Thursday, September 27, 2012


1. The CIA, Mossad, MI6 and NATO are using al Qaeda against Assad in Syria.

"In 1999, the French Parliament commissioned a thorough investigation of global money-laundering...

"Their report concluded that up to 40 British banks, companies, and individuals were associated with bin Laden's network, including organizations in London, Oxford, Cheltenham, Cambridge, and Leeds..."

The House of Saud: British-Programmed Killer of Muslims

2. Turkish television has broadcast a tape recording of telephone calls made by Mossad agents in Syria.

'Mossad Agents Active in Syria, near Turkish Border'

3. Obama is Lying

Thanks to Penny for the video

4. Citing a report by the 'CIA-run' charity Save the Children, the UK Prime Monster David Cameron told UN delegates:

‘If anyone was in any doubt about the horrors that Assad has inflicted on his people, just look at the evidence published this week.'

David Cameron at UN: Russia and China have blood of Syrian children on their hands.

Small audience for Cameron

Here are the comments at the Daily Mail website:

Is it any wonder that people feel such contempt for Cameron. 

He seldom misses an opportunity to say something untrue, unwise, tactless and undiplomatic, or quite stupid - and sometimes all of those together.

Herbert Thornton , Victoria Canada, Canada, 27/9/2012 02:06

 Rating 97

Syria has 250 mercenaries locked up, caught on the beaches unloading their weapons and stores ... now who paid for them ? 

The sooner Assad takes back control of his country the sooner the people will stop getting caught in the cross fire... and anyway, isn't it UN law NOT to cause "Regime Change ?" 

It looks like Cameron wants to have "blood on his hands".

JonO , England, United Kingdom, 27/9/2012 01:53

Rating 97

No Russia and China are doing the right thing - staying out of it and minding their own business.

Some random person , Somewhere, 27/9/2012 01:53

 Rating 124

Cameron is so worried about Syria that kids have been killed. What about Iraq and Afghanstan? You and your so called friends in the USA - liars. 

Bring back our troops... 

gulraiz malik , smethwick, 27/9/2012 01:47

Rating 51

Dangerous words Cameron, especially in the light of evidence now being revealed linking these, so called, "Freedom Fighters" to atrocities, not just in Syria but also in Libya and Egypt. 

I have the feeling history will not treat you kindly. 

Your Foreign Secretary's, Non-Lethal aid to these thugs seems to be killing an awful lot of people....

gafas65 , Malaga, 27/9/2012 01:37

Rating 111

I blame Cameron for the 60,000 civilians dead from NATO bombing in Libya.

H.A.A.R.P , UK, United Kingdom, 27/9/2012 01:23

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Thanks, Aang, excellent posts.

‘Press TV reporter death premeditated’ - Interview with Paul Wolf, human rights and international lawyer, Washington
I think that that is very, very significant that he (Press TV correspondent Maya Naser) was not just another journalist who died in some crossfire. He was assassinated

ProWAR imperialist antiwar,com:
Clinton Admits Attack on Consulate in Libya Was Al-Qaeda

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