Blunt with Rothschild wife tess, blunt desperately wanted to be normal, and tess took him to bed to "straighten " him out all to no avail.
even in those days Blunt was a procurer of children, but Rothschild, Ted we called him said it was all for russia and to bring communism which is a fairer way of doing things, i said but ted would you share your wealth, he said , oh no my dear not my wealth, theirs !

Tracy said...

When I was 14 but looked younger,a man in a car tried to pick me up as I was walking home at night from a friends house. I noticed that a phone box was nearby so I threatened to call the police and he drove off.

Another incident happened in broad day light again in the street when I was 14. A man grabbed my breast as he walked past me. I was with a friend and both of us where shocked by what he had done and shouted out to him as he walked on without looking back at us, as if nothing had happened.

Both incidents happened very close to where I lived in West Hampstead in London.

I don't recall why I didn't report the two incidents to the police.

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when edward viii was pushed from the throne he went to live in france, for the rest of his life his mail was opened and read and his phone calls lsitened to, i know as my uncle used to talk about what was in his mail.
what he said about blunt was indescribable, he said the man
was a F...g pervert traitor who sold men to their deaths, and he blamed rothschild for the war, saying he did everything he could to stop the bloodhsed, he went on,
i saw F....G good men killed in
W W 1 aman standing beside me has his F...g arm blown stright off a she sooda yard from me, he bled to death before help could get here, and all for F...g what ?
what ? what was it all for ?

Greg Burton said...

At first, it doesn't make sense. But, after you've put it together: that the central connecting link to all of this is the cabal running the central banks, the Rothschilds and the City of London (The English Crown), its artificial creation, Israel; these institutions and people that are behind a series of "strategy of tension", false-flag terror designed to foment the impetus to a fascist/socialist totalitarian NWO; the secret inter-related societies within intelligence agencies, whose philosophy and religion is based on Neo-Platonism, Hegel and the Kabbalah Lucifer worship. That communism, or fascism for that matter, is nothing more than another "strategy of tension", and would not have existed unless these philosophies and governments not been supported by the Rothschild banking system. So, of course, the Rothschilds and the City of London would know which spies (their assets) worked for which intelligence agency; whether or not it was the CIA or KGB, MOSSAD, etc...

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i amwriting this on my laptop on the tube, so please bear with me
my graans next door neighbour used to run the girl guides pack in the same hall they did the scouts, the scout master was off sick so she also did the scouts for several weeks, at the weekend camp at gilwell pary a camp site in essex jimmy savile offered to come along and help, so jimmy came along ina big car with several of the boys
it was great havinga pop star along to help, but jimmy wanted to share the boys tents at night, she saod no its against the regs, jimmy got cross and said he has before when the man was scout leader, the man who was called skip later said yes he had so we questioned the boys and two were touched up in the night
karen maxwell

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To Aangirfan: Can you tell me why you have not covered the treacherous and racially motivated extradition of 5 British Muslims to America recently?
For instance, one of the person who has been extradited to America is Babar Ahmad who has served 8 years without trial in a UK after being racially brutalized by the police. Whatever your explanation, it cannot go without admitting that the UK is a racist country.

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Kristin in Arizona said...
"The 2008 investigation revealed the teacher had paid for membership of child porn websites and downloaded images.

The report noted the department had reprimanded and cautioned the teacher and transferred him from a role which involved one-on-one contact with children, to a classroom teaching position.

But the department did not notify the Ombudsman or place any restrictions on his duties.

It also did not restrict or monitor the teacher's use of departmental computers."

I'll say it again, anyone who doesn't report or "name names" on account of being "afraid of being sued and/or shamed or having career ruined" is none different from those who say nothing on account of being paid to keep quiet. I keep hearing excuses from people as to why they haven't spoken up: "they were powerful" "I would have lost my career" "who would believe me" ugh these excuses are just as good as those who take money for silence.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anon 6:38pm. The article by T. Stokes is helpful particularly:

"Dr. Alexander cannon was a top psychiatrist who had studied at several universities and was also a master occultist, who understood that many deep phobias were from obsessing or possessing entities deceased personality fragments and magnetised lower elemental spirits"

Well done Aang all your hard work is paying off. I can see from some comments that you have quite a fan club in Cheltenham these days..

Carol A. Valentine

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