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"I was detained, questioned and banned from the United Kingdom in the wake of research for my next book in the Channel Islands."

Anarchy In The UK? - Leah McGrath Goodman

Haut de la Garenne, Jersey, Channel Islands

While in the USA, Leah read about the child abuse scandal, on the island of Jersey.

The deputy chief of police, Lenny Harper, talked about human remains found at the orphanage called Haut de la Garenne.

Hundreds of the victims claimed that they had been sexually abused by the rich and powerful.

Harper and his boss Graham Power were smeared by the local newspaper, The Jersey Evening Post, and driven from the island.

Their main supporter, Senator Stuart Syvret, was jailed.

"Evidence found at Haut de la Garenne - including bones that were “fresh and fleshed” before being burned and dozens of children’s teeth with the roots still on them in the furnace area - was turned over to a new police chief who downplayed its significance but also admitted to throwing some of it out."

Anarchy In The UK? - Leah McGrath Goodman

As an investigative journalist, Leah began to travel to the UK on a regular basis to conduct interviews with the victims, senators and law-enforcement officials.

The result?

"I was detained, questioned and banned from the United Kingdom in the wake of research for my next book in the Channel Islands."

In this episode above, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the Paul Bunyan banks, which are too big to be true and all flow, no assets. They also discuss the Bermuda Triangle of Fraud and the London disease. 

In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to investigative journalist and author, Leah McGrath Goodman about her being banned from the UK for reporting on the Jersey sex and murder scandal. 

They discuss the $5 billion per square mile in laundered money that means Jersey rises, while Switzerland sinks.


arthur zbygniew said...

latest post: italian top judge imposimato: icc to investigate 911

Ian Leslie said...

Nice one Aang, many thanks for this posting, ALL of us in Jersey are hosting it tonight :)


dognamedblue said...

I watched the show last night, forgot it was new so they haven't put it online just yet
but here's a spanish voice over version:

it's the second half after about 12mins where she talks about jersey

it should be up in english very soon

dognamedblue said...

english version's on-line now:


she says about £5 billion per square mile of tax exempt [ie fraud] money so I think we're finding out why nothing was done

dognamedblue said...

online petition to get leah back into the uk:


"@ukhomeoffice: Restore the Tier-1 UK visa of journalist Leah McGrath Goodman #FreeJersey
by Trevor Pitman, Deputy of the States of Jersey"

Anonymous said...

I will sign that petition, and if there is space allowed for comments, I will tie this episode in with Kevin Annett, who also was denied access into the UK, when was detained at immigration and returned the following morning to the Netherlands.

UK officials are frightened for all the right reasons.
No reason to let the criminals perpetrators off the hook.

I hope everyone who reads your site makes waves in their own spheres of influence, and raise international awareness.


Zoompad said...

Yes, there is space for comments, I have signed it and left a comment about the Pindown abuse.

Anonymous said...

Hullo Aang,

This is extraordinary. Hats off to Leah McGrath-Goodman and Max Keiser both. The latter just went up in my estimation massively.

BTW - this may mean nothing, but I left a comment at McGrath-Goodman's article that you linked to (dropped your name, ha ha), and then found that the text of the article and the comments had been turned into unintelligible glyphs, with a refresh making no difference. It could just be me, of course. I'll restart, go back there, and see what happens. Still... weird.

anyway, best regards etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

"My job is to keep you distracted
while restricting the limits of
public debate. I sensationalize
talking points to keep you focused
on the trivial while ignoring the
important questions. I never
contradict the status quo because
what I really do is deliver state
sponsored propaganda. What I
omit is often more significant
that (sic) what I share."


Ian Leslie said...

Hi Aang, an update and a thank you from LEAH

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