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Anonymous left a comment on the post "ARE YOU PART OF THE 1% ?":

A terrific article.

We (the world's people) need 1 of the upper 1%'ers to develop a conscience and come over from the dark side.

And, with the $$ of this 1/10th of 1 %er, a strike such as the Indonesians against Freeport could instead be properly planned from stage 1...

We need labor unions. The world needs labor unions. Without them, we're lost.

(and no I don't belong to one... I own a very small business and earn a very small profit when lucky... I still fully support labor in private sectors)

Kristin in Arizona left a comment on the post "BRAVERY":

" In Cambodia, Cacho met a woman who runs a brothel who explained how she 'reprograms' girls by 'normalising sexual exploitation through systematic exposure to pornography"' which of course is the same way we in US are conditioned, through television, movies and video games.

Wise Cambodian brothel worker, she has inadvertently(?) exposed the New World Order cabalist tricks used here.

My question is, where are all of the church groups, parents councils that used to protest indecency on television we used to see decades ago?

Anonymous left a comment on the post "BRAVERY":

The instance of Tang Hui and other such cases around the world show one thing very clearly.

The real problem is not ordinary criminals; we can handle that.

The real problem is criminality among those responsible for executing justice. Then things become problematic...

...  left a comment on the post "BLACKPOOL":

This is the sadest thing about the U.K. and it's happening to all the 'resorts'.

I come from a sea-side town in England, whenever I go back there I see the degradation seeping in, every year it gets worse.

I'm told that I shouldn't walk in town alone after 5.00pm or take a handbag with me to the cinema...

I am shocked at what is happening over there and it seems no one gives a damn about it.

Zoompad left a comment on the post "BLACKPOOL":

It's a shame, because my memories (and I am sure many other people my age) of Blackpool are of good wholesome fun on the beach, donkey rides, sand castles, horses and carts along the Prom, the colourful lights, especially that wonderful lit up tram that looks like a steam train, Reginald Dixon in the Tower ballroom and the stately graceful dancing, and lovely stuff like that.

I did take my son to Blackpool last year for the illuminations and we watched a firework display on the beach and had a ride (for the first time) in a pony trap, it was a lovely treat, but on the way home I was aware of the seamy side of Blackpool.

Anonymous left a new comment on the post "NATO MASSACRES IN SYRIA":

an excellent analysis by an Argentinian Australian PhD uni lecturer, on how the drugs trade is up there with oil and armaments, to benefit the imperialist ruling elites.

Anonymous left a comment on the post "NATO MASSACRES IN SYRIA":


Anonymous said...

Hi Aangirfan
A completely new slant on this issue. I have no way of verifying these 'facts', but intuitively, this report makes sense. When I read this blog, I immediately thought of you.

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Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Senior islamic cleric defends christian girl

The darker this world becomes and the darker become the souls of the selfish masses of walking damned, the more radiant is an act of kindness.

The girl deserves justice.

Justice has only a mathematical elegance and proportion to it. But kindness, compassion, these things have an ethereal beauty beyond anything in this world.

They are blind who see with their eyes. To see beyond the veil of this world, you must use your heart.

"Love and kindness will save the world."

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