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Gary McKinnon, who will not be extradited to the USA for hacking Pentagon computers.

In the Daily Mail, QUENTIN LETTS writes: "Wallop! Mrs May stuffs the Pentagon."

And, STEPHEN GLOVER writes: "At last! A minister stands up to Uncle Sam."

Theresa May, UK Home Secretary.

Quentin Letts writes:

"As Theresa May disclosed her decision not to extradite Gary McKinnon, voices on the Conservative benches cried ‘yes!’ and there was even a crackle of (forbidden) applause."

"Islington Leftie Jeremy Corbyn praised her." 

However, allegedly, there are members of the UK parliament who work for, or are very sympathtic towards, the CIA and its friends.

Marcus Sheff with UK Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper, UK Labor Party leader Ed Miliband and Israel’s Minister of Minority Affairs Prof. Avishai Braverman 

Quentin letts writes about the reaction of some members of parliament to the news that Gary mcKinnon will not be extradited:

"Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper lemon-sucked her gums and crossed her arms, Little Miss Petulant. 

Alan Johnson, whose wife had an affair with his bodyguard....

"Former Labour Home Secretary Alan Johnson, practically a spongeman for the American Embassy, succumbed to a muttering bate...

"Much chewing of the air by West Hull’s Mr Johnson...

"The real prize for crossness went to Mr Johnson, glowering throughout. He heckled those who endorsed Mrs May’s merciful nature – shouting ‘that don’t make it right!’ – and said that catapulting Mr McKinnon to the US would have been in the British national interest."

"I was reminded of an afternoon in November 2009 when I saw Mr Johnson and his special advisers push past Mr McKinnon’s mother in a parliamentary corridor, refusing to let her talk to him."

Blunkett, 'friend' of Heidi Kingstone...

"David Blunkett was a little grudging..."

Chris Bryant - “horrible” Gaydar photo .....

"Opposition frontbencher Chris Bryant looked cheesed off, as did his fellow Europhile Denis MacShane (Lab, Rotherham) and Michael Ellis (Con, Northampton N), an incorrigible lawyer... 

MacShane (Denis Matyjaszek) is the member of parliament for Rotherham and a leading figure in Labour Friends of Israel

"How satisfying that such Establishment ... men... were stuffed by a suddenly surgent Mrs May."

Read more:

In the Daily Mail, Stephen Glover writes:

"The Home Secretary has done what no British minister has dared to do for at least two decades — stand up to Uncle Sam...

"Mrs May has triumphantly torn up the rule book which insists that every British government must give the Americans what they want. 

"Unsurprisingly, U.S. officialdom is both incandescent and incredulous at this rare and astonishing show of independence...

Keir Starmer, who decided not to prosecute Simon Harwood, a British policeman, who was filmed hitting an innocent man called Ian Tomlinson. Ian Tomlinson died.

Stephen Glover continues:

"By striving to ensure that Mr McKinnon was not tried in Britain, Keir Starmer, the current Director for Public Prosecutions, effectively joined the large band of officials pressing for Mr McKinnon to be put on an aeroplane to America...

"A succession of ... Labour Home Secretaries were ... obliging to the Americans. 

"John Reid and Jacqui Smith signed orders for his extradition...

"GRIM-FACED Defence Secretary John Reid shared centre stage at his son's wedding - with a villain wanted by police. Tony Blair's most trusted minister and fugitive Ronnie Campbell - the father of the bride - stood side by side on the steps of Westminster Cathedral..." 'GANGSTERS'

Stephen Glover continues:

"While Lord Justice Leveson is preparing his report on Press ethics, let us hope that he and others will reflect on the role newspapers often play in upholding justice when (as in this instance, over many years) politicians and the courts have failed."

Read more:

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Anonymous said...

poor Gary.... punished for telling the truth.... orwellian times....

Zoompad said...

I am so pleased for Gary Mckinnon and his mother. I wrote to the MOJ about him to plead for him and I had a letter back from Lord West of Spithead. I got the impression that Lord West didnt believe that Gary McKinnon had Asperger Syndrome or that he didnt really know what Asperger Syndrome is. I know what it is, because it runs in our family, I have tried to get a proper consultation for myself but have been blocked from finding out if I have it or not, whick is horrible because I would like to know one way or the other. as it would explain why I am a genius in some areas and a helpless crybaby in others. The place that the North Staffs Aspergers Association sent me, Bryant House in Wolstanton, was creepy and I have told them I didnt like the way I was treated, but no-one cares.

I didnt like the reaction of the two BBC presenters on this mornings news, dont know their names but the woman had a red dress on. Their faces looked like thunder when they were talking to Gary's mother.

Anonymous said...

alittle about allan johnson,
he was a postman nothing more and he was promised a glittering future if.... so the postal vote for Tony Blair got fixed in the post, the automatic sorting machines can be programed to throw out all addresses put in, say conservative voters, so a large truck of postal votes went awol down to Dorset until after the election.
The promise was between Peter Mandelson and Allan johnson to fix it for Tony Blair nd a New labour win, because Tony was sworn to a war on Iraq and proteted by Rupert Murdoch
Allan Johnston then went from postman to cabinet minister and we had a nice filthy war on iraq, and all for Israel, we got nothing from it.

Anonymous said...

marie osmond tells about her mind control ordeal...

Zoompad said...

Bill Turnbull and Susanna Reid, thats the two who were giving Gary McKinnons mum a grilling on this mornings news, and they both looked really not pleased that Gary has not got to be sent to America for a court trial. I just looked at their faces and found it very upsetting what I saw. I dont know if the news has a watch again function but think people ought to have a look at it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

terrible, aang, please post this:

"Almost 50 children's bodies found in unmarked graveyard at Florida school"

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The fact is the USA had no constitional right to keep UFO date on 73 defence computers anyway, this knowledge belongs to the public, lets not forget that politicians by their very right are supposed to work for the people, a string of other people working for foreign defence agencies go through these computers including israeli chinese russians everyone in fact, and the stort that Gary damaged them is bolox as admitted by the US embassy

kerdasi amaq said...

I'd suppose that the Americans are in no position to do anything about it, right now.

They are being distracted at the moment by a fight for political survival and a certain event in Libya.

Brilliant timing.

Anonymous said... said...

The yanks have had it their own way too long, do you remember when the IRA bombers would just slip into the US and the US would not send them to Britian ? this ruined a lot of peoples opinions of the USA, then the support for isreali terrorism just clinched it.

Anonymous said...

re Zoompad 11:21 AM "I am so pleased for Gary Mckinnon and his mother. I wrote to the MOJ about him to plead for him and I had a letter back from Lord West of Spithead."

Lord West, former Lord Admiral West, one time minister of security and anti-terrorism for the UK, is pops of The Sun's Alex West, leader of mobs of vigilantes and framer of any convenient unlikeable fiend and monster (preferably pockmarked), using fakie photos and the unimpeachable testimony of such as Perez Hilton's DOG, Teddy Hilton, who has his very own web page.

Anonymous said...

Dear Zoompad
about aspergers....

please do not stress yourself over a 'diagnosis', as I am now of certain age and quite sure I have it, because it is my 'defence' against predatory, obnoxious, exploitative behaviours of others.

It, like asthma and ADD/ADHD starts in childhood as a result of disgusting attitudes/conditions of parents/teachers/schools etc and is a way for the child to survive gross treatment.

Abusive/neglectful parents/teachers get 'doctors' to see such a kid and its 'problems' and the problem is 'solved' with medication.
Hence a huge percentage of problems of addictions that follow later.

Having insight to my own plight, which was nothing compared to what I read here, I knew with my own son, that his ADHD was a problem that existed in his/my family. I refused to allow medication, and did my best with love, patience and kindness, which is not always easy in our stress filled lives.

He is now father to a divine little girl who is pure peace and joy, and a devoted partner to her mother.

Think back to Jesus and his healing missions.
Also, Florence Scovel Shin, a famous metaphysician: all sickness is a violation of the laws of LOVE.

In our time, the medical/pharma industries in conjunction with pollies and entertainment and legal systems have corrupted all concepts of LOVE, in the interests of making their own fortunes.
These are the success stories, the celebrities we are invited to fawn over in the media.

When in reality, they represent the torturous, murderous perversions of sick psychos such as Sa Vile presented by aangirfan.

The abused become abusers;

and the healed become healers
Peace xx

yes2truth said...

I am pleased for McKinnon but I would not trust May or any of the other slime balls.

"Standing up to the USA?" Don't make me laugh.

Pure window dressing.

KPRyan said...

This Yank is ecstatic for McKinnon.

His arrival in the US would have resulted in a literal or figurative Death Sentence.

The US is managed by a psychotic coterie that thinks nothing of destroying 1, 100, 1000, 10,000, 100,000, 1,000,000, or 10,000,000 or 100,000,000 lives.

It would to the rest of the world much good to stand up to the US much more often....

Too bad the rest of the world is managed by the same psychotic coterie.

Aang's post above this one speaks of 'Theatre'.

McKinnon's case is just theatre, like everything else done in public. I'm afraid sooner or later McKinnon will be 'punished'. One thing about these managers... they DEMAND retribution. Even if it is decades or even centuries down the road.

Anonymous said...

I often wondered what he meant at the time i was only 12 but Jimmy savile came and gave us a talk about himself and his work for charity etc, and he said it was great cover for his real work as a spy, he said spies have to have deep cover and England would be part of a grand plan and it was so exciting to be part of this and all of us children must help to bring England and israel closer together, i later told my mumand she said its just pop speak and did not mean anything, but i wonder now in the light of recent aangirfan revelations about high level jews keeping his dirty secrets

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