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Alisa Dmitrijeva

The body of teenager Alisa Dmitrijeva was found on the Queen's Sandringham estate on 1 January 2012.

Two men were arrested.

They have now been released without charge.

25 September 2012, no action to be taken against two men arrested over Sandringham body

Prince John, who died aged 13, at Wood Farm at Sandringham.

Prince John (1905 – 1919) was the youngest son of King George V and Queen Mary.

Prince John had epilepsy and was mainly kept hidden from the public.

Queen Mary, who was betrothed to Prince Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence and Avondale, but married George. 

Queen Mary failed to notice the nanny's abuse of her children.

Prince John was not allowed to attend his father's coronation in 1911.

At age 12, Prince John was sent to live at Wood Farm on the Sandringham Estate.

Sandringham - main house on the estate.

Neither of John's parents were at Wood Farm when he died 'unexpectedly' in the early hours of 18 January 1919.

King George and Queen Mary were driven the one mile to Wood Farm to see his body.

According to a 2008 Daily Mail article, "Prince John was swiftly written out of the family history.

"In at least one family tree issued by the House of Windsor, his name was deleted."

Prince Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence and Avondale died at Sandringham.

Prince Albert Victor, also known as Prince Eddy, was the eldest son of the Edward Prince of Wales who became Edward VII.

Prince Albert was reportedly involved in the Cleveland Street Scandal of 1889.

This scandal involved a 'rentboy' brothel in London's Cleveland Street.

Public Record Office police papers and the letters of Lord Arthur Somerset apparently show that the Prince was involved with boys.

Prince Albert was reported to have died of pneumonia at Sandringham in 1892.

Alternative theories are that:

1. He died of syphilis.

2. He was murdered with a morphine overdose.

3. He survived until the 1920s in an asylum on the Isle of Wight.


Queen Elizabeth visiting Jersey, in the Channel Islands.

On 23 December 2011, Prince Philip, 90, was taken by helicopter from Sandringham to the cardiothoracic unit at Papworth Hospital, Cambridge.

Prince Andrew and girl, 17, who sex offender friend flew to Britain

In December 2000, Jeffrey Epstein, 'Prince Andrew's billionaire paedophile friend', visited Sandringham.

Epstein was given permission to land his private jet at an RAF base for the visit.

Prince Andrew's billionaire paedophile friend visited Sandringham

The flight log of Epstein's Gulfstream showed it landed at RAF Marham on 7 December 2000, before Epstein visited the Queen's Norfolk residence.

Aboard the jet were ET, thought to be Emmy Tayler, a woman called Kelly Spam and an unnamed female.

Ghislaine Maxwell looks on as Andrew put his arm around Virginia. Robert Maxwell’s daughter invited her to work as Epstein’s personal masseuse soon after her 15th birthday.

It had been alleged that the Duke's friend, Ghislaine Maxwell, was on board Epstein's Gulfstream.

Epstein and Maxwell are reported to have stayed at Sandringham as Andrew's guests.

In 2008, Epstein was jailed for 18 months after admitting soliciting an under-aged girl for prostitution.

Epstein is alleged to have used his fleet of private aircraft to traffic under-aged girls around the world for sex.

Entries in the Gulfstream's flight log show he regularly flew alone with Virginia Roberts.

Virginia Roberts has claimed she was used as a 'sex slave' by Epstein from the age of 15.


Sir Evelyn de Rothschild

On 13th March 2011, the Mail on Sunday reports on Jeffrey Epstein's private Caribbean island, Little St James, and on his 'little black book' listing phone contacts. (How Prince Andrew shared a room at Epstein's Caribbean hideaway with a busty blonde.)

Among those whose names have been linked to Epstein are:

Ehud Barak

Bill Clinton

Sir Evelyn de Rothschild and his daughter Hannah

Lord Mandelson and Lord Mandelson's boyfriend Reinaldo.

Ghislaine Maxwell

Epstein and friend

Naomi Campbell

Sir Richard Branson

Ehud barak

The island of Little St James was managed by Cathy and Miles Alexander.

Speaking at their home in South Africa, "the Alexanders reveal they had watched with increasing concern the beautiful girls who paraded about the house topless or naked whenever their boss was in residence."

Cathy says: 'I saw some girls who I thought were very young-looking...

'They looked like they had stepped out of an underwear catalogue.

"They walked around with very few clothes on or lounged around by the pool with nothing on...

Ghislaine Maxwell helped recruit the Alexanders in 1998.

Among those who visited Little St James were Prince Andrew, Naomi Campbell, Lord Mandelson and Lord Mandelson's boyfriend Reinaldo.

"Numerous academics, architects and some of the most prominent scientific and business minds also enjoyed Epstein’s generous hospitality."

Epstein had daily massages.

"Former Epstein 'masseuse' Virginia Roberts says these were usually little more than foreplay to a sex act."

Ghislaine Maxwell and her father Robert Maxwell, 'who built himself a position of power within the crime families of eastern Europe, teaching them how to funnel their wealth from drugs, arms smuggling and prostitution to banks in safe havens'.

Duke of York faces questions over sex scandal friend's flights.

Ghislaine Maxwell and Epstein stayed at Sandringham as guests of Prince Andrew.

Prince Andrew.

In May 2000, Prince Andrew flew with Epstein in his Gulfstream from New York to Florida.

Also on board were Maxwell, ET, Alfredo Pinto, Epstein’s French interior designer, a female named as Alexia and an unnamed male.

Prince Andrew has stayed at Epstein’s mansion in Palm Beach, Florida.

In April 1998, Epstein flew to Nassau in the Bahamas where he met the Duchess of York and her daughters, the Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, then aged nine and eight.

Ghislaine Maxwell is the daughter of Robert Maxwell.

According to an article in the UK's Daily Mirror, by Gordon Thomas and Martin Dillon, in 2002, British Publisher Robert Maxwell Was A Mossad Spy.


Alisa, whose body was found on the Queen's estate.

The body at the royal estate points to a wider human trafficking issue.

"T. Stokes, who has offered news and articles to WideShut in the past, believes that the sex trade in the Norfolk & Cambridgeshire area is predominately an Eastern European and Russian problem:

"'(Former) Norfolk M.P. George Turner, allowed the Russian mafia to move in and take control of all the land farm and factory work in the area,' he claims.

"'More significantly to smuggle drugs and traffic women to Britain’s cities.'

"These may not be rag-tag thugs however. Stokes continues: 'The Russian mafia is extremely active in the area, and spy on the several British and U S air bases and factories.'

"'I have been shown a house with a sophisticated printing set up to print everything from fake utility bills to driving licenses.'"

Alisa Dmitrijeva, originally from Latvia, disappeared in the UK, in August 2011.

On 1 January 2012, the body of Alisa was found on the Queen's Sandringham estate in the UK.

On 27 January 2012, The Daily Mail reports on:

"Drugs, the teenager found murdered on the Queen's estate and how the Baltic Mafia is terrorising one of Britain's oldest market towns" how

Alisa and her family came to the UK in 2009.

Alisa lived in Wisbech with her grandmother, father, and little sister.

At a college in Wisbech, Alisa studied English, alongside a huge numbers of fellow East Europeans.

In Wisbech, Alisa used to visit a nightclub popular with otherLatvian youngsters.

Reportedly, Alisa came in contact with the 'the Baltic Mafia', the Eastern European drug and crime groups.

Allegedly, 'the Baltic Mafia' is taking over towns, and 'ensnaring teenage girls'.

(The Baltic Mafia is reported to have links to the Jewish Russian Mafia, for which Osama bin Laden once worked - Aangirfan)

A third of the Wisbech's 20,000 population is from Eastern Europe.

The Latvians, Lithuanians, Poles and Russians have their own clubs and pubs in Wisbech.

The Daily Mail has received information about murders, sex attacks and stabbings in Wisbech.

One Wisbech resident wrote to the Mail: 'Local 18 to 25-year-olds are losing out in the jobs market. There’s widespread drunken and anti-social behaviour. Shop-lifting and motoring offences are commonplace.

'There have been five murders among the Eastern European communityliving here in the past two years.

'These new arrivals drink alcohol in public, urinate against parked cars or walls, and they are very intimidating and congregate in gangs.

'They originally came to work on farms here five years ago, but now own shops and cafes, clubs and restaurants. Drug-dealing and drug-taking is commonplace.'

One lady of 63 told the Mail: 'There have been two stabbings near here that I know of. In the park, one woman was sexually attacked by what the police said was a man with a foreign accent. A young teenager of only 13 or 14 was also sexually assaulted in daylight recently.'

The Mail has spoken to some of Alisa's friends.

Reportedly, Alisa frequently bought cannabis, crystal meth and ketamine.

In Wisbech, her drugs supplier used a two-door redsports car to sell drugs to teenagers.

In 2011, Alisa also started visiting a Lithuanian drugs dealer, called Dainiukas, in Notting Hill in London. Dainiukas and Alisa may have been lovers.

One of Alisa's close friends told the Mail: 'On that last day, Alisa was seen with three or four young men who, I think, were Lithuanian. Their faces didn’t look exactly saintly. We think there is a 50 per cent chance they murdered her.'

Outwell: Search continues for missing teenager

5 January 2012

NORFOLK Police are searching for a 15-year-old boy who went missing in December 2011.

An Duc disappeared from the Outwell area, where he lives, sometime between 10.30pm on December 22 and 8.30am the next day.

An, who is a Vietnamese national, is described as 5ft 5in tall, of medium build with short black hair and brown eyes.

Sandringham body could be that of missing Wisbech teenager

An Duc, from Outwell, is missing.

Wisbech teenager Alisa Dmitrijeva was last seen in King's Lynn

At 3 am, on 28 September 2008, Frank McGarahan, 45, was assaulted outside the Spearmint Rhino lap-dancing club, in Norwich in the UK, and later died. (Frank McGarahan, of Barclays Wealth dies after fight)


aangirfan: DEATH OF A BANKER



Buckingham Palace butler 'ran paedophile sex ring while working ...



Anonymous said...

exactly what ure talking about, Aang....


Anonymous said...

The Chief Constable of norfolk police Phil Gormley,and his batman Howard Olby are taking part in Sandringham 2012 event today, they're in the mens 1 team, today is yom kippur I believe.

Anonymous said...

It is well known that ex police chief julie spence went out on a limb in operation radium to close 120 mafia run brothels, in the general norfolk areas this was played down so that the people would not turn aginst the incomers taking their jobs, the russian mafia paid large sums to Tony and Peters New Labour, to allow in Russian bilionaire criminals into Britian, this article barely touches the surface, the kings Lynn MP george Turner and the local police were secretly investigated for taking fat bribes,
the local royal mail office was allowing through suspect packages and opening huge amounts of incoming mail.
Ex cop.

Anonymous said...

I must be careful how i phrase this,
recently a top cop was found dead, this same man investigated the election for barking where Mad Margaret ( Oppenheim ) won the seat over the BNP, when the BNP swept the board the counting gave it it Margaret, this same policeman
was asking questions about child brothels near a norfolk airbase

Anonymous said...

In 1999 a policeman called Barry Richardson tried to whistleblow on entrenched corruption at kings Lynn police station, one of his coleagues Sgt david Thompson, pleased geulty to harrassing women in the police staion for sexual favours, what they really wanted him for was pushing for sexual favours from young girls at a youth club on his beat, Barry Richardson was fitted up and went to prison, but later Cambridhe Norwich and Lowestoft police investigated secretly into the Russian mafia run Kings Lynn police and its new labour MP George Turner, what is interesting is that SGT David Thompsons brother Michael was manager at kings Lynn mail depot, and in the evenings, collected glasses at a rough pub, where he was known to put drugs in girls drinks, then when they came over woozy would offer to run them home. several of these girls were raped while under the influence, both these brothers were freeeemasons, and covered for other freemasons criminal acts.

Anonymous said...

Could you tell me why Maisie`s death is included in this blog pls ? Do you believe her death to be linked with the abuse of young girls? Really would appreciate an answer to this.

Anonymous said...

Sorry my last comment was a bit muddled ... it was just a shock to see Maisie in a blog about child trafficing and abuse. I dont know if you know, but Maisie hung herself, and her family and friends are clueless as to why she did it. If you think she was involved in some kind of paedophile activity please could you say. If not, why is she pictured and mentioned in your blog?I would really appreciate an answer. Thnaks

Anon said...

I have removed the reference to Maisie.

Her death is a mystery.

Sorry for causing any upset.

- Aangirfan

Anonymous said...

Firstly you quote from the wide shut blog, this is run bya lincolnshire teenager who makes so many mistakes on his blog.
The Q E hospital at Kings Lynn
has a special secret liason group because of all the ex soviet bloc
people who now run the area.
The Kings Lynn police did have a top level enquiry about bribes from russians and this was sorted some years ago.
The New Labour MP George Turner
offered his resignation over " finiacial irregularities"
basically the whole town was being run by wealthy Russians, Viktor Somolski turned queens evidence
and Ivan and Alex Lukaszewski
who owned 120 houses, were investigated, New Labour party head office blocked their prosecution

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