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John Stevens headed the police inquiry into the death of Diana, Princess of Wales.

John Stevens, who became Britain's top police officer, allegedly used to fly a "police aircraft up to Northumberland to see his mistress."

Tabloid 'hired private detectives to spy on former Met Police chief.

Diana and Rupert Murdoch

Reportedly, Rupert Murdoch's News of the World had Stevens spied upon by a private detective agency called Southern Investigations.

According to Derek Haslam, a former undercover police officer who infiltrated Southern Investigations for Scotland Yard, the agency wanted to use the sensitive information to "control" Lord Stevens.

Tabloid 'hired private detectives to spy on former Met Police chief.

When John Stevens retired in early 2005, Tony Blair commended him for keeping the country safe from a terror attack. The London bombings took place in July 2005.

Haslam claims that during his nine years as a "mole" inside Southern Investigations, he told the police that the company was committing crimes - often on behalf of the News of the World.

"I told my handlers that MPs, ministers and Home Secretaries were targets," he said.

Daniel Morgan

Southern Investigations is linked to one of London's most famous unsolved murders.

Southern Investigations's Jonathan Rees has been a suspect in the 1987 murder of his business partner Daniel Morgan.

Exclusive: News of the World hired detective firm linked with murder.

Jonathan Rees

Reportedly, Daniel Morgan was murdered "because he was about to expose a drugs conspiracy linked to police corruption." 

Police believe Morgan discovered that Jonathan Rees was using their company to launder money from drug trafficking.

Reportedly, one of Southern Investigations' main clients was former News of the World executive editor Alex Marunchak.

Derek Haslam alleges that Marunchak paid Southern Investigations to get confidential information from corrupt serving officers on Tony Blair, Lord Mandelson, John Stevens and others.

Britain's former top policeman Lord Stevens is known as "Captain Beaujolais"

Exposed: The Diana inquiry cop who was on £1,000 a day

"Lord Carlile is the UK Government-appointed reviewer of anti-terrorism laws. A few months ago it was revealed that Carlile had abandoned his wife and taken up with Alison Levitt, a married colleague 15 years his junior. When Carlile confessed, he admitted to an earlier illicit relationship lasting 'several years'". -Mandrake

"BRITAIN’S former anti-terror chief, Andy hayman, made and sent 400 calls and texts to a female member of the police watchdog investigating him.

"Reportedly, Hayman, a married father of two, was communicating with the woman while the Independent Police Complaints Commission was working on its report into the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes in July 2005. 

"The report found Mr Hayman’s actions “led to inaccurate or misleading information being released” by the police regarding the Brazilian shot dead at Stockwell Tube station in south London by officers who wrongly thought he was a terrorist." - TERROR CHIEF QUITS OVER 400 SECRET TEXTS AND CALLS

  1. aangirfan: DIAL M FOR MURDOCH

    7 Jun 2012 – According to The Guardian, top Murdoch journalist Alex Marunchak reportedly agreed to carry out 'surveillance' on behalf of Jonathan Rees ...

    6 Jul 2011 – Police believe Morgan was murdered because he discovered his business partner Jonathan Rees was using their company to launder money ...

    12 Mar 2011 – Jonathan Rees, who has links to David Cameron. UK Prime Minister David Cameron hired Andy Coulson as his media adviser. Cameron knew ...


Anonymous said...

Haslam's role itself needs checking, he retired (mental health) in Oct 1989 on his 42nd birthday. Haslam ran over and killed a pedestrian when drunk (no charges brought. Why?) Haslam RIP trolled a young lad on the Daily Telegraph. He is suing The Met. As a witness his credibility is zero.

Anonymous said...

The Jesuits run things, not the Zionists: http://theunhivedmind.com/wordpress2/

The Jesuits have run things for hundreds of years. Look into it.

Anonymous said...

By the way, I'm a Christian.

But Jesuitism is not Christian, and never was.

Anonymous said...

A timely post. Thank you Aang for keeping this issue in the spotlight.

Southern Investigations even by the standards of the usual PI business, was a VERY INTERESTING organisation.

Before the recent allegations concerning Lord Stevens, it was already widely reported that DCS Cook was being watched/harassed by private investigators hired by the NOtW:


DCS Cook was the lead police officer charged with the re-investigation of the notorious and still unsolved murder of Daniel Morgan (he was axed in the head in a pub car park in Sydenham). BTW the first police investigation was run out of Catford Police Station and featured DS Sid Fillery in a very prominent role. Unfortunately for the Met Police DS Fillery has since been implicated by many as being linked to the murder and later worked for Southern Investigations. All of these details are available in the public domain and yet are attracting surprisingly (or unsurprisingly depending on how you see it) little high profile coverage. I should add that DS Sid Fillery has also since been convicted of child pornography.





There are also links from DS Fillery and Catford Police station to the Stephen Lawrence murder suspect David Norris (through his father Clifford Norris being linked to Fillery) and the death of DC Alan 'Taffy' Holmes. Again these facts are publicly available and yet have received relatively little exposure.

Carol A. Valentine

Unknown said...

Aang your avid readers may also be interested in the following info:

In the week after Stephen Lawrence was murdered, his parent's lawyer, Imran Khan, bombarded the murder inquiry headquarters at Eltham police station with demands for information. Were any supsects identified, he asked, and had any been arrested? On 27 April four days after the murder, DCI Brian Weeden replied, promising better liaison with the family.

On 30 April a very senior officer, Commander Ray Adams, who was based at Eltham, signed a letter to the solicitor indicating that "Chief Superintendent Philpot is available as well to assist you and other interested parties." Why did the commander intervene in this way?

When he gave evidence to the Lawrence inquiry on 16 July, Mr Adams explained that he was "helping out with correspondence".

Under cross-examination from Michael Mansfield for the Lawrence family. Mr Adams insisted he had not known anything about the investigation. He had not known the names of the suspects, he had never heard of Clifford Norris, the gangster whose son David was an early supect for the murder: and he did not even know that the murder nquiry was based in his own police station. He was helping out with a letter and had no intention of playing any further part in the proceedings.

He had little chance to do much else. The letter, which was drafted on 30 April, was not sent until the 4 May. On the same morning Mr Adams left the police force never to return. He was ordered to go off sick with a bad back. He retired the following August. He later joined the international investigators, Kroll Associates, as did another senior officer in the Lawrence inquiry, former detective chief superintendent William Illsley.

Those attending the inquiry that day were puzzled as to the drift of Mansfield's questions to Adams. This was cleared up by Jeremy Gompertz QC, for the Metropolitan Police, who asked Adams:

Q: Putting it boldly, the suggestion is that you are a corrupt, dishonest former police officer who did his best to slow down, if not stop, the arrest of David Norris and others because of an association with David Norris's father Clifford. You know that is the effect of the questioning this morning?

A: Yes sir, I do.

Q: Is there the slightest truth in it?

A: Sir, I have brought my retirement certificate here today because I thought it might be relevent. I am describedd as exemplary. I am one of the most decorated police officers in this country. To suggest that I tried to influence this inquiry is an instult to me and it is an insult to the Lawrence family. I would describe it as rubbish, as nonsense, as spurious, as invented. It is a Merlin's borth of magic an innuendo and nudges. There is not an ounce of truth in it. I defy anybody to produce one ounce of evidence to suggest this. It does not exist. It hurts me.


Carol A. Valentine

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